Only ‘Vikas’ is the solution to all the troubles: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | November 5, 2017 | 12:36 IST
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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed public meetings in Una, Palampur and Kullu, Himachal Pradesh today. While speaking at the rally he said, “I have never seen the enthusiasm that I am witnessing this time in Himachal Pradesh during elections. This is a clear indication that people want change.”


Launching attack on the Congress government, PM said that People of Himachal Pradesh have decided to teach a lesson to the Congress in these elections. Now, these elections have become one-sided in Himachal Pradesh, Congress has run away from the battlefield.

"Congress has the habit of spending leisure time in power. But BJP is a party with a difference. Shanta Kumar, our first CM, spent his tenure in providing water to people in the hills and Dhumal ji's contribution towards promoting tourism in Himachal is well known," he said.

Also, PM Modi took potshots at former PM Rajiv Gandhi's statement that one rupee ends up as 15 paise when it reaches villages. He said Rajiv Gandhi was such a doctor who diagnosed the problem of corruption but did not do anything about it. He added that he has made sure that the whole of 100 paise now goes to the pockets of the poor.

Addressing the huge gathering, the Prime Minister said that ours is a government devoted to serve the people. The money we release, we ensure it is completely utilized for people's welfare.

Prime Minister Modi affirmed that the Centre’s agenda is to end corruption and ensure welfare of poor and marginalized people. “Himachal Pradesh needs to be free from 5 Mafias - 'Mining Mafia', 'Forest Mafia', 'Drug Mafia', 'Tender Mafia' & 'Transfer Mafia',” he added furthermore.


Also, the PM spoke about benefits of GST, he said that GST has immensely benefited the transport sector, truck movement between the states has gained pace. He highlighted how seeding Aadhaar cards with bank accounts eliminated middlemen, and subsidies now reach the beneficiaries directly.


Former CM of Himachal Pradesh Shri Prem Kumar Dhumal, several BJP leaders and karyakartas were present at the event.

Click Here to read full text speech at Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Click Here to read full text speech at Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

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