Prime Minister Modi addresses public meetings in Kokrajhar and Guwahati

Published By : Admin | January 19, 2016 | 13:48 IST
PM Narendra Modi addresses public meeting in Kokrajhar, Assam
PM Modi’s three-point focus for Assam: Development, development, development
Government is dedicated to development of infrastructure, be it roads, railways or waterways, says Prime Minister Modi
Our Government’s aim is to provide 24/7 electricity to all households: PM Modi
PM Modi highlights ‘Housing for All’ scheme, says every Indian must have their own homes
Previous government ruled for 15 years, made numerous promises but failed to deliver, says the PM
PM Narendra Modi attends a youth rally in Guwahati, Assam
We want an Assam where youth get employment, where the farmer has a bright future: PM
India's development must be all round and not restricted to one part of India: PM Modi
If the pace of road construction is fastest somewhere, it is in the Northeast: PM Modi
Organic farming is the strength of North-eastern states: PM
Our Government will work for development of the state with the mantra of ‘Aage Badhega Assam’: PM

Highlights of PM’s rally in Kokrajhar:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a public meeting in Kokrajhar, Assam. Speaking at the BJP and Bodo People’s Front Tribal Rally, PM Modi said that his visit was at a very crucial moment amidst an atmosphere of Ekta and Sadbhavana referring to the new alliance of the BJP and BPF and the merger of various BPF factions.

‎PM Modi stated that development was the only solution to all the problems faced by people in Assam. “My three point focus is - development, development and development. Solution to all problems is in development”, said the Prime Minister. He highlighted that his Government was dedicated to development of infrastructure, be it roads, railways or waterways. The PM also cited the Government’s 'Act East Policy'- to integrate the North-east region in the development journey.

Shri Narendra Modi said that India attained independence 68 years ago but around 18,000 villages were still un-electrified. Shri Modi stated that his aim is not only to provide electricity for a few hours but 24/7 availability of electricity to the people. “From Red Fort I said this will change. We will bring electricity to every village”, said the PM.

Shri Modi said that every Indian must have their own house and highlighted about ‘Housing for All’ scheme.

Taking a jibe at the previous Government, Shri Modi said that they made numerous promises but failed to deliver. “A party ruled the state for 15 years, gave a PM from Assam for 10 years, but still the state was not rid of its problems! They have accepted it that despite a PM being from here, the list of problems and incomplete work is immense in Assam”, said the Prime Minister.

PM thanked the people of Assam for attending the rally in huge numbers and said that it inspired him to work even harder for the people.

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Highlights of PM’s rally in Guwahati:

Addressing a youth rally in Guwahati, Assam, Shri Narendra Modi mentioned that people wanted the state to move ahead faster. He said that his Government’s aim was for an Assam moving at fast pace where its youth was employed and the farmers had a bright future.

PM Modi highlighted, that today, India was among the fastest growing economies of the world. “Our FDI is increasing and this would create jobs for youth”, he added. He said that India’s development should be all-round and not restricted to any part of the country.

Shri Modi mentioned that India’s north-east had immense possibilities of development as the land was blessed with natural resources and raw material. Shri Modi stressed on organic farming in the north-eastern states and said that it could be strength of the region. Adding further, the PM said, “Second green revolution will happen from here, in Assam. There is water; the farmer here is hard-working. What is needed is technology.”

PM Narendra Modi said that his Government would work for development of the state with the mantra of ‘Aage Badhega Assam’. No force, he said, would be able to stop the development of Assam. He also took a dig at Congress party and said, “For us youth means the youngsters here in front of me. For the Congress it is the families of a select few.”

He said that Government at centre would leave no stone unturned for the development of Assam.

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PM chairs Video meeting of Governors, CMs and LGs to discuss aspects of India’s G20 Presidency
December 09, 2022

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi chaired a video meeting of the Governors and Chief Ministers of States and Lt Governors of Union Territories today, to discuss aspects relating to India’s G20 Presidency.

Prime Minister in his remarks stated that India’s G20 Presidency belongs to the entire nation, and is a unique opportunity to showcase the country’s strengths.

Prime Minister emphasized the importance of teamwork, and sought the cooperation of the States / UTs in the organization of various G20 events. He pointed out that the G20 Presidency would help showcase parts of India beyond the conventional big metros, thus bringing out the uniqueness of each part of our country.

Highlighting the large number of visitors who would be coming to India during India’s G20 Presidency and the international media focus on various events, Prime Minister underlined the importance of States and UTs utilizing this opportunity to rebrand themselves as attractive business, investment and tourism destinations. He also reiterated the need to ensure people’s participation in the G20 events by a whole-of-government and a whole-of-society approach.

A number of Governors, Chief Ministers, and Lt. Governors shared their thoughts during the meeting, emphasising the preparations being done by the states to suitably host G20 meetings.

The meeting was also addressed by External Affairs Minister, and a presentation was made by India's G20 Sherpa.