PM Modi interacts with BJP Karyakartas from Tamil Nadu via NaMo App

Published By : Admin | March 29, 2024 | 17:00 IST
PM Modi interacts with BJP Karyakartas from Tamil Nadu via NaMo App, emphasizes the Party's commitment to effective governance communication
Booth-level efficiency is key to election success: PM Modi during interaction with Tamil Nadu Karyakartas
PM Modi proposes dedicated teams for each booth, urging inclusive engagement with citizens to win hearts and votes
PM Modi shares constructive dialogue on women's empowerment, infrastructure, and governance during interaction with Tamil Nadu Karyakartas
Karyakartas must organize impactful booth-level events to raise awareness and connect with voters effectively: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the BJP Karyakartas from Tamil Nadu through the NaMo App, emphasizing the Party's dedication to effective communication of its good governance agenda across the state. During the interaction, PM Modi shared insightful discussions with Karyakartas, addressing key issues and soliciting feedback on grassroots initiatives.

In his conversation with the Karyakartas, PM Modi underscored the importance of booth-level efficiency and grassroots engagement in winning elections. He lauded their efforts and urged them to prioritize direct communication with citizens to understand their aspirations and concerns.

He said, “To enhance booth efficiency, a strategic approach is essential, as it plays a pivotal role in winning elections. It is proposed to establish a dedicated three-member team for each booth, with a mandate to engage with at least 10 families until the polling day. Emphasizing inclusivity, each team must include at least one woman member. The primary objective is to foster genuine connections and win the hearts of the electorate. Post-elections, these teams should convene to review and analyze the feedback received. By implementing this approach effectively, victory becomes imminent.”

The interaction witnessed constructive exchanges on various topics, including women's empowerment, infrastructure development, and governance initiatives. PM Modi expressed satisfaction with the dedication and hard work exhibited by the Karyakartas in Tamil Nadu.

“I recommend to all the Karyakartas that with only 15-17 days left until the elections, it's crucial to organize significant events at the booth level. Consider hosting various programs such as Women's Felicitation, Fishermen's Appreciation, Beneficiary Outreach, or Farmers' Gathering. These initiatives will not only raise awareness about our government's efforts but also strengthen our connection with the people,” PM Modi said urging the Karyakartas to increase people’s awareness.

As the election fervor builds up, PM Modi urged Karyakartas to intensify their outreach efforts and focus on hosting impactful programs at the booth level to raise awareness about government initiatives and connect with voters effectively.

PM Modi said, “I strongly encourage the Karyakartas of Tamil Nadu to schedule a meeting within the next 3-4 days. Gather representatives from 3-4 pooling booths for a tiffin party where you can brainstorm and strategize for the upcoming elections. This collaborative effort will pave the way for the desired outcome in the polls.”

The Prime Minister emphasized the significance of leveraging technology, such as the NaMo App, to disseminate information and engage with citizens efficiently. He encouraged Karyakartas to harness digital platforms to amplify the Party's message and mobilize support.

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