PM Modi pays homage to Shri Guru Ravidas and laid the foundation stone of Guru Ravidas birthplace development project
The teachings of the Guru Ravidas inspire us every day: PM Modi
We brought quota for poor, so that those marginalised can lead a dignified life. This government is punishing the corrupt and rewarding the honest: PM

All the dignitaries present on the stage and all my dear devotee brothers and sisters who have gathered here from different parts of the country and the world on this auspicious day.

On the birth anniversary of Shri Guru Ravidas ji, my best wishes to all the people, all the Indians and his followers spread across the world.

I am extremely glad that with the blessings of Guru Ravidas ji, I could once again be with you all to fulfil my promise. In 2016, on this auspicious day, I had got the opportunity to seek his blessings and have the Langar. At that time I had promised you all to beautify and develop this entire area and Guru ji's birth place. After that when the government formed under the leadership of Yogi ji in U.P, I had requested him to prepare a detailed project report. Something that you have been demanding for decades! Something that you required for decades! Governments kept on changing but your dreams were not fulfilled. But today I am glad that steps have been taken now towards fulfilling those aspirations.

All the devotees! In the first phase, the scheme of expansion and beautification has been framed with a cost of approximately Rs.50 crores. Under this, the road from BHU to this area will be beautified and repaired. Another 12 Km long road will also be constructed. A bronze statue of Guru Ravidas ji will also be erected. Community hall will be built and other public facilities will also be created. That is, after the completion of this project, you and the lakhs of pilgrims who come here will get all the facilities at one place.


This birth place of Guru Ravidas ji is not only a centre of devotion for crores of people, but as a Parliamentarian from this place, as your representative, it is my pleasure to serve this holy land. It is the land that gives direction and inspiration to the social life of India. Sant Ravidas ji's ideas are infinite. The philosophy that he has given is the right way to live and he has shown that in a very lucid way. Ravidas ji had said -

साथियों, संत रविदास जी की जन्‍म स्‍थली करोड़ों लोगों के लिए आस्‍था और श्रद्धा का स्‍थल तो है ही और यहां के सांसद के नाते, आपके प्रतिनिधि के नाते मेरा यह सौभाग्‍य है कि इस पवित्र धरती की सेवा करने का कुछ मुझे भी सौभाग्‍य मिला है। भारत के सामाजिक जीवन को दिशा देने और प्रेरित करने वाली यह भूमि है। संत रविदास जी के विचारों का विस्‍तार असीम है। उन्‍होंने जो दर्शन दिया है वही सही जीवन जीने का रास्‍ता और वह भी बहुत सरल तरीके से दिखाता है। रविदास कहते हैं -

‘ऐसा चाहू राज मैं, जहां मिले सबन को अन्‍न,

छोट-बड़ो सब समान बसे, रविदास रहे प्रसन्‍न।’

That is, Guruji had conceived such an India where all the basic needs of the people should be taken care of without any discrimination.


The Central government has been making every effort to put this spirit on ground for the last four and a half years. Our government has been consistently trying to ensure 'Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas' and the 'Panchadhara of development' or the 5 streams of development, i.e. Education for children, income for the youth, medicines for the elderly, irrigation for the farmers and addressing the people's grievances. In a short while from now, I am going to Varanasi to inaugurate and dedicate several healthcare facilities including two cancer hospitals there. Besides, various other projects that will make life easier for Varanasi and Purvanchal are also being started today. All the sections of the society will equally get the benefits of all these facilities.

Brothers and sisters,

Every step taken by our government and every scheme formulated is in accordance with the ideas and philosophy of the revered Shri Guru Ravidas ji. Proper houses to the poor families and toilets in every house, free electricity connection to the poor, free treatment up to Rs. 5 lakhs to the poor families, loans without bank guarantee to the poor and middle class youth under the MUDRA Yojana, providing proper irrigation facilities to the farmers' fields and direct financial assistance of Rs.6000 annually to about 12 crore poor farmer families - several such schemes have been implemented to uplift the deprived sections of the society. And this is just the beginning. Their needs were ignored; they have been deprived all along.

Gurudev used to say that there should be no discrimination based on caste, class or community. As a human being, every person must get equal benefits of these schemes and I am glad that every person is getting. Friends, the revered Sage Ravidas ji had always dreamed of a similar society where there would be no difference in the society on the basis of caste and class. He had said -

जाति-जाति में जाति है, जो केतन के पात।

रैदास मनुष ना जुड़ सके, जब तक जाति न जात।।

Meaning the caste is like banana leaves, wherein there are leaves within the leaves. There are also many castes within the castes.

In such a scenario, till the time discrimination based on caste continues, people will not be able to connect with each other and social harmony will not be possible; social unity will not be possible. There will not be equality in society. Friends, had we sincerely walked on the path shown by Guru ji, then the India of today would have been freed from the atrocities based on caste but unfortunately that did not happen.

Brothers and sisters,

New India is going to change this present situation. Our youth, who are now becoming a part of the social and political system in the age of Digital India and technology and all of us together, will change this situation. We need to identify the self-interests of those people who for their personal gains and political interests fan the caste fires.


Guru ji has drawn our attention towards another vice that has caused a serious damage to our society and the country. And that vice is cheating or treachery, snatching away other's rights for personal gains. Guru ji had said -

श्रम कऊ इसर जानी केई, जऊ पुजे ही दिन-रैन।

That is, true labour is a form of God. Peace and happiness comes from an honest way of earning. Our government has tried to apply this philosophy of Guruji in our political and social rituals during the last four and a half years. Efforts such as demonetization, strong investigation against Benami Property or the strong steps against the continuation of black money have been made a part of the system. We have done away with the mentality of tolerating such things.


With the blessings of Sage Ravidas ji, there cannot be any place for fraud and corrupt practices in New India. The government will stand shoulder to shoulder with those who want to progress with their hard work and sincere efforts. Recently, you must have seen that tax has been exempted for crores of such middle class friends with annual income of up to Rs.5 lakhs. On one hand those who have looted the public money are being punished while on the other hand, honesty is being rewarded and honoured.

Brothers and sisters,

We all are lucky who have been shown the path by the gurus, saints, sages and wise men. Our government is also striving to ensure that this knowledge and tradition of the Gurus continue to show the way to the generations to come. Last year only, I had gone to Maghar to lay the foundation stone of Sant Kabir Academy. Similarly, all the holy places related to Lord Buddha were preserved and beautified in Sarnath. Similarly, we are celebrating the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji around the world at a grand level.

Brothers and sisters,

Our government - the Government of India - and the government of Uttar Pradesh are completely dedicated to ensure that the people who have contributed to our society and our country must receive the honour and respect that they deserve. Our rich cultural heritage is our strength and motivation. We are committed to strengthen the path shown by Guru Ravidas ji so that your life becomes easier. Once again my best wishes to you all on the birth anniversary of the revered Guru Ravidas ji and for the development project of his birth place. I thank you all! And I end my speech by touching the feet of the revered Guru Maharaj ji. Thanks a lot!

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