PM Modi inaugurates the Mohanpura Irrigation Project & several other projects in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh
It is my privilege to inaugurate the Rs. 4,000 crore Mohanpura Irrigation project for the people of Madhya Pradesh, says PM Modi
Under the leadership of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh has written the new saga of development: PM Modi
In Madhya Pradesh, 40 lakh women have been benefitted from #UjjwalaYojana, says PM Modi in Rajgarh
Double engines of Bhopal, New Delhi are pushing Madya Pradesh towards newer heights: PM Modi

Greetings to all of you !

My dear brothers and sisters of Rajgarh who are present here in large numbers,

It is a blessing for me and my colleagues that you have gathered here in large numbers even in this scorching heat in the month of June. I appreciate your affection. Your energy and blessings have always encouraged the members of BharatiyaJanata Party to serve you effectively. I am fortunate to have got the opportunity of launching the Mohanpura irrigation project worth Rs.4000 crore along with the three major water supply projects. I salute and congratulate every one associated with these projects, from people carrying the bricks on their heads to the brothers, sisters and mothers who had used the spade for digging and those who had operated small and big machines. Their commitment to this virtuous work of nation building is unparalleled.

My dear brothers and sisters,

Launching the projects by pressing the button is merely a formality. These were actually launched by your hard work and sweat. Taking decisions of public welfare, the BharatiyaJanata Party government at the centre has successfully completed four years at your service by your blessings and hard work. Your presence in such large numbers is the proof of the fact that you have tremendous faith in the government of BharatiyaJanata Party and its policies. People who are spreading lies, confusion and pessimism are not aware of the ground realities.

It is a coincidence that the death anniversary of the great personality Dr.Shyama Prasad Mukherjee falls on today, the 23rd June. It is on this day he died in Kashmir under mysterious circumstances. On this occasion, I would like to commemorate, salute and pay tributes to him.

Brothers and sisters,

Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee used to say, "Any nation can be protected only by its own energy." He had immense faith in the country's resources and the talent of the people. His vision of pulling the people out of disappointment and desperation that followed after independence still inspires crores of people. As the country's first Industries and Supplies Minister, he had framed the country's first Industrial Policy. He used to say, "If the government, the educational institutions of the country and the industrial organizations together promote industries, the country will soon become financially independent." His work, thoughts and ideas related to thefields of education, women empowerment and atomic energy were way ahead of his time. The paths shown by him keeping in mind the importance of public participation in the country's development still holds relevance.


Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee used to say, "the foremost duty of the government is to serve the poor, the homeless and to uplift their standard of living." This is the reason why he had done a significant work on land reforms while he was the Finance Minister of Bengal, before he took over as the Industry minister. He used to believe that governance should be for fulfilling the dreams of the citizens and not for ruling like the British.

Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee had emphasized upon education, health and security. He used to say, " government should provide adequate facilities from early education to higher education and to create an environment to bring out the hidden talent in the youth so that they canactively serve their villages and towns." In Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee's life knowledge, wealth and development fused into one.

It is unfortunate for our country that just to glorify a particular family, contributions of several great sons of Mother India were deliberately suppressed and attempts were made to wipe out their contributions from the minds of the people.



The vision of the government at the centre and of the BharatiyaJanata Party governments of the states is no different from that of Dr. Mukherjee. You will get a glimpse of Dr. Mukherjee's vision in schemes such as Skill India Mission, Start-up India mission, MUDRA Yojana for providing bank loans without guarantee for promoting self-employment or Make in India.

Your Rajgarh district will no longer be known as a backward district. The government has decided to develop it as one of the aspirational districts. Now work in the areas of health, education, cleanliness, nutrition, water conservation and agriculture will be expedited here.

Under Rashtriya Gram SwarajAbhiyan, the necessary amenities are being delivered to the villages of theaspirational districts. The government is now trying to ensure that every village in these districts will have gas connection under UjjwalaYojana, power connection under SaubhagyaYojana, bank accounts under Jan DhanYojana, insurance coverage and vaccination of pregnant women and children under Mission Indradhanush.


These things could have been done even before by the previous governments. No one had stopped them. However, the party that had ruled for maximum period of time did not have faith in you and your hard work. It never believed in the country's capability.

Tell me; did this central government ever utter a single word of despondency in the last four years? Did we ever say that something was not possible? We have always taken steps to fulfil our resolutions and have strived for better results.

Therefore, brothers and sisters,

We believe in moving forward with hope and belief.


This government is committed and working hard to take the nation to new heights of development in the 21st century, keeping in mind the requirements of the country and believing in its resources.

The Central government in the last four years and the BJP government of Madhya Pradesh in the last 13 years have worked for empowering the poor, the backward, the oppressed and the deprived sections of the society and the farmers. In the last 5 years, average annual growth of agriculture in MP has remained about 18% which is the highest in the country. Madhya Pradesh tops in the production of pulses, oilseeds, gram, soybean, tomatoes and garlic in the country. Madhya Pradesh ranks 2 in the production of wheat, arhar, mustard, amla and coriander and are about to make its way to the top.

Madhya Pradesh has written a new saga of development under the rule of Shivrajji. The launch of Mohanpura irrigation project and the commencement of the work on the three water supply schemes, is an important part of this episode. This is one of the greatest projects of not only Rajgarh but also of Madhya Pradesh.


Farmer brothers and sisters of about 725 villages will benefit from this project. 1.25 lakh hectares of land of these villages will not only have Irrigation facilities but 400 villages will also get rid of the problem of drinking water scarcity. This means we will be showered with the blessings of lakhs of mothers and sisters. No one can understand the problem of water scarcity better than mothers and sisters. In a way, this is the highest level of service to mothers and sisters.

This project is not only an example of rapid pace of development but also an evidence of the government's way of accomplishing tasks. This project has been completed almost within 4 years. Micro-irrigation has been the focus of this project. This means instead of an open canal, the emphasis was on laying down pipelines.

Brothers and sisters,

There is a saying in Malwa - 'मालवधरतीगगनगंभीर, डग-डगरोटी, पग-पगनीर।' This is an old saying. It means that there was a time when there was no shortage of grains or water on the land of Malwa. Water was available at every step. However, due to the negligence of the previous governments, water became scarce here. However, in the past few years under BJP government led by Shivrajji, serious efforts were made to revive the old identity of Malwa and Madhya Pradesh.


In 2007, barely an area of 7.5 lakh hectares used to be irrigated by the irrigation projects in Madhya Pradesh. Under Shivrajji's governance, it has increased to 40 lakh hectares. I would also like to tell the viewers on television that now the state government is planning to double it by 2024. The government is spending 70,000 crore rupees to extend the micro-irrigation system.

I want to reassure you that efforts will be made to achieve more than the set target and the Central government will move hand-in-hand with you.

Madhya Pradesh is also benefitting from the Pradhan MantriKrishiSinchaiyojana. Under this scheme, work is underway on 14 projects in the state. Madhya Pradesh has been allotted Rs.1400 crores under this project. The mission of 'per drop more crop' is being carried forward with the help of this scheme. As a result of this hard work over the past 4 years, the area under micro-irrigation has increased to 25 lakh hectares across the country out of which 1.5 lakh hectares of land belongs to Madhya Pradesh.



You must have observed that I am talking to different people about government schemes with the help of video technology and NAMO app. Just three days back I had talked to the country's farmers. I got the opportunity to talk to the farmer brothers and sisters of Jhabua in this programme. One of the farmer sisters from Jhabua told me about her increased tomato production with the help of drip irrigation.


The villages and farmers of the country play a vital role in the dream of building a New India. Therefore, efforts are being made to double the income of the farmers with the emergence of a New India. Steps have been taken in the direction of every aspect of agriculture ranging from the seeds to the market.


Almost 14 crore soil Health cards were distributed across the country in the last four year of which onecrore 25 lakhs were given to my farmer brothers and sisters of Madhya Pradesh. With the help of these cards, farmer brothers are now able to know the apt quantity of fertilizers that is required for their soil. Similarly, more than 35 lakh farmers of Madhya Pradesh are availing the benefits of Pradhan MantriFasalBimaYojana.

All the Mandis across the country are now being linked to an online market i.e. the e-NAM platform to provide fair price to the farmers for their crops. Till date almost 600 mandis have been linked to the e-NAM platform. Today 58 mandis of Madhya Pradesh have also been linked to it. That day is not far when the farmers will be able to sell their produce directly through their villages' Common Service centres or mobile phones.

Brothers and sisters,

The government has been taking steps to uplift the standard of living of the villages and the poor. Relentless efforts are being made especially for the mothers and sisters belonging to the Dalit, tribal and backward communities to help them get rid of the poisonous fumes.

More than fourcrore mothers and sisters have received free LPG cylinders for their kitchens till date. Even in Madhya Pradesh, almost 40 lakh women have been given free gas connections.


This government has great respect for hard work. Today, the government of India is concerned about encouraging the entrepreneurs capable of producing maximum jobs. Although some people may have negative attitude towards labour, the success of this government's efforts is for everyone to see.

Today under the MUDRA Yojana, the small entrepreneurs are able to get bank loans without guarantee. More than 85 lakh people of Madhya Pradesh have been benefited by this scheme.

Brothers and sisters,

These double engines of development in Delhi and Bhopal are carrying Madhya Pradesh ahead.

I clearly remember that once a highly derogatory word was associated with Madhya Pradesh because of its ailing situation. The word was 'BIMARU', which no one liked to hear. Madhya Pradesh was included among the 'diseased' states of the country. Congress, that had been ruling for a long time, had never realized that it was an insult that was being afflicted on Madhya Pradesh.

They used to consider the general public as their subjects and made them sing their praises. They had never paid any attention to the future of Madhya Pradesh.

However, the BharatiyaJanata Party government has pulled the state out of that condition and made it a partner in the country's development. You have elected Shivrajji to this post but he has been working for this region and its people like a servant.

I congratulate the people of Madhya Pradesh and its government for marching ahead on the path of success.

Once again my best wishes to you all. Thank you very much for coming here in such large numbers.

Close your fists and say with me loudly-

Victory to Mother India!

Victory to Mother India!

Victory to Mother India!


সেবা অমসুং সমর্পনগী চহি 20 তাক্লিবা ফোতো 20
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PM to inaugurate and lay foundation stone of multiple projects worth around Rs 18,000 crore in Dehradun on 4th December
December 01, 2021
Projects in line with vision of PM to boost connectivity and enhance accessibility to areas which were once considered far-flung
Delhi-Dehradun Economic Corridor will reduce travel time to 2.5 hours; will have Asia’s largest wildlife elevated corridor for unrestricted wildlife movement
Road projects being inaugurated will provide seamless connectivity in the region, including to Chardham, and boost tourism
Lambagad landslide mitigation project in the chronic landslide zone will make travel smooth and safer

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will visit Dehradun and inaugurate & lay the foundation stone of multiple projects worth around Rs 18,000 crore on 4th December, 2021 at 1 PM. A significant focus of the visit will be on projects to improve road infrastructure, which will make travel smooth and safer, and also increase tourism in the region. This is in line with the vision of the Prime Minister to boost connectivity in the areas which were once considered far-flung.

Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of eleven development projects. This includes the Delhi-Dehradun Economic Corridor (from Eastern Peripheral Expressway Junction to Dehradun) which will be built at a cost of around Rs 8300 crore. It will significantly reduce the travel time from Delhi to Dehradun from six hours to around 2.5 hours. It will have seven major interchanges for connectivity to Haridwar, Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, Yamunagar, Baghpat, Meerut and Baraut. It will have Asia’s largest wildlife elevated corridor (12 km) for unrestricted wildlife movement. Also, the 340 m long tunnel near Dat Kaali temple, Dehradun will help reduce impact on wildlife. Further, multiple animal passes have been provided in the Ganeshpur-Dehradun section for avoiding animal-vehicle collisions. The Delhi-Dehradun Economic Corridor will also have arrangements for rainwater harvesting at intervals of 500 m and over 400 water recharge points.

The greenfield alignment project from Delhi-Dehradun Economic Corridor, connecting Halgoa, Saharanpur to Bhadrabad, Haridwar will be constructed at a cost of over Rs 2000 crore. It will provide seamless connectivity and reduce travel time from Delhi to Haridwar as well. The Haridwar Ring Road Project from Manoharpur to Kangri, to be built at a cost of over Rs 1600 crore, will give a respite to residents from traffic congestion in Haridwar city, especially during peak tourist season, and also improve connectivity with Kumaon zone.

The Dehradun - Paonta Sahib (Himachal Pradesh) road project, to be constructed at a cost of around Rs 1700 crore, will reduce travel time and provide seamless connectivity between the two places. It will also boost inter-state tourism. The Najibabad-Kotdwar road widening project will reduce travel time and also improve connectivity to Lansdowne.

A bridge across River Ganga next to the Laksham Jhula will also be constructed. The world renowned Lakshman Jhula was constructed in 1929, but has now been closed due to decreased load carrying capacity. The bridge to be constructed will have provision of a glass deck for people walking, and will also allow light weight vehicles to move across.

Prime Minister will also lay the foundation stone for the Child Friendly City Project, Dehradun, to make the city child friendly by making the roads safer for their travel. Foundation stone for projects related to development of water supply, road & drainage system in Dehradun at a cost of over Rs 700 crore will also be laid. 

In line with the Prime Minister’s vision to develop smart spiritual towns and upgrade tourism related infrastructure, the foundation stone for infrastructure development works at Shri Badrinath Dham and Gangotri-Yamunotri Dham will be laid. Also, a new Medical College in Haridwar will be constructed at a cost of over Rs 500 crore.

Prime Minister will also inaugurate seven projects, including those which focus on making travel safer by tackling the problem of chronic landslides in the region. Amongst these projects are the landslide mitigation project at Lambagad (which is en-route the Badrinath Dham), and chronic landslide treatment at Sakanidhar, Srinagar and Devprayag on NH-58. The Lambagad landslide mitigation project in the chronic landslide zone includes construction of reinforced earthwall and rockfall barriers. The location of the project further adds on to its strategic significance.

Also being inaugurated are the road widening project from Devprayag to Srikot, and from Brahmpuri to Kodiyala on NH-58, under Chardham road connectivity project.

The 120 MW Vyasi Hydroelectric Project, built over River Yamuna at a cost of over Rs 1700 crore, will also be inaugurated, along with a Himalayan Culture Center at Dehradun. The Himalayan Culture Centre will house a state level museum, 800 seat art auditorium, library, conference hall, etc. which will help people follow cultural activities as well as appreciate cultural heritage of the State.

Prime Minister will also inaugurate the State of Art Perfumery and Aroma Laboratory (Centre for Aromatic Plants) in Dehradun. The research done here will prove useful for production of a variety of products including perfumes, soaps, sanitizers, air fresheners, incense sticks etc., and will lead to establishment of related industries in the region as well. It will also focus on development of high yielding advanced varieties of aromatic plants.