Gentle yet powerful!

Published By : Admin | June 7, 2014 | 15:42 IST

His innate sense of leadership and organization promises to redefine the way Indian politics has functioned, but it is, perhaps, his equally noteworthy deftness at respecting human emotions and valuing relationships that sets him apart from the rest.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi values emotional bonds, respects relationships and strongly believes in acknowledging, appreciating and applauding every warm welcome and good wish extended to him.

And this isn’t mere hearsay. A series of recent incidents - after his assuming the office of the Prime Minister of India - go a long way in revealing the humane side to this otherwise popular organized leader. His humble beginnings, or even more so his early days as an organization worker, have, perhaps, struck a chord with Shri Narendra Modi’s poignant self, making him more receptive to human emotions and gracious of every good deed done in his support.

A leader who is gentle, yet powerful!

The world took notice of the PM’s unique approach to leadership and governance when he initiated a new chapter in Indian political history by inviting leaders of SAARC nations to his oath-taking ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, on 26th May. But, what got the political pundits wait with bated breath was the decision of the then PM designate Narendra Modi to invite the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif.


A new beginning was all set to be made in the bilateral relations of the 2 neighbouring countries – India and Pakistan. PM Shri Modi had not only earned goodwill – by inviting the heads of SAARC countries, including Pakistan - but had also revealed a more forthcoming approach, rarely witnessed in political leaders or diplomats.

This was followed by a series of thoughtful initiatives and cordial discussions between the leaders of two warring countries. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s due acknowledgement and appreciation of the special emotional dialogue he shared with Nawaz Sharif, moments after he took oath as the Prime Minister of India, captured the eye of the Nation.


Shri Modi, in a series of tweets, shared how the Pakistan Prime Minister had spoken of his relationship with his Mother, whom he met once a week, and stated of how during his recent visit, his Mother had become emotional after watching visuals on TV of Shri Modi being offered sweets by his Mother.


Taking a step ahead, PM Narendra Modi also sent a shawl for Nawaz Sharif’s mother through him. And to this, the Pakistan PM’s daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif, later tweeted and thanked Shri Modi for sending the ‘beautiful shawl’ for her grandmother. A reciprocal gracious gesture was, thereafter, made by Nawaz Sharif when he sent a white sari for Shri Modi’s mother. The Indian PM acknowledged and deeply appreciated this gesture.

A leader who leads by example

India has not seen a politician as gracious as its Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. It truly is remarkable that despite the diligent schedule he follows, the leader of the Nation takes the time out to touch every person with compassion and companionship. He truly is a leader who leads by example, initiates through action and promises through performance.

Shri Narendra Modi tweeted:

Maryam Nawaz Sharif tweeted:

'মন কী বাত'কীদমক্তা হৌজিক অদোমগী ৱাখল্লোন অমদি তান-ৱাশিং শেয়র তৌবীয়ু!
পি.এম.না ‘পরিক্সা পে চর্চা ২০২২’গীদমক্তা শরুক য়ানবগীদমক্তা চেবাউ পীরকখ্রে
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