Sadbhavna Mission will kindle light of Samvedna in every house

Published By : Admin | October 20, 2011 | 10:48 IST

Let Sadbhvana Mission bring Diwali in people’s life, and spread message of peace, unity and harmony”, says Narendra Modi

Ahmedabad, Thursday: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today wished the Sadbhavna Mission could bring light in the people’s life in Diwali in Gujarat and spread the message of peace, unity and harmony across the nation.

Delivering his speech while rounding up his daylong fast as part of the district-wise Sadbhavna Mission Abhiyan at Navsari in south Gujarat, he said that Gujarat has become synonymous with peace as also with development. He took satisfaction at the state setting its own benchmark of development.

“There is no stopping Gujarat’s development, howsoever hostile might be Delhi sultanate’s attitude towards the state. The more mud people throw on Gujarat, the lotus will bloom more,” he said.

The Chief Minister said that it was because of the government policies like Vanbandhu for the tribal people living in the forests that Naxalism could not take roots here. The government provides electricity to all the 18,000-odd villages in the state without any discrimination as to who is the beneficiary, a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Parsi.

He said that Gujarat is also home to people coming here with family from other states like Andhra, Orissa and Kerala for job and live a peaceful life.

The Chief Minister thanked the people of the district coming from the different talukas for joining him at the function.

Gujarat Chief Minister observe daylong fast at Navsari

“Mission shows path to nation to rise above casteism, communalism”

– Narendra Modi

Gandhinagar, Thursday: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi began his fast for Sadbhavna Mission District Abhiyan at Navsari this morning after accepting blessings of the heads of various religious heads and a large number of people from the surrounding tribal belt and seacoast.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that he decided to hold the Sadbhavna Mission only after completing ten year in office so that he could showcase to the world the fruits of Sadbhavna which was the engine of growth in the state all these years. He hoped the Mission will show right path to the nation to away from spreading the poison of communalism and casteism.

My mission is to hold Sadbhavna Mission Abhiyan in every district in Gujarat to show to the world with confidence as to how the six-crore people’s decision to live in peace, harmony and brotherhood founded the basis of the state’s fast development,” he said.

Mr. Modi recalled how people could not yet forget the 1980’s as a decade of communal riots, arson, hatred, thirst for blood, stabbing, teargas shells and curfew – inflicting maximum blow to the poor, cart-pullers, petty shopkeepers – mothers not knowing if their sons would return safe of not. The last ten years have changed the people’s outlook, with peace and brotherhood becoming the way of life.

Reposing his faith in the great Indian mantra for development, in the tradition of ‘vasudhaivakutumbakam’, and in realization of the truth that ‘God is One’, he said that people of different faith go to different places of religion but all paths lead to the same god. The Sadbhavna Mission Abhiyan where people from different parts of the district come to take part vindicates the age-old realization.

Mr. Modi said that with the power of peace and harmony Gujarat has leapfrogged on the path of progress. Since the Gujarat has demonstrated what can be achieved with the atmosphere of peace and harmony, Chief Minister said, he can now confidently tell people to throw away the venom of communalism for the service of the nation. Clashes between communities will never serve anybody.

Chief Minister described the gesture of sending the help to the flood-affected people of Orissa by the people of Navsari and Surat on the occasion of Sadbhavna Mission as an inspiring deed.

To support the flood-affected poor of Orissa about 80,000 sari, 50,000 cloths for men, 12,000 blankets, medicines and other essential items will be handed over today to the Orissa’s MP Dharmedraji Pradhan and Shushmaji.

Sadbhanva Mission is getting support from all the five talukas of Navsari district – Navsari, Gandevi, Chikhli, Vasanda and Jalalpor – as a stream of people including tribal people and fishermen are expressing desire to partake in the Mission. 

Excerpts of morning Speech of Hon’ble CM at Sadbhavana Navsari.

Morning Speech of Hon’ble CM Narendra Modi at Sadbhavana Mission venue Lunsikui, Navsari

Hon’ble CM began by extending greetings to the people gathered at the venue. He stated that Navsari is one of the smaller districts of Gujarat consisting of only 5 tehsils. In the east the Adivasi population is contributing to the growth of Gujarat while in the west the fishermen enrich the process of development in Gujarat. Hon’ble CM remarked that he had asked for a small hall for this programme but his colleagues told him that a small district like Navsari could give other bigger districts a run for their money! He also expressed happiness on the exhibition he saw while on way to the fast venue.

Hon’ble CM said that he never imagined the number of people who would support him in the Sadbhavana Mission. He saluted the 8500 people who were fasting with him at the venue. This Sadbhavana Mission said Hon’ble CM was not his invention but was a part of our culture for years. It comes as a part of the mantra of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which is being extended through this Mission. If properly understood, this mantra could ensure the end of terrorism all over the world.

Stressing on the fact that truth is one, Hon’ble CM noted that there there are different ways to realize it. While the roads are many, the end is one he observed. The people of Gujarat respect all thoughts, all traditions, every text and this has been a part of their legacy.

Commenting on the heights of success Gujarat has scaled, Hon’ble CM said that different people like the Government for different things. Some feel there is good governance whereas some feel corruption has reduced hence there is development. While some laud the government for bringing industry that generated employment, farmers applaud the government for supply of water and electricity. But, the real strength is the strength of unity of the 6 crore Gujaratis.

Reminding people of the days of 1980 and 1985, Hon’ble CM pointed out that there was not a single city where no curfew was imposed. Daggers were perpetually drawn on the streets and there were fights over very small issues. When there was such disturbance, it was the poor who suffered. Today, the path of peace, truth and brotherhood has ensured that a child does not even know what curfew means.

Hon’ble CM said that Gujarat had shown how development could be achieved through peace. He has kept quiet about this so far as he believed his actions would speak louder than his words. He urged people to leave the menace of casteism and achieve progress by serving Bharat Mata. Any form of divide be it urban-rural or sectarian will not get us anywhere. Missions such as this will contribute to a larger development, where tears could be wiped off the face of the poor of Gujarat.

Speaking about the floods of Orissa, Hon’ble CM commented that when he saw the tragedy unfold on Orissa, he felt that help must be extended to the people. As a part of that, 6-7 truckloads were sent to Orissa which included 80,000 saris, 12,000 blankets, 50,000 gamchas along with medicines and tablets. This was Sadbhavana from the land of Somnath to the land of Jagannath he declared.

Hon’ble CM then thanked all those who have helped in this mission and said that he would speak in the evening in detail. The speech ended with ‘Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat’.

Hon’ble CM inaugurates Information Department’s exhibition in Navsari

Chief Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated a special exhibition organized by the state’s Information Department on the occasion of Sadbhavna Mission in Navsari. Mr Modi also visited a book exhibition displaying the books on the growth story of Gujarat and on the lifestyle and the way of working of the Chief Minister.

The exhibition showcased Gujarat’s moves in line of the Chief Minister’s vision of Jal Shakti, Urja Shakti, Gyan Shakti and Raksha Shakti. It also attractively showcased through beautiful pictures the goals achieved by various government departments.

On behalf of Information Department South and Central Gujarat Zone’s Joint Director of Information Sesil Christi welcomed Chief Minister.

In-charge Minister Mangubhai Patel, Panchayat Minister Narottam Patel, Kanjibhai Patel, In-charge Secretary A K Rakesh, District Collector Dr Sandhya Bhallur and other dignitaries visited the exhibition.

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