Releases commemorative stamp in honor of Late Shri Arvind Bhai Mafatlal
“Coming to Chitrakoot is a matter of immense happiness for me”
“Glory and importance of Chitrakoot remains eternal by the work of saints”
“Our nation is the land of several greats, who transcend their individual selves and remain committed to the greater good”
“Sacrifice is the most effective way to conserve one’s success or wealth”
“As I came to know Arvind Bhai’s work and personality I developed an emotional connection for his mission”
“Today, the country is undertaking holistic initiatives for the betterment of tribal communities”

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the program marking the centenary birth year celebrations of late Shri Arvind Bhai Mafatlal in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh today. Shri Sadhguru Seva Sangh Trust was founded in 1968 by Param Pujya Ranchhoddasji Maharaj. Shri Arvind Bhai Mafatlal was inspired by Param Pujya Ranchhoddasji Maharaj and played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Trust. Shri Arvind Bhai Mafatlal was one of the leading entrepreneurs in post-independence India, who played an important role in the growth story of the country.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister remarked that the saints have referred to the divine land of Chitrakoot as the abode of Lord Ram, Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshman. Shri Modi mentioned performing darshan and pooja at Shri Raghubir Temple and Shri Ram Janki Temple a short while ago. He also spoke about paying reverence to Kamatgiri Parvat while on his way to Chitrakoot via helicopter and mentioned paying floral tributes to the statue of Param Pujya Ranchhoddasji Maharaj. Prime Minister Modi expressed immense gratification for the darshan of Shri Ram and Janki, the guidance of the saints and the remarkable performance by the students of Shri Ram Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya on the occasion and said that the experience is overwhelming and beyond words. He thanked the Shri Sadhguru Seva Sangh Trust for organizing the centenary birth year celebrations of the late Shri Arvind Bhai Mafatlal on behalf of all oppressed, deprived, adivasis and poor. Shri Modi expressed confidence that the newly inaugurated wing of Jankikund Chikitsalaya would give a new lease of life to lakhs of poor and the ritual of serving the poor will reach greater lengths in the times to come. He also mentioned releasing a commemorative stamp in the honor of Late Shri Arvind Bhai Mafatlal which is a moment of immense satisfaction and pride.

The Prime Minister expressed happiness that the family is taking forward the work of Shri Arvind Mafatlal. The Prime Minister noted the gesture of choosing Chitrakoot as the venue of the centenary despite having various options.

The Prime Minister highlighted the glory and importance of Chitrakoot made eternal by the work of saints. The Prime Minister paid tributes to Param Pujya Ranchhoddasji Maharaj and acknowledged his inspiration in his personal life. The Prime Minister also recalled the illustrious journey of Param Pujya Ranchhoddasji Maharaj. He commented on the exalted nature of his social service seven decades ago when the area was almost completely covered in forests. The Prime Minister remarked that Param Pujya Ranchhoddasji Maharaj established many institutions that are still serving humanity. Param Pujya Ranchhoddasji Maharaj’s work during natural calamity was also remembered. “It is the quality of our nation that gives birth to great souls who go beyond self to universal”, Prime Minister Modi added.

Shri Modi cited the life of Arvind Mafatlal as an example of glory of the company of saints as he dedicated his life and made it into a resolution of service in the guidance of Param Pujya Ranchhoddasji Maharaj. The Prime Minister said that we should imbibe the inspirations of Arvind Bhai on this occasion. He recalled the dedication and talent of Arvind Bhai and said that it was he who established the country’s first petrochemical project. Prime Minister Modi underlined his contribution to industry and agriculture. Late Shri Mafatlal played a key role in reviving the glory of the traditional textiles industry and he was globally recognized for his contributions.

“Sacrifice is the most effective way to conserve one’s success or wealth”, the Prime Minister said as he emphasized that Arvind Bhai Mafatlal made it a mission and worked throughout his life. He underlined that many institutions like Shri Sadguru Seva Trust, Mafatlal Foundation, Raghubir Mandir Trust, Shri Ramdas Hanuman ji Trust, J J Group of Hospitals, Blind People Association are Charu Tara Arogya Mandal are working with the same principle and forwarding the ideals of ‘seva’ or service. He mentioned Shri Raghubir Mandir which serves food to lakhs of people and arranges monthly ration for lakhs of saints. He also spoke about the contributions of Gurukul in imparting education to thousands of children and the treatment of lakhs of patients in Janki Chikitsalaya. “It is proof of India’s power which gives energy to work tirelessly”, Shri Modi said. He also highlighted the training provided to the women in the rural industry sector.

The Prime Minister expressed happiness that Sadhguru Netra Chikitsalaya is included among the top eye hospitals in the country and abroad and highlighted the progress made from a 12-bed hospital to treating 15 lakh patients every year. Speaking about the Swastha Drishti Samruddh Kashi campaign run by the organization in Kashi, the Prime Minister informed that door-to-door screening of more than 6 lakh people in and around Varanasi including surgeries and eye camp visits. Shri Modi took the opportunity to thank Sadhguru Netra Chakitsalay on behalf of all those who availed of the treatment.

The Prime Minister said while resources are important for service but dedication is paramount. He recalled Shri Arvind’s quality of working on the ground and remembered his work for the tribal belt of Bhiloda and Dahod. Shri Modi also described his fervour for service and humility. “As I came to know his work and personality I developed an emotional connection for his mission”, Shri Modi said.

The Prime Minister underlined that Chitrakoot is the workplace of Nanaji Deshmukh and his efforts in serving the tribal society are also a great inspiration for all. He emphasized that the country is making comprehensive efforts for the welfare of the tribal society by following those ideals and mentioned Jan Jatiya Gaurav Diwas being celebrated on the birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda. He also spoke about the development of tribal museums to glorify the contribution and heritage of the tribal society, Eklavya Residential Schools for the education of tribal children, and Policy decisions like the Van Sampada Act. “The blessings of Lord Shri Ram who embraces the tribal society is also associated with these efforts of ours. This blessing will guide us towards the goal of a harmonious and developed India”, he concluded.

Governor of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Mangubhai Patel, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Chairman of Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust, Shri Vishad P Mafatlal and Trustee of Shri Raghubir Mandir Trust, Shri Rupal Mafatlal were present on the occasion.

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India's pharma exports rise 10% to USD 27.9 bn in FY24

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Morena extends a grand welcome to PM Modi as he speaks at a Vijay Sankalp rally in MP
April 25, 2024
Nothing is greater than the country for BJP. But for Congress, it is family first: PM Modi in Morena
Congress did not allow the demands of army personnel like One Rank-One Pension to be fulfilled. We implemented OROP as soon as the govt was formed: PM
If Congress comes to power, it will snatch more than half of your earnings through inheritance tax: PM Modi
Congress is indulging in different games to get the chair anyhow by playing with the future of people: PM Modi in Morena

The momentum in Lok Sabha election campaigning escalates as the NDA's leading campaigner, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ramps up his efforts ahead of the second phase. Today, PM Modi addressed an enthusiastic crowd in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena. He declared that the people of Madhya Pradesh know that once they get entangled in a problem, it's best to keep their distance from it. “The Congress party represents such an obstacle to development. During that time, Congress had pushed MP to the back of the line among the nation's BIMARU states,” the PM said.

Slamming the Congress for keeping those who contribute the most to the nation at the back, PM Modi asserted, “For the BJP, there is nothing bigger than the nation, while for the Congress, their own family is everything. Hence, the Congress government for so many years did not fulfill demands like One Rank One Pension (OROP) for soldiers. As soon as we formed the government, we implemented OROP. We also addressed the concerns of soldiers standing at the border and we have asked our jawans to fire ten bullets in reply to one.”

Training guns at Congress Party, PM Modi said, “As you all know, during the time of independence, the Congress accepted the division of the country in the name of religion to gain power. Today, once again, the Congress is scrambling for power. These people are once again using religious appeasement as a political tool. But Modi is standing as a wall between you and Congress' plans to loot you.”

Furthermore, he said, “The Congress has been conspiring to deprive Dalits, backward classes, and tribals of their rights for a long time. In Karnataka, the Congress government has essentially declared the entire Muslim community as OBCs. This means that the Congress has begun to give reservation to the Muslim community in education and government jobs by taking it away from the OBCs. The Constitution of the country does not allow reservation based on religion, so Congress has resorted to this deceit. Even Dr. B.R. Ambedkar himself was strongly against reservation based on religion. However, drowning in vote banks and appeasement, the Congress wants to implement this model of Karnataka across the entire country.”

The PM came out all guns blazing against Congress’s appeasement politics. He reminisced, “Back in 2014, the Congress stated in its manifesto that, if necessary, they would even enact a law to provide reservation based on religion. At that time, the country ousted the Congress from power, but now they are talking about completing this unfinished task. If the Congress comes to power here in MP, they will snatch the share of reservation from our Kushwaha, Gurjar, Yadav, Gadaria, and Dhakad Prajapati communities, as well as from our Kumhar, Teli, Manjhi, Nai, and Sonar communities, to give it to their favored vote bank. Will the people of MP allow this to happen?”

“According to the Congress, they would even provide the benefits of poverty alleviation schemes based on religion. Because the Congress bluntly states that Muslims have the first right on the country's resources,” he added.

Accusing the Congress’s Shehzaade of hatching a deep conspiracy, PM Modi remarked, “One of the Congress leaders is talking about conducting an X-ray of people's assets across the country. Whatever you earn, the Mangalsutra, gold, and silver that our mothers and sisters have, Congress wants to seize it and distribute it among their vote bank supporters. Even the wealth left after you leave this world won't go to your sons and daughters. Congress wants to snatch more than half of your earnings. For this, Congress wants to impose an Inheritance tax on you.”

In a scathing critique of the Congress's proposal to impose an Inheritance tax, PM Modi said, “When Mrs. Indira Gandhi passed away, her property was supposed to go to her children. If there had been the previous law, the government would have taken a portion of it. At that time, there was talk that, in order to save their property, her son and the then Prime Minister simply abolished the inheritance law. When it came to their own interests, they removed the law. Today, driven by the greed for power once again, these people want to reintroduce the same law. After accumulating limitless wealth for generations without taxes on their families, now they want to impose taxes on your inheritance. That's why the country is saying – ‘Congress ki loot – Jindagi ke saath bhi, jindagi ke baad bhi’.”

PM Modi urged that the stronger the voter turnout on May 7th, the stronger Modi will be. “I have one more request: please go door-to-door, convey my regards to the people, and inspire them to vote,” he said.