মহারাস্ত্রদা, প্রধান মন্ত্রীনা ফোংদোকখ্রে মদুদি ঈশিং য়োকশিনবা অমদি ইশিং য়োকশিনফম শানবগীদমক লুপা ক্রোর লাখ ৩.৫ শিজিন্নগনি।
মসি মীখল মনুংগী বি.জে.পি.গী ‘কার্য়শক্তি’ অমসুং ওপোজিসনগী ‘স্বার্থ শক্তি’গী মরক্তা শোক্নবা লান্নিঃ মহারাস্ত্রদা প্রধান মন্ত্রী
মহারাস্ত্রদা, প্রধান মন্ত্রী মোদীনা মীয়ামদা ওক্তোবর ২১দা মশিং য়াম্না থোরক্তুনা ভোৎ থাদরনবা হায়খ্রে
প্রধান মন্ত্রী মোদীনা সতারাদা হায়খ্রে, রাফেলগী মতাংদা তৌবা ওপোজিসনগী অশোনবা এদভর্তাইমেন্ত অসিনা জাতিগী পুক্নীংদা শোকহল্লি
প্রধান মন্ত্রী মোদীনা হায়খ্রে মদুদি ২১শুবা চহি চাদা ভারত অসি খোংনেৎ ফিদাগী মখাদা মখা তানা শিংনররোই, অনৌবশিংবু লৌখৎপা মতমদা হৈনবী খরা থাদোক্নবা মহাক্না মীয়ামদা হায়খি

The campaigning in Maharashtra has gained momentum as Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed three mega rallies in Parli, Satara and Pune today. Accusing Congress and the NCP, PM Modi said, “Whenever Article 370 will be discussed in history, then the people who opposed and ridiculed it, their comments will be remembered.”

"We started the Jal Jeevan Mission as soon as we formed the government for the second time. In the coming years, Rs 3.5 lakh crore will be used for water conservation and building facilities for water conservation," the PM said.

"Our government sent instant relief when the situation got difficult due to drought. From disaster relief to crop insurances, we have supplied support of all kinds. Today, every farmer is getting direct benefit into his account under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana," asserted PM Modi in Maharashtra's Beed district.

Addressing a public gathering in Satara, PM Modi remarked, “In the last 5 years, our government has brought our armed forces at par with the armed forces of other countries. Be it Army, Navy or Air Force, modern weapons are a part of our armed forces today.


Talking about the ongoing campaigning for the Maharashtra election, PM Modi said, “Congress-NCP leaders are unable to understand the mood of the people. They were punished in the Lok Sabha elections. This time the people will give them harsh punishment in the upcoming elections too, be it in Maharashtra or Haryana.”

PM Modi stated that his government has adhered to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's principles of nationalism and national security, and possessed the strength to give a befitting reply to those having evil designs against India. He said just like Chhatrapati Shivaji, his government worked to strengthen the defence forces.

The Prime Minister outlined the progress and development successes of the country. "Haven't you felt effect of New India in the last 100 days? Do you see its power,” he asked to the audience at the Pune rally.

Also, PM Modi referred to BJP as ‘Karyashakti’ and dubbed Opposition as ‘Swarth shakti’. He exuded confidence of a clean sweep in the upcoming Maharashtra elections and urged everyone to break all victory records on October 21. PM Modi concluded his address by raising a slogan saying, ‘Punha aanuya, aaple sarkaar’.

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