Success starts with action: PM Modi at inauguration of National Games

Published By : Admin | September 29, 2022 | 22:13 IST
शेअर करा
PM inaugurates world-class ‘Swarnim Gujarat Sports University’ in Desar
“When the event is so wonderful and unique, its energy is bound to be this extraordinary”
“The victory of the players and their strong performance in the sporting field also paves the way for victory of the country in other fields”
“The soft power of sports enhances the country's identity and image manifold”
“Savaj, the Asiatic lion mascot reflects the mood of fearless participation among India’s youth”
“When infrastructure is of good standard, morale of the athletes also soars”
“We worked for sports with a sports spirit. Prepared in mission mode for years through schemes like TOPS”
“Efforts like Fit India and Khelo India that have become a mass movement”
“Sports budget of the country has increased by almost 70 per cent in the last 8 years”
“Sports have been a part of India’s legacy and growth journey for thousands of years”

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Bharat Mata ki – Jai!

Present with us at this grand event are the Governor of Gujarat Acharya Devvrat ji, our popular Chief Minister Bhupendrabhai, my fellow Parliamentarian C.R. Patil, Minister in the Government of India Shri Anurag ji, Minister of State Harsh Sanghvi ji, Mayor Kirit Bhai, representatives of sports organizations and young players from across the country.

Heartiest welcome to all of you! This sight and atmosphere is beyond words. The world's biggest stadium, the world's youngest country and the country's biggest sports festival! When the event is so wonderful and unique, its energy is bound to be extraordinary. The participation of more than 7,000 athletes, 15,000 participants, 35,000 colleges, universities and schools and involvement of more than 50 lakh students in the National Games from 36 states of the country is amazing and unprecedented. The anthem of the National Games is 'Judega India, Jeetega India’. I will say ‘Judega India’ and you have to say ‘Jeetega India’.

'Judega India -- Jeetega India’

'Judega India -- Jeetega India’

'Judega India -- Jeetega India’

These words are echoing in the sky today. Your enthusiasm is reflected on your faces today. This enthusiasm is the beginning for the impending golden future of the sports world. This platform of National Games will act as a new launching pad for all of you. I extend my best wishes to all the players participating in these games.


I also appreciate the people of Gujarat for making arrangements for this grand event in a very short time. This is the potential of Gujarat and the potential of the people here. But friends, if you feel any shortcoming or inconvenience, then as a Gujarati I apologize to all of you in advance. Everyone is amazed and proud to see the kind of spectacular and grand drone show that took place in Ahmedabad yesterday. Such a measured use of technology will take Gujarat and India to new heights like a drone. The success of the first National Sports Conclave which was organized here is also being discussed a lot. I also express my deep appreciation to the Chief Minister Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel and his entire team for all these efforts. The official mascot of the National Games 'Savaj' (Asiatic Lion) was also launched a few days ago. Showcasing the lions of Gir, ‘Savaj’ reflects the spirit of the youth of India, shows the passion to hit the ground without any fear. It is also a symbol of India's ability to rise rapidly in the global arena.


The spaciousness and modernity of the sports complex in the stadium where you have assembled is also a reason for a different inspiration. The Sardar Patel Sports Enclave and Complex is not only the largest stadium in the world, it is also the most unique in many ways. Usually, such sports complexes are limited to only one or two or three sports. But Sardar Patel Sports Complex has facilities for many sports like football, hockey, basketball, kabaddi, boxing and lawn tennis at the same time. In a way, it is a model for the entire country. When the infrastructure is of this standard, the morale of the players also touches a new height. I am sure all our players will definitely enjoy their experiences at this complex.

My young friends,

Fortunately, the auspicious festival of Navratri is also being celebrated during this time. Gujarat has its own identity as far as the worship of Maa Durga and Garba is concerned. I would urge the players who have come from other states to definitely enjoy the Navratri event here along with sports. The people of Gujarat will leave no stone unturned in your hospitality. Yesterday, I saw how our Neeraj Chopra was enjoying Garba. This joy of celebration binds the Indians and inspires us to support each other. On this occasion, I once again congratulate all of you, the people of Gujarat and the countrymen on the occasion of Navratri.

My young friends,

The progress and respect of any country in the world is directly linked to its success in sports. The leadership of the nation is provided by the youth of the country, and sports and games are the main source of energy for the youth in building their lives. Even today, you will find that most of the economically developed countries of the world are also on top of the medal list. Therefore, the victories of the players in the play grounds and their strong performance pave the way for the victory of the country in other areas as well. The soft power of sports makes the country's identity and image manifold.


I often tell sportsmen – ‘Success starts with action’! That is, the moment you start, success also starts the very moment. You may have to fight, struggle, stumble and fall, but if you don’t give up the spirit of continuing with your efforts, then, believe me, the victory itself is moving step by step towards you. The country has started building a new India with the same zeal in the ‘Amrit Kaal’ of Independence. There was a time when the world used to go crazy for a global sporting event like the Olympics. But for years, those games were limited only as a subject of general knowledge in our country. But now the mood has changed, the temperament is new and so is the atmosphere. The process of 'First and Best', which began in the country in 2014, our youth has maintained that passion in sports as well.

Until eight years ago, Indian players used to participate in less than 100 international events. Now Indian players participate in more than 300 international events. Eight years ago, Indian players used to take part in only 20-25 games, whereas they participate in about 40 different sports now. Today, the number of medals of India is also increasing and India is also leaving its mark. Even in the difficult times of Corona, the country did not let the morale of its players down. We provided all necessary resources to our youth and sent them abroad for training. We worked for sports with a sports spirit. We prepared in mission mode for years through schemes like TOPS. Today, TOPS is playing an important role in the success of the senior players to the future creation of the new players. Today, our youth are making new records in every sport and are also breaking their own records. India gave its best performance during the Tokyo Olympics this time. For the first time, Indian players won so many medals for the country in the Tokyo Olympics. It was followed by the victory of our badminton team in the Thomas Cup. The Para-Badminton team also brought glory to the country by winning 47 medals in Uganda. The most powerful aspect of this success is that our daughters are also equal partners in this. Today our daughters are in the forefront in raising the pride of the Tricolor.


The country had the potential to demonstrate this capability in the world of sports even earlier. This conquest could have started earlier also. But the professionalism in sports was replaced by dynasty and corruption. We cleaned the system and instilled confidence in the youth for their dreams. The country no longer just makes plans, but moves forward step by step with its youth. Therefore, efforts like Fit India and Khelo India have become a mass movement today. Therefore, more and more resources and opportunities are being given to the players now. The sports budget of the country has increased by almost 70 percent in the last eight years. Today, sports universities are being built across the country and modern sports infrastructure is being created in every nook and corner. Moreover, efforts are also being made to ensure that the players do not face any problem even after their retirement. Efforts are underway so that the new generation can get the benefit of the experiences of the retiring players.


Sports and games have been part of India's civilization and culture for thousands of years. Sports have also been a part of our legacy and development journey. The country is reviving this tradition of heritage with pride in the ‘Amrit Kaal’ of independence. Now the efforts and enthusiasm of the country is not limited to just one sport, but Indian sports like 'Kalaripayattu' and ‘Yogasan’ are also gaining importance. I am happy that these games have been included in events like National Games. To the players who are representing these sports here, I want to say one thing in particular to them. On the one hand, you are carrying forward thousands of years old tradition, at the same time you are giving leadership to the future of the sports world. When these games will get global recognition in the times to come, then your name will be etched as legends in these fields.


Lastly, I want to give one more mantra to all the players. If you want to win the competition, then you have to learn to live with commitment and continuity. We should never consider defeat and victory in sports as the end. This sports spirit should be a part of your life, only then you will lead the dreams and realize unlimited possibilities of a young country like India. You have to remember where there is speed, there is progress. Therefore, you have to maintain this momentum off the ground as well. This pace should be the mission of your life. I am sure your victory in the National Games will give the nation a chance to celebrate and will also instill a new confidence in the future. With this belief, I call for the opening of the 36th National Games.


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Budget underpins India's strategy from Amrit Kaal to Shatabdi Kaal

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Budget underpins India's strategy from Amrit Kaal to Shatabdi Kaal

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PM dedicates HAL Helicopter Factory to the nation in Tumakuru
February 06, 2023
शेअर करा
Lays foundation stones for Tumakuru Industrial Township and two Jal Jeevan Mission projects in Tumakuru
“Double-engine government has made Karnataka the first choice of investors”
“We have to minimize foreign dependence for our defence needs”
“With the spirit of ‘Nation First’ success is assured”
“This factory and rising strength of HAL has exposed the purveyors of falsehood”
“Industrial township is a huge gift to Tumakuru after the Food Park and HAL which will help in developing Tumakuru as a big industrial center of the country”
“The Double Engine government is paying equal attention to social infrastructure as well as physical infrastructure”
“This budget is a big step in the direction of Samarth Bharat, Sampann Bharat, Swayampurna Bharat, Shaktiman Bharat, Gatiwan Bharat”
There is huge enthusiasm in the middle class due to tax benefits given in this budget”
“Financial inclusion of women strengthens their voice in households and this Budget has many prov

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, dedicated the HAL Helicopter Factory to the nation in Tumakuru today. He also laid the foundation stone of the Tumakuru Industrial Township and two Jal Jeevan Mission projects at Tiptur and Chikkanayakanahalli in Tumakuru. The Prime Minister took a walkthrough of the Helicopter Facility and Structure Hangar and unveiled the Light Utility Helicopter

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that Karnataka is a land of saints and sages that have always strengthened the Indian traditions of spirituality, knowledge and scientific values. He also highlighted the special significance of Tumkuru and the contributions of Siddaganga Mutt. He informed that the heritage of Anna, Akshara and Ashray left behind by Pujya Shivkumar Swamy is being carried forward by Shri Siddalinga Swamy today.

The Prime Minister said that today many projects worth hundreds of crores, related to employment opportunities for the youth, ease of life of the rural community and women, strengthening of the armed forces and the concept of Made in India are being dedicated or foundation stones are being laid.

The Prime Minister lauded the talent and innovation of Karnataka youth and said the manufacturing sector’s strength is manifested in products from drones to Tejas fighter planes. “Double-engine government has made Karnataka the first choice of investors” the Prime Minister asserted and illustrated the point by the HAL project dedicated today for which the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone in 2016 with a pledge for reducing the foreign dependence for defence needs.

The Prime Minister expressed delight that hundreds of arms and defence equipment are being manufactured in India which are being used by the armed forces today. “From advanced assault rifles to tanks, aircraft carriers, helicopters, fighter jets, transport aircraft, India is manufacturing it all”, the Prime Minister remarked. Throwing light on the aerospace sector, the Prime Minister pointed out that the investment made in this sector in the last 8-9 years is five times the investment made before 2014 plus 15 years prior. The Prime Minister underlined that Made in India arms are not just supplied to our armed forces but the defence exports have also grown manifold when compared to the years before 2014. He emphasized that hundreds of helicopters are going to be manufactured in this facility itself in the near future which will give rise to businesses worth 4 lakh crore. “When such manufacturing units are set up, it does not just strengthen the armed forces but also creates employment and self-employment opportunities”, Shri Modi remarked as he underlined that small businesses near the helicopter manufacturing facility in Tumkuru will get empowered.

The Prime Minister emphasized that With the spirit of ‘Nation First’ success is assured. He talked about revamping and reforms in the working of the public sector enterprises as well as opening up opportunities for the private sector.

The Prime Minister referred to the recent propaganda to target the government in the name of HAL and said that falsehood, no matter how big, frequent or high, is always defeated in the face of truth. “This factory and the rising strength of HAL has exposed the purveyors of falsehood. Reality is speaking for itself” He said and added that today the same HAL is making modern Tejas for Indian Armed forces and is a center of global attraction and bolstering India’s aatmanirbharta in the defence sector.

The Prime Minister said that the Industrial township is a huge gift to Tumakuru after the Food Park and HAL which will help in developing Tumakuru as a big industrial center of the country. The Prime Minister expressed happiness that the township is being developed under PM Gatishakti Masterplan which will be connected with multimodal connectivity via Mumbai-Chennai Highway, Bengaluru Airport, Tumakuru Railway station, Manguluru Port.

“The Double Engine government is paying equal attention to social infrastructure as it is giving to physical infrastructure”, Shri Modi said. Throwing light on this year’s budget, the Prime Minister informed that the budget allocation for Jal Jeevan Mission has seen an increase of 20,000 crores from last year and said that the biggest beneficiaries of this scheme are the mothers and sisters who do not have to travel afar to fetch water for their homes. He highlighted that in the last three years, the scope of the project has increased from 3 crore rural families to 11 crore rural families. Highlighting the commitment of the double-engine government, the Prime Minister noted that Rs 5,500 crores have been allocated for the Upper Bhadra Project which will benefit Tumakuru, Chickmangaluru, Chitradurga, Davangere and the drought-affected areas of central Karnataka. The Prime Minister also highlighted the benefits to the farmers who are dependent on rainwater.

The Prime Minister said that this year’s middle-class-friendly budget will give strength to everyone's efforts for the ‘Viksit Bharat’. “This budget is a big step in the direction of Samarth Bharat, Sampann Bharat, Swayampurna Bharat, Shaktiman Bharat, Gatiwan Bharat. This is a popular, all-encompassing, all-inclusive budget that touches everyone” the Prime Minister said. He elaborated on the benefits of the budget for the deprived, youth, and women in agriculture. “We kept in mind all three aspects, your needs, assistance to be provided to you and your income”, he said.

The Prime Minister emphasized the efforts of the government since 2014 to empower that section of society for whom getting government assistance was a difficult task. “Either the government schemes did not reach them, or it was looted by middlemen”, the Prime Minister said as he highlighted the assistance extended by his government to every section, which was earlier deprived of it. The Prime Minister said that it is for the first time that the ‘employee-labour’ class has got the facility of pension and insurance. He touched upon the PM-Kisan Samman Nidhi for helping small farmers and mentioned the loans availed by street vendors. Observing that this year’s budget takes the same spirit forward, the Prime Minister highlighted the PM Vikas Yojna which will allow craftsmen or Vishwakaramas such as Kumbara, Kammara, Akkasaliga, Shilpi, Garekelasdava, Badgi and others, those who build something with the skill of their hands and hand tools, further enrich their art and skills.

The Prime Minister listed many measures to help the deprived and poor. The Government has spent 4 lakh crore rupees on free ration for the poor during the pandemic. Unprecedented 70 thousand crore rupees have been allocated for housing for the poor.

Highlighting the provisions of the Budget that will benefit the Middle class, the Prime Minister explained the tax benefits in income tax. “There is a lot of enthusiasm in the middle class due to zero income tax on income up to Rs 7 lakh. Especially young people below 30 years, who have a new job, new business, more money will come into their account every month”, he said. Similarly, doubling the deposit limit to 30 lakhs from 15 lakhs will help retired employees and senior citizens. Tax rebate on leave encashment is now for up to 25 lakhs against 3 lakhs earlier.

Emphasizing the centrality of the financial inclusion of women, the Prime Minister said “Financial inclusion of women strengthens their voice in households and increases their participation in household decisions. In this budget, we have taken big steps for our mothers, sisters and daughters to join more and more banks. We have come up with Mahila Samman Saving Certificates.” This, the Prime Minister said, is a big initiative for the economic empowerment of women after Sukanya Samriddhi, Mudra, Jan-Dhan Scheme and PM Awas.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the maximum focus of this budget is on the rural economy while assisting the farmers at every step through digital technology or expanding cooperatives. He said that it will benefit the farmers, animal herders and fishermen while the sugarcane farmers of Karnataka will get help in setting up sugarcane cooperatives. He informed that many new cooperative societies will also be formed and a large number of stores will be built across the country for the storage of food grains in the near future. This will allow even the small farmers to store their grain and sell it at a better price. The Prime Minister noted that thousands of help centers are also being set up to reduce the cost of small farmers through natural farming.

The Prime Minister observed the importance of millets in Karnataka and said that the country is forwarding the same belief where coarse grains have been given the identity of ‘Shri Anna’. He also highlighted the emphasis given on the production of millets in this year’s Budget and said that it will greatly benefit the small farmers of Karnataka

Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri Basvaraj Bommai, Union Minister for Defence, Shri Rajnath Singh, Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, Shri A Narayanaswamy, and Ministers from Karnataka Government were present on the occasion among others.


In yet another step towards Aatmanirbharta in the defence sector, the Prime Minister dedicated to the nation the HAL Helicopter Factory in Tumakuru. Its foundation stone was also laid by the Prime Minister in 2016. It is a dedicated new greenfield helicopter factory which will enhance the capacity and ecosystem to build helicopters. This is Asia’s largest helicopter manufacturing facility and will initially produce Light Utility Helicopters (LUH). LUH is an indigenously designed and developed 3-ton class, single-engine multipurpose utility helicopter with the unique feature of high manoeuvrability. The factory will be expanded to manufacture other helicopters such as Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) and Indian Multirole Helicopter (IMRH) as well as for repair and overhaul of LCH, LUH, Civil ALH and IMRH in the future. The factory also has the potential for exporting the Civil LUHs in future. This facility will enable India to meet its entire requirement of helicopters indigenously and will attain the distinction of enabling self-reliance in helicopter design, development and manufacture in India. The factory will have a manufacturing set-up of Industry 4.0 standards. Over the next 20 years, HAL is planning to produce more than 1000 helicopters in the class of 3-15 tonnes from Tumakuru. This will result in providing employment for around 6000 people in the region.

The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone of Tumakuru Industrial Township. Under the National Industrial Corridor Development Programme, the development of the Industrial Township spread across 8484 acres in three phases in Tumakuru has been taken up as part of the Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor.

During the programme, the Prime Minister also laid the foundation stones of two Jal Jeevan Mission projects at Tiptur and Chikkanayakanahalli in Tumakuru. The Tiptur Multi-Village Drinking Water Supply Project will be built at a cost of over Rs 430 crores. The Multi-village water supply scheme to 147 habitations of Chikkanayakanahlli taluk will be built at a cost of around Rs 115 crores. The projects will facilitate the provision of clean drinking water for the people of the region.