PM Modi addresses public meetings in Khargone & Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

Published By : Admin | May 7, 2024 | 10:48 IST
Your one vote will enhance job opportunities for youth, & make a strong India: PM Modi in Khargone
Congress & INDI Alliance neither care about our faith nor the nation's welfare: PM Modi in Khargone
Modi needs 400 seats to stop the conspiracies of Congress and the INDI Alliance: PM Modi in Dhar
Congress intends to prioritize minorities in sports as well: PM Modi in Dhar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed public meetings in Khargone, and Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, urging voters to participate in the ongoing third phase of voting across the country. He emphasized the significance of each vote in shaping the future of India and urged voters to cast their votes in large numbers.

"Today, I am here to seek blessings for the development of India," said PM Modi. He reiterated his vision of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas,' emphasizing that the progress of the nation is a collective effort. “In villages, in cities, your hard work, your sweat increases the nation's energy. And when it receives the power of your vote, it begins to transform,” he added.

Reflecting on the transformative power of democracy, PM Modi highlighted the impact of a single vote. "Your one vote made India the fifth largest economic power, enhanced its influence in the world, and removed Article 370 after 70 years," he said.

He continued, "Your one vote made a tribal daughter the President, ensured reservation rights for women, and sent corrupt individuals to jail. Your one vote secured the future of youth, created immense opportunities, and lifted 25 crore people out of poverty."

Asserting the importance of the ongoing elections, PM Modi stated, "Your one vote in this election will make India the third largest economy, increase your earnings, enhance job opportunities for youth, and make a strong India."

Highlighting the contrast between the BJP and the INDI Alliance, PM Modi pointed out that while the BJP seeks votes for the nation's development, the opposition is focused on safeguarding its legacy and promoting divisive politics. He warned against the divisive tactics employed by some parties.

PM Modi also addressed concerns regarding the intentions and actions of the Congress party and its allies. He criticized their disregard for national interests and their divisive rhetoric, particularly regarding relations with Pakistan.

"The Congress and the INDI Alliance neither care about our faith nor the nation's welfare," said PM Modi. "Their statements after every phase of voting reflect their love for Pakistan, which is astonishing."

In addition to addressing national security concerns, PM Modi highlighted the BJP's commitment to the welfare of tribal communities and the development of infrastructure in rural areas. Our tribal society, our culture, and our freedom have been safeguarded by them. “The tribal society has made Rajkumar Ram (Prabhu Shri Ram) the ideal man. The patriotism of Tantya Bhil and Bhima Naik has been a tradition here,” said PM Modi.

He mentioned various initiatives aimed at uplifting tribal societies, including the establishment of museums dedicated to tribal freedom fighters and the construction of educational institutions in their honour.

Addressing his second public meeting in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi highlighted the achievements of his government and exposed the appeasement politics of the Congress party.

PM Modi emphasized the imminent victory of the BJP in the ongoing elections, stating, "Just one month is left until June 4. Today, the third phase of voting is underway. In the first phase, the opposition was defeated. In the second phase, the opposition was vanquished. After the third phase today, it will be certain that the sun of the opposition will set. Because the entire country has decided, Phir Ek Bar, Modi Sarkar."

He also paid homage to Mhow, the birthplace of Baba Saheb Ambedkar, and highlighted the significant contributions of the Constitution to India's progress. PM Modi criticized Congress for attempting to diminish Baba Saheb's role in the making of the Constitution and accused them of distorting history for their benefit.

PM Modi addressed concerns raised by Congress and its allies regarding the BJP's electoral strength, clarifying, "In the hope of defeat, Congress and the INDI Alliance are spreading a new rumour these days. They say Modi has got 400 seats, so he will change the Constitution. It seems like the Congress folks' minds have been locked with vote-bank."

He continued, "Modi needs 400 seats to stop the conspiracies of Congress and the INDI Alliance. Modi needs 400 seats so that Congress cannot bring back Article 370 in Kashmir. Modi needs 400 seats so that Congress cannot lock the door to the Ram temple in Ayodhya."

Highlighting his government's achievements, PM Modi emphasized his commitment to the welfare of the poor and marginalized communities. "Modi is on a mission to make India prosperous," he said. "Modi used the 400 seats to remove Article 370. Modi used the 400 seats to extend the reservation for SC/ST by 10 years. Modi used the 400 seats to make an Adivasi daughter the President. Modi used the 400 seats for women's reservation."

Speaking on Congress’ appeasement politics, PM Modi said, “The Congress has sunk so deep into the quagmire of appeasement that it can't see anything else now. If the Congress comes to power, it will say that the first right to live in India belongs to its vote bank. In its manifesto, the Congress has written that it will also give minorities a share in government tenders. This means that even in contracting, Congress will allocate quotas based on religion. The Congress intends to prioritize minorities in sports as well. This means that now Congress will decide based on religion who will be in the cricket team and who won't be.”

Regarding infrastructure development, PM Modi praised the progress made in Madhya Pradesh and promised further growth. "Modi is on a mission to make India prosperous. In the past 10 years, so much infrastructure work has been done here," he said. "Life has become easier with the construction of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. Just a few days ago, the foundation stone of a textile park was laid here."

“The BJP operates on the mantra of development and heritage. But Congress opposed every work of our heritage, our faith. The BJP built the Mahakal Mahalok. Congress opposed it at every step. BJP's effort is to protect the country's heritage and create employment from it,” he added.

While concluding his address, PM Modi urged the people of Madhya Pradesh to vote for the BJP in the upcoming elections. "On May 13, you have to vote while saluting the women's power," he said. PM Modi reiterated his commitment to development, asserting that the BJP government will continue to work for the progress and prosperity of every Indian citizen.

Click here to read full text speech of Khargone

Click here to read full text speech of Dhar

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