PM campaigns in Lakhimpur, urges people to elect a BJP Government
Shri Modi attacks Samajwadi party, says ‘Aapka kaam nahi, aapke kaarnaame bolte hain’
Our crop insurance scheme is a comprehensive one and caters to the welfare of the farmers: PM Modi
Our Govt has taken the work of electrifying villages in mission mode, says Shri Modi
BJP Govt committed to open up job opportunities for youth in Uttar Pradesh: Shri Modi

PM Narendra Modi today campaigned in Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh. Speaking at the rally, PM Modi questioned the people if there had been any change in their lives under Congress, Samajwadi party or the Bahujan Samaj party.

Shri Modi stated, “Be it Congress or Samajwadi party or Bahujan Samaj party, all have failed to meet the aspirations of people in Uttar Pradesh.”

Launching attack on Samajwadi party government, Shri Modi said, “Uttar Pradesh elected a young Chief Minister. People had many expectations and thought the young CM would do well. But in 2014, people showed their anger and thereafter CM focused on his own survival and alliances.” He also took a jibe at the Samajwadi party for releasing the third manifesto. “In the midst of the campaign, fearing losses they released the third manifesto and started deviating from the core issues”, alleged Shri Modi.

The Prime Minister also accused them of insulting Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia’s ideals by allying with the Congress. “By allying with the Congress, the SP and the CM have insulted Dr. Lohia, who resisted the Congress”, said the PM.

Lambasting at the UP government, Shri Modi remarked, “The UP Chief Minister says Kaam Bolta Hai but projects are incomplete. Instances of women harassment have risen in the state, crime rates are high. Criminals, who are in jails, even operate their gangs from there. These gangs are killing people, indulging in rape, kidnapping and riots. Aapka kaam nahi, aapke kaarnaame bolte hain.”

Prime Minister Modi noted that farmers in Uttar Pradesh had been facing several troubles. He said, “Farmers in UP are not getting their dues. The crop insurance scheme of the Central Government is a comprehensive one and caters to the welfare of the farmers. Due to your anti-farmer nature, insurance cover in UP stands at a low. And even in that there is discrimination.”

Citing that several villages of Uttar Pradesh lacked power supply, the PM said, “Why is it that several villages in Uttar Pradesh do not have electricity even today? Previous governments did not work in this direction. But as soon as we formed Government at Centre, we’ve taken the work of electrifying the villages in mission mode.”

Shri Modi also spoke at length about the Ujjwala Yojana and how it is transforming lives of several rural households across the country.

Shri Modi spoke about the extent of corruption that takes place in jobs. “Why is it that bribes are taken for jobs? We have eliminated interview process for class III and IV jobs at Centre. We asked UP government to implement the same but they did not.” He assured the youth of UP that if voted to power, same law would be implemented in Uttar Pradesh too. He said that BJP was committed to open up job opportunities for youth in the state itself.

Shri Narendra Modi said that the Centre was committed to eradicate corruption and hence had initiated several strong measures. “We have undertaken strong actions to put a curb on black money circulation and corruption. Few are feeling the heat too. But I assure that our fight against black money and corruption would not stop.”

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Over 28,300 artisans and 1.49 lakh weavers registered on the GeM portal

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia calls on PM Modi
September 20, 2021

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi met today with His Highness Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The meeting reviewed progress on various ongoing bilateral initiatives, including those taken under the aegis of the Strategic Partnership Council established between both countries. Prime Minister expressed India's keenness to see greater investment from Saudi Arabia, including in key sectors like energy, IT and defence manufacturing.

The meeting also allowed exchange of perspectives on regional developments, including the situation in Afghanistan.

Prime Minister conveyed his special thanks and appreciation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for looking after the welfare of the Indian diaspora during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister also conveyed his warm greetings and regards to His Majesty the King and His Highness the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.