PM Modi addresses public meeting at Jodhpur in Rajasthan

Published By : Admin | October 5, 2023 | 12:20 IST
Paper leak mafia ruined future of lakhs of Rajasthan youth, says PM Modi in Jodhpur
Congress loves its vote bank more than interest of people; BJP will come to power and stop riots, bring development: PM Modi in Jodhpur
Rajasthan is a state where the pride of ancient India can be seen and India's valour, prosperity and culture are reflected: PM Modi
Congress does not care about the problems of women in Rajasthan, says PM Modi in Rajasthan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting at Jodhpur in Rajasthan today. The PM began his address by saying that he had already prepared a special gift from Delhi. He said, “Only yesterday the BJP government has decided that now the beneficiary sisters of Ujjwala will get gas cylinders from the central government for only Rs 600. Before Dussehra and Diwali, Ujjwala cylinder has been made cheaper by Rs 100 more.”

“This decision of the BJP government will benefit 70 lakh families of Rajasthan. This decision will also strengthen the BJP government's campaign to make kitchens smoke-free,” he added.

Shedding light on the healthcare initiatives of the center, PM Modi said, “BJP government prioritized the health of citizens and provided free treatment for low-income families through the Ayushman Bharat Scheme and the construction of modern hospitals.” He inaugurated a 350-bed Trauma Center and Critical Care Block in AIIMS, Jodhpur with plans to establish more critical care blocks in Rajasthan. Additionally, he inaugurated the IIT Jodhpur campus and emphasized efforts to develop Rajasthan as a hub for higher education.

In line with boosting the image of Rajasthan as a state, the PM said, “BJP's resolve is to make Rajasthan the number one state in tourism. The BJP central government is also running the Vibrant Village Programme. We will continue to bring development to every corner of Rajasthan. That's why Rajasthan is saying that BJP will come, it will bring prosperity in Rajasthan.”

Taking a jibe at Congress in Rajasthan, PM Modi said, “Congress has taken Rajasthan to the top in the country in terms of corruption and riots during its misrule in last 5 years. Congress has made Rajasthan number-1 in terms of atrocities against women and Dalits. How Congress has given free hand to the drug trade is also in front of all of us. Is that why you voted for Congress? That's why Marwar is saying – Bhajpa ko Layenge, Rajasthan ko Bachayege.”

PM Modi highlighted and the issues that prevail in Rajasthan and talked about the hidden secrets of Congress’ misrule. He said, “People say that Lal Diary contains every black act of Congress's corruption. Should the dark secrets of this red diary be revealed or not? Will the Congress government allow the secrets of Lal Diary to come out? Congress, which promised unemployment allowance at the time of elections, has handed over the youth here to the paper leak mafia. Therefore, it is necessary to form BJP government here. The BJP government will take the strictest action against every such paper leak mafia.”

The PM also emphasized upon the law-and-order situation in Rajasthan and said, “Where there is such a situation of law and order, there is no investment and businesses go bust. But the Congress government loves its vote bank more than the interest of Rajasthan. Is the first and last policy of Congress only appeasement? Ram Navami, Parshuram Jayanti, Hanuman Jayanti, there is no festival in which there is no news of stone pelting from Rajasthan.”

He further accused the state government and said, “The city of Jodhpur which was known for peace, has gang wars in broad daylight. When Jodhpur was burning with riots, what was the CM doing? When violence erupted here and innocents were killed, what were the Congress leaders doing? Is Congress' first and last policy just appeasement? A Congress MLA herself says that she is not safe, we can imagine what would be the condition of common girls & women."

“Rajasthan will not tolerate this anymore. BJP will come and stop the riots. BJP will come and hooliganism will be stopped. BJP will come, it will bring women security,” he added.

Mentioning the achievements that India as a nation achieved recently, the PM said, “No one could have even imagined the scale on which India is working. India has landed its Chandrayaan on a part of the Moon where no one has reached before. India has become the first country in the world to do so. Paying tribute to Gandhiji through cleanliness, on October 1, more than 9 lakh programs took place across the country. And in these programs, about 9 crore people came directly and did the cleaning.”

“The mantra of Vocal for Local has also become a part of the lifestyle of every countryman today. Really, my country is changing and moving forward. And Rajasthan is playing a big role in this,” the PM added.

PM Modi cornered the Congress for failing to deliver their promises and schemes and said, “Congress promised loan waiver to farmers and auctioned the land of thousands of farmers. Who is responsible for the farmers who sacrificed their lives? BJP has also thought about the farmers who grow millet here. During the G-20 conference itself, Bajra roti and other Sri Anna dishes were served to the leaders of the world. And our guests have liked it very much.”

In his concluding remarks, the PM said, “I am working day and night to empower the poor and improve the standard of living of the poor. Your dream is Modi's resolve. We have to develop Rajasthan. For this we will have to offer lotus at every booth. The more the lotus blooms, the more Rajasthan will bloom.”

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