Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 77th Independence Day, the Prime Minister explained how India’s G20 Presidency has helped show the world the potential of the common citizen of the country. The PM said that it is certain that India's potential and India's possibilities are going to cross new heights of confidence and that these new heights of confidence should be taken with new potential. “India’s G20 presidency has made the world aware of the potential of India’s common citizen. Today, India has got the opportunity to host the G-20 Summit in the country. And for the last one year, the way many such G-20 events have been organized in every corner of India, it has made the world aware of the potential of the common man of the country.”

The PM said that the nation has presented India’s diversity to the world. “The world is watching India's diversity with wonder and because of that the attraction towards India has increased. The desire to know and understand India has risen.”

The Prime Minister recalled his visit to Bali for the G-20 Summit, where he said that the world leaders were eager to know about the success of the Digital India Programme. “Everyone was keen to know about Digital India and then I used to tell them that the wonders India has done are not limited to Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai; even the youth of my Tier-2, Tier-3 cities are involved in the wonders India is doing.”

“Youth of India are shaping the destiny of the country”

The Prime Minister said that the youth of India are today shaping the destiny of the country. “My youth from small places, and I say with great confidence today that this new potential of the country is visible, these small cities of ours, our towns may be small in size and population, but the hope and aspiration, effort and impact they have are second to none, they have that potential.” The PM spoke of new apps, new solutions and technology devices which are brought out by the youth.

The PM exhorted citizens to look at the world of sports. “The children who came out of the slums are showing might in the world of sports today. The youth of small villages, small towns, our sons and daughters are showing wonders today.”

The PM said that there are 100 schools in the country where children are making satellites and making preparations to release them. “Today thousands of tinkering labs are conceiving new scientists. Today, thousands of tinkering labs are inspiring millions of children to take up the path of science and technology.”

The PM assured the youth that there is no dearth of opportunities. “There are as many opportunities as you want, this country is capable of giving you more opportunities than the sky.”

The Prime Minister underlined the importance of women-led development and how it is essential to take the country forward. The PM said that he has taken forward the issue of Women-Led Development at G20 and that the G20 countries have accepted it and are recognizing its importance.

“The world is joining India in our philosophy, we have shown way for global climate crisis”

The PM said that India has been successful in placing our philosophy in front of the world, and the world is joining us with that philosophy. “We said One Sun, One World, One Grid. Our statement is very big in the field of renewable energy, today the world is accepting it. After COVID-19, we told the world that our approach should be One Earth, One Health.”

The PM recalled that India said that problems will be solved only when humans, animals and plants are addressed equally during illness. “We have said One World, One Family, One Future in front of the world for the G-20 Summit, and we are moving forward with this thought. We have shown the way for the climate crisis the world is facing, and we have launched mission Lifestyle for Environment.”

The PM said that together, we formed the International Solar Alliance in front of the world and today many countries of the world are becoming a part of the International Solar Alliance. “Seeing the importance of bio-diversity, we have taken forward the arrangement of Big Cat Alliance. We need far-reaching arrangements to address the damage caused to the infrastructure due to global warming and due to natural calamities. And so, the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, CDRI has given the world a solution.” The PM added that today, the world is making seas the centre of conflict, upon which we have given the world the platform of oceans, which can help guarantee global maritime peace.

The PM informed that India has worked towards setting up a global level centre of WHO in India by giving emphasis to the traditional system of medicine. “We have worked towards world welfare and world health through Yoga and AYUSH. Today, India is laying a strong foundation for World Mars. It is the job of all of us to take this strong foundation forward. It is our shared responsibility.”

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