PM Modi launched various projects at DLW Grounds in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Published By : Admin | December 22, 2016 | 12:34 IST
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I am delighted to have such an opportunity in Kashi, whether it is laying foundation stone or dedication to the people or instigation of various multi-purpose projects here.Today, Kashi is getting various projects at the cost of nearly Rs2100 crore in a single day. Today, keeping in view of the healthcare, especiallythe poorest of the poor family should have proper healthcare in hospitals, they should have the advantage of latest facilities. In order to provide better healthcare for the poor people, ordinary labourers, factory labourers, ESIC hospitals have been modernised and their capacity has been doubled in comparison to their earlier capacity. Therefore, taking this entire project in own hand, the Government of India has taken this important step towards better facility for poor and labourers. I think, the continuing efforts to bring transformation in system and its extension to connect with modern science and technology will be a new gift towards the healthcare facility in this locality.

I have just visited Banaras University. I laid the foundation of a Cancer Research Institute there. People living in this entire locality have to go to Mumbai for cancer treatment. We know that it takes quite a long time to get a chance in Mumbai based hospitals. Why should not be a Mumbai like cancer hospital and well equipped hospital for providing the best patient care here in Utter Pradesh, especially in eastern Uttar Pradesh, which will also benefit the neighbourhood states of Jharkhand and Bihar?A very vast project, which I have laid the foundation in the programme organised in Banaras University today, is going to benefit to this entire locality in a big way. We know that the public private partnership model is similarly important in health care sector. Quite a large number of private hospitals are functioning in this locality. Shriman Shetty Ji is such a son of India, who does hail from Karnataka, but settled in Gulf countries. But, he has worked very extensively for the health care sector. His hospitals run in various locations. Attracted with Kashi, he is also going to launch a private hospital in Kashi. Today, I have got an opportunity to lay its foundation also. Setting up such a big hospital having 500 beds, is a very huge gift for Kashi. 200 beds out of 500 will be fully dedicated for poor patients, while the rest 300 beds will be for super speciality health facilities. It is for the sake of the poor people. Thousands of youth will have new job opportunitiesafter setting up of such a big hospital in this locality. Skill development associated with the health sector will take place. This huge investment is going to be advantageous for this locality, whether they are paramedical staff, nursing staff and hospital maintenance staff.

This opportunity for me, to lay the foundation of such project today, is a result of the hard and yielding work and whole hearted involvement of our existing Minister SmritiIrani Ji’s hard labour, who made continuous efforts in taking this project forward. In a very little time, I have the opportunity to inaugurate the project. I whole heartedly congratulate Smriti Ji and Gangwar Ji, who was formerly the Minister of this Department, for this quality based and fast pace accomplishment. The completion of the first phase is just not meant for the people of Kashi only, butit is for this entire area. A large number the people are going to have the advantage of this. Kashi is a holy tourist destination also. Such a facility in Kashi may become a strong base in acknowledging its global distinctiveness. Now, rickshaw and taxi drivers must be known to this, so that they could take those people there, who are on their Kashi visit. This way, they could be made aware of the arts and crafts of the local people and their products. This will be further helpful in establishing a global identity of these products and processes. They can experience that how the people of Kashi have preserved this great heritage of India. The aim of this trade centre and museum is to make the whole world familiar to these. Some people had sent me some pictures from here, which were very exceptional glimpses. In such a little time, such a construction work could have been completed. Now, this ancient city has its modern identity with this modern building and ancient art. With this initiative, now the world will be able to properly and closely observe and identify a variety of textiles, handicrafts and the capacity of the people of this land to create new things at their figure tips, which are the special identity of Kashi.

We have been equipped with ancient type resources and there is a need to bring changes. There is a need of technological intervention and invention. Today, I got an opportunity to help some friends, by providing handlooms to them. Special stress has been given in adding modern technology with various handlooms, to make them more user friendly, yielding and earning. A campaign has been launched throughout the country to provide identity cardsto those people who are working in this field. Our country has a huge capacity, but it is scattered. Neither their records are available, nor their identity. Such a missing recognition becomes the cause of huge loss for us. On the other end, anyone’s establishedrecognition helps emerge it as a brand adding its value itself. Those poorest of the poor people of India, should have their own identity, who have skill, art and work spirit.They are brands in themselves.Millions of the people of our country, who are involved in such works, are brand in themselves. We have not yet been able to make the world acknowledge this brand. Once, we come to know the number of the people having such capacity and we are determined to give stress on their capacity enhancement and to bring improvement in the area, we will be able to do it very fast by making plans for them and by availing opportunities to them. We can be able to bring sudden growth in this field. Even, I have got an opportunity today to have a plan to provide identity cards to the people, which are identified, assessed and brandedcapacity with use of the latest technology. Also, I have got an opportunity to distribute latest new looms to carpet makers, which are capable of producing user friendly and international quality based the bestproducts, which can enhance our exports. Now, we can give the best quality items to the world.

I have got an opportunity to distribute sports kits to several youth here. Although it is the soil of wrestlers, it is essential to adopt the sports as part of the life of our youth in our country. It should become a characteristic of our social life. It is sports, which creates a distinctive environment on our land. Everyone likes sportsman spirit. But without sports, sports spirit is not possible. Therefore, we are trying to promote sports, to provide opportunity to youth and enhance various capacities within India. We are not committed to promote only sports, but we have to promote various sports and skills. We are making efforts in that direction. I am happy today to be with you and to have an opportunity to dedicate such mega project. I believe that we will complete these projects within the time limit and possibly before the time limit, whose foundations have been laid today and we will be able to dedicate it to the service of the people. I am very gratef+ul to all of you.


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Cabinet approves development of Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Varanasi
June 19, 2024

The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today approved the proposal of Airports Authority of India (AAI) for development of Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Varanasi including Construction of New Terminal Building, Apron Extension, Runway Extension, Parallel Taxi Track & Allied works.

The estimated financial outgo will be Rs. 2869.65 Crore for enhancing the passenger handling capacity of the airport to 9.9 million passengers per annum (MPPA) from the existing 3.9 MPPA. The New Terminal Building, which encompasses an area of 75,000 sqm is designed for a capacity of 6 MPPA and for handling 5000 Peak Hour Passengers (PHP). It is designed to offer a glimpse of the vast cultural heritage of the city.

The proposal includes extending the runway to dimensions 4075m x 45m and constructing a new Apron to park 20 aircraft. Varanasi airport will be developed as a green airport with the primary objective of ensuring environmental sustainability through energy optimization, waste recycling, carbon footprint reduction, solar energy utilization, and incorporation of natural daylighting, alongside other sustainable measures throughout the planning, development, and operational stages.