PM Modi’s visit to China: Day 2

Published By : Admin | May 15, 2015 | 18:08 IST
PM Modi meets Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing
PM holds meeting with Chinese Premier, discusses ways to enhance India-China cooperation
Prime Minister Modi pays a visit to the Tsinghua University
India-China bilateral cooperation important for success of both the Nations: PM Modi
Shri Modi visits the Temple of Heaven, attends Yoga-Taichi Joint Event

Prime Minister Narendra Modi touched down in Beijing on Thursday, May 14, 2015. On morning of May 15th, Shri Narendra Modi was given an official welcome in Beijing. Premier Mr. Li Keqiang was himself present to receive Shi Modi.

PM Narendra Modi met Chinese Premier Mr. Li Keqiang at Beijing and held extensive talks with him discussing upon ways to enhance India-China strategic cooperation. PM expressed his part of content for having got a chance to visit China in the first year of his Government. He highlighted the strength pocessed by both the nations.

At the Joint Press Conference, a wide range of discussions took place concerning to peace and tranquility in the border region, issues relating to visa policy and trans-border rivers. Terming his visit to be a productive and fruitful one, Prime Minister Modi thanked China for Nathu La route for visiting Kailash Mansarovar that would become operational by June.

A meeting of India-China Forum of State/Provincial Leaders was held in Beijing where Shri Modi highlighted the uniqueness of such a forum and how it would enhance ties. Shri Narendra Modi reiterated his vision of ‘Team India.’ The PM also emphasized on the Centre-State coordination needed for overall development of entire Nation.

Premier Li Keqiang also hosted a banquet in honour of Shri Narendra Modi.

The Prime Minister also paid a visit to the Tsinghua University. Shri Narendra Modi stated that India-China bilateral cooperation and International partnership was important for success of both the Nations. He expressed India’s strong desire for enhancing people to people contact between both the nations.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spent a few minutes at Yoga-Taichi Joint Event at the Temple of Heaven, Beijing. Taking to twitter, he shared a few glimpses from the event.

The higlhgiht was the selfie the Prime Minister sharing with Premier Li, which has been a hit across social media.


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