CAA हे मोदींच्या गॅरंटीचे द्योतक: पंतप्रधान मोदी लालगंजमध्ये
सपा- काँग्रेसच्या राजवटीत सर्वसामान्यांची सुरक्षा देवाच्या भरवशावर सोडण्यात आली होती: पंतप्रधान मोदी यूपीच्या लालगंजमध्ये
आपण सर्वांनी काँग्रेस-सपाच्या धोकादायक अजेंडांच्या तिहेरी डोसपासून अत्यंत सावध असले पाहिजेः पंतप्रधान मोदी यूपीच्या लालगंजमध्ये
ही निवडणूक म्हणजे एनडीए प्रणित सरकारच्या 'संतुष्टिकरणाच्या' आणि काँग्रेस-एसपीच्या नेतृत्वाखालील 'तुष्टिकरणाच्या मॉडेल'मधील लढाई आहे: पंतप्रधान मोदी यूपीतील जौनपूर येथे
भदोहीमध्ये काँग्रेस-सपा विजयी होण्याची शक्यता नाही: पंतप्रधान मोदी यूपीच्या भदोहीमध्ये
जर तुम्ही 10 तास काम केले तर मी 18 तास काम करेन आणि ही मोदींची 140 कोटी भारतीयांना गॅरंटी आहेः पंतप्रधान मोदी प्रतापगढ येथे

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed powerful election rallies amid jubilant and passionate crowds in Lalganj, Jaunpur, Bhadohi, and Pratapgarh UP. He said, “The world is seeing people's popular support & blessings for Modi.” He added that even the world now trusts, 'Fir ek Baar Modi Sarkar.'

Speaking on Modi’s guarantee, PM Modi said, “CAA is a testimony to Modi's guarantee.” He added that many people have received the certificates under CAA, belonging to the six minorities who faced the harsh consequences of the partition of India. He added that the I.N.D.I alliance never cared for them as they weren't a part of their vote bank and created a web of lies against CAA. He added, “CAA will remain and will provide citizenship to all affiliated to India.”

Emphasizing the glimpse of Modi’s guarantee in the Kashmir valley, PM Modi said, “Abrogation of Article 370 is Modi's guarantee for peace in Kashmir.” He said that even the people of Azamgarh were worried about the terror emanating from the Kashmir Valley and the daily incidents of stone pelting. But the polling in Srinagar has enabled a record voting reassuring all about peace in the valley.

Reminding people of the Congress-SP-led misgovernance, PM Modi said “During the SP-Congress regime common people’s security was left to the mercy of God.” He added that the Congress-SP always set the terrorists free and provided them with political cover. “It is owing to the policies of Congress-SP that terrorism flourished in both UP and India,” said PM Modi.

Targeting Congress-SP-led regimes, PM Modi said, “SP-Congress is a shop selling goods of appeasement, corruption & nepotism.” He added that they represent a triple-dose, where first, they want to give religion-based reservations to minorities at the cost of SC-ST-OBCs. Second, they aim to snatch away the country’s resources and distribute them among minorities and thirdly, they aim to earmark 15% of the budget exclusively for the minorities. “We all must be extremely vigilant against the Congress-SP's triple-dose of dangerous agendas,” said PM Modi. He said that Congress-SP boycotted the Pran-Pratishtha of Ram Mandir and is making obnoxious statements about Shri Ram.

Highlighting the development of UP in recent years, PM Modi said, “BJP government is propelling the rapid development of UP.” He added that Manduri Airport, Maharaja Suheldev University, and farmers' welfare are among the various projects that have received the development impetus in UP. He added that before 2017 UP only witnessed Gunda Raj and Mafia rule. He added, “Mubarakpur's famous Saris and Nizamabad's pots are reaching world markets owing to our model of governance and showcase our mantra of 'Vocal for Local'.” He added that our mission is to enable the last-mile reach of all developmental benefits to all and the PM Surya Ghar Bijli Yojana is another step towards that endeavor.

Addressing a rally in Jaunpur, PM Modi said that our government has introduced increased transparency in national-level exams. He said “Jaunpur as a region for giving India a record number of IAS-IPS.” He added that through NEP 2020 the government has greatly emphasized on India's engineering and medical education brightening the prospects of Indian youth. But despite several positive reforms, I.N.D.I alliance has developed a mindset of opposition.

Comparing the two models of governance between NDA and Congress-SP, PM Modi said, “This election is a contest between NDA-led 'Santushtikaran' Model & Congress-SP-led 'Tushtikaran Model'.” He added that under the Congress-SP there was always a scarcity of resources and the reach of developmental benefits. However, our model of governance has focused on the last-mile reach of developmental benefits to all.

Addressing a rally in Bhadohi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “There is no chance of Congress-SP emerging victorious in Bhadohi. He added that they wish to do TMC-style politics of West Bengal in UP that is modeled on Tushtikaran. They want to create a replica of preventing the celebrations of Ram Navami and violence against Hindus and women. They wish to replicate the model of governance where they want to promote political protection for terror.

Elaborating on the robust prospects of development for Bhadohi, PM Modi said, “Bhadohi has witnessed unprecedented development for the first time. He added that Bhadohi's farmers and carpet industry has experienced this development. He added that on one hand we have enabled Bhadohi's carpet to be covered ODOP and on the other hand SP promoted 'One District, One Mafia'.”

In a rally at Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi criticized the INDI alliance’s past governance, highlighting their failures. He emphasized his government’s achievements in boosting India’s economy, aiming for third place globally. He slammed the Congress and SP for their lackadaisical attitude towards development, mocking their belief that progress happens effortlessly, dismissing hard work. He added, “The SP and Congress say that the country’s development will happen on its own, what’s the need to work hard for it? The SP and Congress mentality has two aspects, they say it will happen on its own and what's the use of this?”

PM Modi mocked the Congress Shehzada’s ‘Khata Khat’ remark, likening their approach to ‘Gilli-Danda.’ He criticized their lack of work ethic and results, implying they believe development happens effortlessly. He warned that governing isn’t child's play and suggested their alliance will crumble. He remarked, “After June 4th, not only will there be a Modi government, but a lot more will happen. The INDI alliance will break apart, ‘Khata Khat, Khata Khat’. A scapegoat will be found ‘Khata Khat, Khata Khat.’ The princes will go on summer vacations ‘Khata Khat, Khata Khat’.”

The PM also guaranteed the people of India to work even harder for their well-being. He said, “If you work for 10 hours, I will work for 18 hours…This is Modi’s guarantee to 140 crore Indians.”

In conclusion, PM Modi said that this election is about enabling stable and good governance to both UP and India and expressed confidence that the people will vote for the BJP-NDA enabling, ‘Fir ek Baar Modi Sarkar.’

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