PM receives feedback and conducts thorough review of the States, highlights regions in need of greater focus and outlines strategy to meet the challenge
PM asks CMs to focus on 60 districts with high burden of cases
PM asks States to increase testing substantially and ensure 100% RT-PCR tests in symptomatic RAT negative cases
Limit of using the State Disaster Response Fund for COVID specific infrastructure has been increased from 35% to 50%: PM
PM exhorts States to assess the efficacy of local lockdowns
Country needs to not only keep fighting the virus, but also move ahead boldly on the economic front: PM
PM lays focus on testing, tracing, treatment, surveillance and clear messaging
PM underlines the importance of ensuring smooth movement of goods and services, including of medical oxygen, between States


It is a coincidence that today, when we are discussing about the Corona crisis, is a very important day in the history of the country’s health.

Two years ago, on this day, the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan AarogyaYojanawas launched.

In these two years, more than 1.25 crore poor patients have received free treatment under the scheme.

I use the occasion to inspire all the doctors and medical staff specially;who have been serving the poor through the Ayushman Bharat Yojana.


During our discussion today, there are several issues that have come up and which will help us in charting out a clear future strategy.

This is true that there has been a steady increase in the infection cases in India. But today, we are conducting more than 10 lakh tests and the number of people recovering is also increasing rapidly.

Best practices are being witnessedin many states and at local levels in states.

We will have to promote these experiences more.


The facilities that we have developed in the last few months for the treatment of Corona are greatly helping us in the fight against Corona.

On the one hand, while we have to further strengthen the infrastructure related to Corona, we also have to improve the network of tracking and tracing and ensure better training

Today itself, an important decision has been taken for the use of State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) regarding Corona specific infrastructure.

Several states had made a request regarding this.

Now, it has been decided that the limit of using the SDRF be increased from 35 percent to 50 percent.

This decision will help the states to have more finances at their disposal in the fight against Corona.

I want to tell you one important thing.

Every state needs to analyse the efficacy of local lockdowns of 1-2 days to prevent the Corona.

Is it not that you may be facing problems to kickstartthe economic activities in your state due to this?

My request is that all the states think about it seriously.


We will need to increase focus on effective testing, tracing, treatment, surveillance and clear messaging.

Effective messaging is also necessary because most infections are without symptoms which lead to spread of rumours. Doubt creeps among the common man whether the testing is not faulty. Not only this, people tend to commit the mistake of underestimating the seriousness of the infection.

Several studies have shown that the mask plays an important role in preventing infections. It is very difficult to develop the habit of a mask, but we will not be able to get the meaningful results if it is not made an essential part of everyday life.


The third point from past experiencesshows that the disruption of the movement of services and goods from one state to another causes unnecessary distress to the common citizens.

It also affects normal life and the livelihood.

For example, some states faced difficulties in procuring oxygen supply recently.

We will need to take all necessary steps in ensuring uninterrupted supply of life-saving oxygen.

India has ensured supply of life-saving drugs across the entire world even during the difficult time. We will have to ensure that there is easy availability of medicines across the nation.


We have to continue with the restraint, compassion, dialogue and cooperation that the country has demonstrated during this corona period.

Along the fight against infection, we now have to move forward with full force on the economic front.

With thiswish that our joint efforts will be a success, thank you very much.

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