PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Sangareddy, Telangana

Published By : Admin | March 5, 2024 | 11:45 IST
Today, I am giving you a guarantee that in the next few years, we will make India, the third largest economy in the world: PM Modi
When I oppose familism and say that it is against democracy and not allowing new talent to emerge, they say 'Modi has no family': PM Modi
I will tell you what an ideological battle is - they say family first, Modi says nation first, says PM Modi in Sangareddy, Telangana.
The more enthusiasm I see for BJP among the people of Telangana, the more my faith is increasing. I consider your affection and your love for the development of Telangana: PM Modi

Addressing a massive crowd in Telangana’s Sangareddy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “I had told you that together we will take India to new heights worldwide. Today, you can see how India is touching new heights, becoming a ray of hope globally. I had told you that India will write a new chapter in economic development. This promise has also been fulfilled - this is Modi Ki Guarantee.”

Lashing out at the Congress party, PM Modi said, “Today, as Modi is dedicatedly fulfilling the guarantee given to you and your family, the Congress and its allies are resorting to name-calling.”

Coming down heavily on the INDI Alliance, the PM stated, “These individuals claim that Modi has no family. They say, "Family First," but I say, "Nation First." For them, the family is everything, for me, the nation is everything. They sacrificed the nation's interest for their family; I dedicated myself to the nation's interest. The dynasts, residing in governments, accepted expensive gifts, turning their black money into white through gifts. But Modi has never kept any gifts; he auctions them, and the proceeds go towards the service of Maa Ganga. Through gift auctions, I have contributed nearly 150 crores to the service of the nation.”

Criticizing the opposition, PM Modi remarked, "They resorted to opening foreign accounts to stash their black money in overseas banks. I opened Jan Dhan accounts for millions of poor brothers and sisters. These dynasts indulged in constructing luxurious mansions and palaces for their families. Unlike them, I have never built a personal residence; instead, my focus is on building secure homes for the poor citizens of our nation."

“Opposition is raising the issue of my lack of a family. They forget that the 140 crore citizens are Modi's family. Every mother, every sister of the country is part of Modi's family. Every youth, every son, every daughter of the country is part of Modi's family. Therefore, today, millions of families are saying – ‘Main Hoon Modi Ka Parivar’,” he added.

Talking about the farmers’ welfare, PM Modi said, “The BJP government has taken historic steps for the farmers in Telangana as well. In the past years, our government has procured rice and cotton worth more than one and a half lakh crores. Over 40 lakh farmers in Telangana are receiving assistance of Rs. 6,000 per year under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi.”

Criticizing the covert alliance between BRS and Congress, PM Modi reiterated, " Distressed by the corruption in the BRS government in Telangana, you have given an opportunity to the Congress. It's essential to understand that whether it's BRS or Congress, both parties share similarities. While there may not be a formal alliance between BRS and Congress, their collaboration in corruption is undeniably robust."

Slamming Congress for not investigating BRS misdeeds, PM Modi said, “These people are not allowing an investigation into the BRS scams, because they believe that many of their own people are involved in corruption along with BRS.”

In the end, PM Modi expressed, "The Congress party has transformed Telangana into its new ATM. Yet, I would like to convey to them that this strategy of providing cover fire to each other won't endure for long. In the Modi government, we execute both surgical strikes and air strikes. I seek your unwavering support for this. Telangana should also declare – ‘Abki Baar, 400 Paar’.”

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