Modi is paving the way for the country not just for the coming five years but for the next 25 years, says the PM in Etawah
We work for your children's future. Meanwhile, SP and Congress focus on their own children's future by contesting elections: PM Modi
The textile and perfume industries in Kannauj are thriving. I often take Kannauj's perfume abroad, even gifting it at the G-20 summit: PM in Etawah
Security agencies used to catch terrorists with great effort, but the SP government used to withdraw cases against the terrorists: PM Modi in Dhaurahra
Congress and INDI Alliance have their eyes on your property. They openly say that they will conduct an X-ray of whatever you have: PM Modi

Amidst the ongoing election campaigning, PM Modi's rally spree continued as he addressed two mega public meetings in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah and Dhaurahra, today. He stated, "After my 10-year tenure, I seek your blessings. You have witnessed my hard work and honesty. I am not just preparing for the next 5 years; I'm paving the way for 25 years. India's strength will endure for a thousand years; I'm laying its foundation. Why? Because whether I remain or not, this country will always remain."

In a strong rebuke to dynastic parties like Congress-SP, Prime Minister Modi questioned, “What is the legacy of these dynasts? Their legacy is cars, mansions, and political power games. Some consider Mainpuri, Kannauj, and Etawah as their heritage. Some regard Amethi-Raebareli as their estates. But Modi's legacy... a solid home for the poor. Modi's legacy - toilets for mothers and sisters. Modi's legacy provides Dalits and backward classes - electricity, gas, water connections. Modi's legacy includes free grains, free healthcare, a National Education Policy. Modi's legacy belongs to everyone, for everyone."

PM Modi slammed the opposition for defaming indigenous COVID-19 vaccines. He said, “They secretly got vaccinated and incited the public on TV and social media. Why? So that uproar spreads and sins are pinned on Modi's forehead."

“Now they are spreading lies about our democracy, our constitution. Why? Because Modi has exposed their appeasement. The framers of our constitution said - there will be no reservation based on religion. Baba Saheb Ambedkar said it. But now, the SP-Congress want to snatch reservation from SC/ST/OBC and distribute it based on religion. Overnight in Karnataka, they declared all Muslim castes as OBCs. If this happens in UP, what will happen to Yadavs, Mauryas, Lodhs, Pals, Jatavs, Shakya, Kushwaha communities,” remarked the PM.

Further exposing the Samajwadi Party's appeasement politics, PM Modi iterated, “The claim of SP to be the guardians of a particular community has also been shattered. Either they do good for their families or for their vote banks.” He pointed out that even today in the entire state, SP couldn't find a single Yadav candidate outside their family. In contrast, in the BJP, any karyakarta can reach the highest positions.

Continuing to unveil the deceitful intentions of the Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance, PM Modi said, “5 years ago, the royal family of the Congress was touring temples. The scion of the Congress even wore the sacred thread outside his coat. But this time, temple visits stopped. The sacred thread was removed from outside the coat... to the extent that after 500 years, a historic moment arrived. The entire country rejoiced at the grand Ram temple being built. But they declined even the invitation to the consecration ceremony.”

Further emphasizing their malicious intent, PM Modi lashed out at Congress’s scion for mocking his underwater prayer at Dwarka. He said, “While criticizing Modi, they have begun to disrespect Lord Krishna's worship. Initially, they claimed there was nothing beneath the sea in Dwarka. Now, they ridicule Lord Krishna's worship, showing no respect for our faith.”

Hitting out at the SP supremo, PM Modi said, "Those in UP, who say they are Yaduvanshi, the leader who takes the benefits of being Yaduvanshi, I want to ask him, how can they sit with a party that insults Lord Krishna? How can you have an agreement with them?"

Commending CM Yogi Ji's leadership, PM Modi said, “You've seen the transformation here. It was tough for women to leave their homes. Extortion, bribery, and land grabbing were rampant. Under the SP regime, the slogan was ‘Khali Plot Humara Hai’. But we have turned things around in Uttar Pradesh. From a factory to a defence corridor, transformation is evident. The textile and perfume industries in Kannauj are thriving. I often take Kannauj's perfume abroad, even gifting it at the G-20 summit.”

In Dhaurahra, PM Modi highlighted that Lakhimpur Kheri and Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh, known as the "sugar bowl" of the state, suffered under the SP government, leaving sugarcane farmers in distress. He said, “The BJP government has addressed these issues by clearing pending dues and increasing payments to farmers. Today, sugarcane prices have risen to Rs 370 per quintal, and farmers have received substantial support through schemes like PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. Also, efforts are underway to develop the region into a hub for banana cultivation.”

Critiquing the nation's condition a decade ago, PM Modi said, "Earlier, those in the INDI Alliance would restrain the operations of security agencies. The country's police and agencies were not allowed to act against terrorism. The situation was the same here in Uttar Pradesh. During the SP government, there were sleeper cells of terrorists in many cities. Security agencies used to work hard to catch terrorists. But what did the SP government do? The government used to withdraw cases against terrorists."

Addressing a public meeting in Dhaurahra, PM Modi added, "Pressure was exerted on Officers to grant bail for terrorists. Officers who did not do so were suspended. All this was done for appeasement, for vote bank. The politics of appeasement has become a necessity of survival for the shehzadas of SP-Congress."

PM Modi rebuked the Congress and the INDI Alliance for their intentions of redistributing the country’s wealth to their vote bank. He further questioned them, stating that they claim if they come to power, they will revoke Article 370, end the free ration scheme, stop the free healthcare scheme for the poor, and remove Vande Bharat trains. "If you come to power, will you open a hospital in the Ram Mandir? Will you bulldoze the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor?" he asked, addressing the SP-Congress alliance.

Concluding his statement, PM Modi urged the electorate to turn out in greater numbers for voting. He said, “For every development project, you must press the button with the lotus symbol. You have to go door-to-door and say that Modi has greeted with 'Ram Ram'.”

Click here to read full text speech of Etawah

Click here to read full text speech of Dhaurahra

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