"Shri Modi’s call for thoughts and ideas on what the youth feel is the reason for the trust deficit in India and ways to solve them receives a phenomenal response on social media"
"Feedback on Shri Modi’s post suggests that poor governance, inept foreign policy, lack of leadership and corruption are among the main reasons responsible for the trust deficit prevailing in the country in the eyes of the youth"
" Earlier, Shri Narendra Modi had invited youngsters to share thoughts on the reasons that caused a trust deficit in India and ways to bridge the deficit"
" Shri Modi invites views of youth on social media in the run up to his speech at Pune’s Fergusson College on Sunday 14th July 2013"
"During his address to Pune’s Fergusson College, CM to share some the views he receives on social media"

Shri Narendra Modi’s landmark step of seeking thoughts and ideas from the youth on social media got a phenomenal response. His post on Facebook inviting the reasons for the growing trust deficit in our country and ideas to overcome this trust deficit has got 14,954 likes, 1720shares and 1163 comments as on the afternoon of 11th July, eliciting the large overwhelming response by the youth of the country.Today, he posted on his Facebook account:

It is overwhelming that so many of you have sent responses to my request for sharing views on how we can bridge the “Trust Deficit” within our Nation and take steps to restore Trust. Your thoughts are a reflection of people's opinion in the country at large. A large number of you voiced a demand for change in the way the system works and some of you called for greater transparency. It was a pleasure to make note of these very pertinent points that you have put forward. I would like to share some of the interesting ideas I have received through Facebook.”

He went on to share the noteworthy points made by people.

Shri Anil Singh

Indian Politicians should show their Indianess and stop playing cheap politics of Votebank and concentrate on improving the basic needs of A Common Man.” Shri Narendra Nath Mistry

“This country not only needs economic reform but also structural reform, which includes electoral, bureaucracy, all government Institutions etc.”

Shri Chandrakant Mundhe

“Having soft corner on terrorism. Misuse of government institutions.…these are some of the few contributing factors for "Trust Deficit" in the Nation.” Shri Mukesh Padhiar

“Reasons for Trust Deficit - Lack of Tough LAW & ORDER …Lack of Accountability of Politicians and government officials/agencies….Lack of Meritocratic culture in government bodies/organizations”

Ms. Shweta Tanwar

“No security to common people, constant fear of terrorism, poor security for women, improper job opportunities, poor health care facilities poor infrastructure” Ms. Sonam Wangchuk

“Employment generation,transparent in the govt system, good governance,honest n sincere politicians are the major factor” He further added that he looked forward to see more ideas and issues being raised by the people.

I look forward to more ideas from you all who are the future of our nation. It will be a delight to share your thoughts with the audience present at Fergusson College in Pune and with the audience worldwide on the 14th of July.”

People have written on a wide spectrum of problems and issues which have caused a trust deficit in our country. A lot of people have poured in with suggestions as to how to reduce the trust deficit in our country.

An increasing number of voices demanded change in the administration and called for greater transparency. The youth urged that steps should be taken and plans implemented to ensure that students pursue their higher education in the country itself and not prefer colleges abroad to prevent brain drain. A concerned citizen said that black money that has been stashed in foreign offshore banks should be brought back and used to create social and economic infrastructure for the country. A strong sentiment prevailed regarding sprucing up India’s foreign policy and that the Government should take tough decisions on economy, foreign policy, national security and such important issues.

Earlier, Shri Modi had written this in connection with his upcoming speech at Pune’s Fergusson College.

Looking forward to interacting with students at Fergusson College in Pune this Sunday, 14th July. I welcome the students and youngsters from across the country to share their opinion on what they think went wrong in our Nation that a trust deficit has been created. I would love to hear ideas on how we can bridge this gap.”

He went on to write, “I will share some of the selected opinions of students during the event at Fergusson College. Youngsters can post their ideas and opinions as a comment to this post.” 

Shri Narendra Modi will address students of Fergusson College on Sunday 14th July 2013 at 12:00 Noon. He will also interact with the students after the speech. Prior to his address he will visit the room in the college hostel where Veer Savarkar stayed as a student at Fergusson College.

You can watch the event LIVE on the website and follow @narendramodi_in on Twitter for real time updates.



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