PM Modi addresses public meetings in Madurai and Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Published By : Admin | April 2, 2021 | 11:30 IST
A vote for NDA is a vote for better investment in this region. We're creating the right atmosphere for more industries to come here: PM in Madurai
In 1980s, Congress dismissed MGR's democratically elected govt. Elections were called, and he won again from Madurai, says PM Modi
Coming down hard at the DMK and Congress, PM Modi says both the parties have no real agenda to talk about and should control their lies
Madurai teaches us important lessons on empowering Nari Shakti. We see it in the way Meenakshi Amman is worshipped: PM Modi
Today, the mood of the nation is clearly against politics of nepotism and entitlement: PM in Kanyakumari

PM Modi today addressed public meetings in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai and Kanyakumari. Talking about his visit to Madurai’s Meenakshi Temple, PM Modi said, “Yesterday, I had the blessed opportunity to pray at the Sri Meenakshi Temple. I will cherish those divine moments for the rest of my life.”

Lauding Madurai’s association with Tamil culture, PM Modi asserted, “Madurai is closely associated with the world's oldest language, Tamil. Here, one thinks about the Tamil Sangams. I want to appreciate all those working to make Tamil culture and literature more popular. This land had a great influence on Mahatma Gandhi.”

Invoking MGR’s contributions, the Prime Minister stated, “South Tamil Nadu and specially Madurai has a special association with MGR. Madurai Veeran… who can forget this film. We all know who was among those who lent his voice to MGR- it was T. M. Soundararajan. In 1980 Congress dismissed MGR’s democratically elected Government. Elections were called and MGR won from the Madurai West seat. The people of Madurai stood behind him like a rock. In 1977, 1980 and 1984, MGR won from Southern Tamil Nadu.”

PM Modi highlighted the developmental schemes started by the centre, he said, “We started Jal Jeevan Mission. Our aim is to ensure tap water connections to every home in India by 2024. In Tamil Nadu, more than 16 lakh tap water connections have been provided since the launch. In this year's union budget, a series of economic corridors have been announced, and one of them is the Madurai-Kollam corridor. Funds allocated for railway infra projects in TN have increased by a record 238% compared to 2009.”

“Guided by the mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, the NDA government is working to bring a positive change in the lives of 130 crore Indians. For Tamil Nadu and especially Southern Tamil Nadu, we want to focus on Infrastructure, Irrigation, Investment,” he added.

Hitting out at Congress-DMK alliance, PM Modi alleged, “DMK and Congress have no real agenda to talk about but they should control their lies because people are not foolish. Congress-DMK keep showing themselves as the only protectors of Tamil Culture, but the facts suggest something else.”

“In 2016 the Tamil Nadu Congress manifesto called for a ban on Jallikattu. Congress and DMK should be ashamed of themselves. In 2016-2017, the common people of Tamil Nadu wanted a solution and wanted Jallikattu to continue. I could sense their pain. Our Government then cleared an ordinance brought by the AIADMK Government in Tamil Nadu, which allowed Jallikattu to take place,” he said while addressing a rally in Madurai.

Attacking the opposition, The Prime Minister remarked, “Congress and DMK have mastered the art of not working & then spreading lies about those who actually work. A classic example is the issue of AIIMS Madurai. In their many many years in power, Congress and DMK did not even think about it. It was our Government that brought AIIMS here.”

Speaking about the Nari Shakti, the PM stated, “Madurai teaches us important lessons on empowering Nari Shakti. We see it in the way Meenakshi Amman is worshipped. We see it in the respect given to Kannagi Amman, Rani Mangammal, Rani Velu Nachiyar.”

In Kanyakumari, PM Modi talked about the Rameshwaram-Dhanushkodi railway line which was damaged in 1964. He said, “50 long years but no one thought about repairing the railway line of Rameshwaram-Dhanushkodi. It was our Government that started work on creating a new railway line. Same for the Pamban Rail Bridge. Previous Govts ignored it. We focussed on reconstructing it.”

Continuing his tirade against Congress, the PM alleged, “In Central Delhi, very valuable real estate has been given for memorials of one dynasty only. What did we do? We created a memorial for beloved Doctor Kalam in Tamil Nadu. I personally went for it’s inauguration.”

He insinuated that in Tamil Nadu, the situation is such that senior DMK leaders, who worked shoulder to shoulder with Kalaignar are feeling suffocated due to the newly minted Crown Prince of the party. He also slammed the opposition for Dynasty politics, said, “While our focus is development, the opposition has reduced itself to a dynasty club. All they want is to secure the position of their own children and grandchildren. They are not bothered about your sons and daughter.”

“Our Government does not see people’s caste, creed or faith before serving them. Ours is a Government for everyone. Father Alexis Prem Kumar belongs to Tamil Nadu. But, his desire to serve others took him to Afghanistan. For 18 long months, terrorists made him a hostage. His own family had given up on him. But, our Government did not. He came back safely home. In the same way, Father Tom returned safe and sound from Yemen,” PM Modi shared these rescue operations while speaking at the rally in Kanyakumari.

Talking about three pillars for coastal development, PM Modi asserted, “First is- Increasing Opportunities through port led development and modern infrastructure. Second- we are increasing Incomes through major push to blue economy. New fishing harbours, fish landing centres are coming up. Third pillar is - increasing Connectivity through better roads and inland waterways.”

Pm Modi thanked people of Tamil Nadu for attending the public meeting and urged voters to turn out in record numbers to vote for the NDA in upcoming elections.


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