It is a matter of happiness that renovation work of the Shreenathji Temple will begin tomorrow: PM in Bahrain
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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today addressed the Indian community in Bahrain.

The PM said “My visit to Bahrain may be as the head of the government, as the Prime Minister, but my aim is to meet the Indians settled here and communicate with millions of Bahraini friends. Today is the holy festival of Janmashtami. I have been told that there is still the tradition of narrating Krishna Katha on Janmashtami in the Gulf region. Tomorrow I will visit Shrinathji's temple and pray for the prosperity and peace of all of you and your host country”.

“I know how you and the devotees from India celebrated this occasion with reverence and gaiety. It is also a matter of happiness that tomorrow the redevelopment work of this temple will also be formally started”, PM added.

The PM said that there is immense goodwill at Bahrain for Indians for their honesty, loyalty, ability and their contribution to the socio-economic life of Bahrain. “You have made a place for yourself here with your hard work. We have to strengthen this Goodwill. Whenever I hear the praise of the Indian colleagues of the government here, the business people here, the people who settled here, the colleagues working here, my heart is filled with happiness”, the PM added.

PM said that today almost every family in India is connected to banking services. Mobile phones, Internet are within reach of normal family of India. The cheapest internet data in the world is in India. Efforts are being done so that most of the services in India could be digitally delivered.

PM added that every Indian has come to believe that India's dreams can be fulfilled, hopes and aspirations can be fulfilled. “Our goals are high, but when you have the arms of 130 crore people, you get encouragement. India is moving forward today, not only with the efforts of the government, but with the participation of crores of Indians. Government is at the steering only, it is the people of the country who are pressing the accelerator”, the PM said.

He said that the facilities like BHIM app, UPI and Jan Dhan account have made banking in India accessible to the common citizens. Our Rupay card is now becoming a preferred medium of transaction all over the world. Now our Rupay cards are accepted by banks and sellers all over the world.

“I am glad that you will be able to transact in Bahrain soon with RuPay card. Today there is a MoU signed for use of RuPay card. Our intention is to provide you the facility to send money to your home in India through RuPay Card. Now you will be able to say that Bahrain - Pay with RuPay”, he added.

He said that in the last 5 years, it has been our endeavor that the head of crores of Indians living abroad, along with 130 crore Indians in the country, always remain high. Today, if India sees the world with respect, then the big reason behind it are lakhs of companions like you.

Talking about developments in India, he said that India is moving towards ‘one nation one card’ for seamless mobility. Entire India is connected by ‘one nation one grid’ and ‘one nation one tax’ in the form of GST. India has put in place all the measures for Ease of Living and Ease of Business. All solutions are deviced in India, by the youth of India. Indian youth is working with utmost sincerety to find ‘local solutions with global applications’. Indian talent is being recognised globally. It is working wonders in global projects and institutions. Indian scientists are being appreciated world over for achieving feat like Chandrayaan in such small budget. Such a quality is not only our advantage but our identity as well, that we don’t focus on budgets but willpower to achieve our goals.

The PM said, in 2022, India will complete 75 years of independence. I will urge you to take some new resolutions at your level. You decide that every person, every year, will motivate some of their Bahraini friends for tour to India, to see beautiful hill stations to rich spiritual and cultural heritage of India. We have also taken a pledge to free India of single use plastic by 2022.

PM said “Let India and Bahrain work together towards our shared values and interests. India and Bahrain are modern nations with ancient civilisation. Both have immense potential. I have full confidence that my fellow Indians at Bahrain will strengthen this bond of relationship and possibilities to take India- Bahrain to new heights”.


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Prime Minister addresses the 54th DGsP/IGsP Conference
December 08, 2019

The Prime Minister participated in the 54th DGsP/IGsP Conference in Pune on December 7-8, 2019. Apart from leading the discussions and giving valuable suggestions over the past two days, he addressed the valedictory session of the Conference this evening. The Prime Minister also awarded the President’s police medals for distinguished service to officers of the Intelligence Bureau.

With the guidance of the Prime Minister, in order to encourage meaningful exchange of views and experiences, the Conference, which earlier used to be a one day event, was changed to a three day affair starting from 2015. Moreover, the Conference was taken out of Delhi and organized in different parts of the country. The format of the Conference has also undergone significant changes in terms of the presence of the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister. In the lead-up to the Conference, Committees of DGsP are established to formulate the contours of presentations, which are on contemporary security threats. Additionally, during the Conference, break-out sessions are held to further refine policy issues. This year, eleven core groups were formed for holding brain storming sessions on key aspects of internal and external security such as terrorism, naxalism, coastal security, cyber threats, combating radicalization and narco-terrorism etc.

Commending the Conference for generating good inputs for policy planning and implementation, Prime Minister laid emphasis on emergence of concrete outcomes from the finalized action points. 

The Prime Minister, while appreciating the meticulous efforts made by the country’s police forces for maintaining general peace and tranquility in the country and ensuring normalcy, said that we must not forget the contribution of their families who stood firmly behind them. At all times, he said, they must strive to improve the image of the police force to inspire confidence amongst all sections of society including women and children. The Prime Minister emphasized the role of effective policing in making sure that women feel safe and secure.

Prime Minister urged the heads of police departments to carry forth the spirit of the Conference to the lowest level-from state to District to the police station (thana). After listening to the presentations given by different state police forces, Prime Minister mentioned that a comprehensive list of best practices could be prepared and adopted by all the states and UTs.

Prime Minister further commented that technology provides us with an effective weapon to ensure pro-active policing that factors-in the feedback of the common man. 

PM expressed his special interest for the development of North Eastern States which is critical for Act East Policy of the government and urged the DGPs of these states to make extra efforts to create a conducive environment for the development programs. 

Prime Minister concluded his remarks by recognizing the pulls and pressures confronting the police officer in the day to day discharge of duties. However, he said, that whenever they are in doubt they should remember the ideals and the spirit with which they appeared for the civil services exams and continue to work in national interest, keeping in mind the welfare of the weakest and poorest sections of society.