The Congress Party's appeasement policies come at the highest cost for SC, ST, and BC communities: PM Modi taking a jibe at the Opposition
How much black money did Congress receive from Adani & Ambani, asks PM Modi in Karimnagar
The BJP has always prioritized Nation First above all else: PM Modi in Telangana
While pursuing its appeasement politics, BRS even proposed a Muslim IT Park: PM Modi in Warangal
Whether it's Congress or the INDI Alliance, the states they govern become their personal ATMs: PM Modi on Opposition
I affirm that we are all children of Lord Shri Krishna, and we are all equal, regardless of race or creed: PM Modi on Opposition’s comments

PM Modi addressed two public meetings in Karimnagar & Warangal, Telangana, amidst grandeur. He spoke about the bright future of Telangana and exposed the Opposition's nefarious intentions of dividing the nation.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, PM Modi initiated by acknowledging that, “Yesterday, the nation successfully completed the third phase of elections. In this crucial phase, the Congress and INDI Alliance suffered another setback, as the third fuse blew. With four more phases of elections to go, the BJP and NDA are rapidly advancing towards securing a majority, buoyed by the overwhelming support of the people.”

Advancing his speech, PM Modi expressed his disappointment, stating, “In Telangana, the potential for growth is abundant. However, successive Congress governments have failed to capitalize on this potential for years. Consider this: has Congress undermined every aspect of the country's potential? Has it hindered the nation's economic progress? Traditional sectors like agriculture and textiles, which were once India's strengths, have also suffered due to Congress' policies. It's evident: Congress is the primary obstacle hindering the nation's progress.”

Drawing a comparison between the BJP and the opposition parties, PM Modi emphasized, “The BJP has always prioritized Nation First above all else. However, in Telangana, both the Congress and BRS prioritize their own families first. There's little to distinguish between Congress and BRS. The Congress-BRS alliance is synonymous with corruption and appeasement politics. Their governance model is synonymous with zero governance. It's imperative that we unite to save Telangana from this destructive alliance.”

Expressing deep concern, PM Modi remarked, "When Telangana was formed, we placed our trust in the BRS party. However, for the sake of his family, BRS shattered the dreams of Telangana's families. This echoes the history of Congress. After independence, the nation placed its hopes in the Congress Party, only to witness the same pattern: Family First. Even if the country suffers, their Family First Policy comes first," highlighting the sorry state of affairs.

“The Congress' Family First policy even led to the disrespect of leaders like PV Narasimha Rao. Even after his passing, his mortal remains were denied entry into the Congress office. It was the NDA government that bestowed upon PV Narasimha Rao the Bharat Ratna, honoring his contributions,” the PM added while exposing the cruelties of Congress party.

PM Modi pointed out, “Corruption is the hallmark of the Congress-BRS alliance. Despite accusing each other of corruption, they are part of the same syndicate. Remember when BRS accused Congress of 'cash for votes'? Did any investigation happen when BRS was in power? Likewise, Congress accused BRS of the Kaleshwaram scam. Despite being in power in Telangana for so long, has Congress conducted any investigation into it? It's evident: both are involved in the same corruption syndicate.”

PM Modi derided the opposition and determined “The RR tax issue is making headlines from Telangana to Delhi. It's become a household topic in Telangana now. Just recently, the film RRR was released. Surprisingly, the RR tax has surpassed RRR's lifetime collection. RRR grossed over Rs 1,000 crore. Those who claim that the RR tax collection is only for a few days are essentially condoning robbery!”

In a scathing attack on the Congress's double standards, PM Modi questioned that just five years ago, they were obsessed with Ambani and Adani. However, overnight, their perspective has shifted, and now they remain silent about them. “What could be the reason behind this sudden change? How far will this hypocrisy go? How much black money have they received from Adani, Ambani?” he asked.

PM Modi shed light on the strong alliance of appeasement between Congress and BRS and remarked, “It's as if Hyderabad was leased to MIM by both parties for years. However, the BJP boldly challenged MIM's dominance, breaking the status quo. While MIM may feel the heat of BJP's challenge, it's Congress and BRS who seem to be sweating more. In Hyderabad, it appears both parties are bending over backwards to secure MIM's victory.”

PM Modi addressed the crowd, expressing his apprehension, “The Congress Party's appeasement policies come at the highest cost for SC, ST, and BC communities. Once again, Congress is conspiring against these communities, aiming to take away their reservation rights. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar granted us reservation rights, and our Constitution opposes religious-based reservations. However, Congress seeks to snatch reservations from SC, ST, and BC communities to appease its vote bank. Just yesterday, a prominent figure in the INDI Alliance openly advocated for full reservation for Muslims, aiming to take away the current reservation benefits from SC, ST, and BC communities and give them to Muslims. This is why they oppose granting rights to the Madiga community as well.”

PM Modi underscored Telangana’s potential as a state and observed, “Telangana, a state rich in culture and faith, contributed materials for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, enhancing its beauty. Today, people from across the country flock to Ayodhya to catch a glimpse of Shri Ram Lalla. However, the Congress Party has different intentions. A former advisor to the Congress royal family revealed that Congress’ Shehzade was planning to stop the construction of the Ram temple by challenging the court's decision. In a meeting, he disclosed that if Congress came to power, they would overturn the court's decision and lock the Ram temple.”

Addressing the second rally of the day, the PM said, “Warangal holds a special place in my heart and in the BJP's journey. 40 years ago, when the BJP had only 2 MPs, one of them was from Hanamkonda. We can never forget your blessings and affection. Whenever we faced difficulties, the people of Warangal have always supported us.”

“The memories of the Congress-led central government from 10 years ago are unforgettable. Scams worth thousands of crores of rupees would surface every few days, and serial blasts plagued major cities across the country. Wherever Congress went, it brought problems. This is what the entire nation witnessed. Now, the INDI Alliance has come up with the formula of "5 years, 5 PMs". Just imagine the consequences if they come to power!” PM Modi posed an attack against the opposition.

In a fiery critique, PM Modi stated “Whether it's Congress or the INDI Alliance, the states they govern become their personal ATMs. Recently, mountains of currency notes were found in Jharkhand. Earlier, Rs 300 crore cash was discovered in the house of a Congress MP. And when Modi takes action against their black money and corruption, they resort to abusing him.”

“The reality of BRS is one of deceit and appeasement towards the SC, ST, and BC communities. In 2014, BRS promised to appoint a Dalit CM if it came to power. However, this promise was broken, and instead, the Dalit Bandhu Scheme was introduced, further betraying the trust of the people. Additionally, while pursuing its appeasement politics, BRS even proposed a Muslim IT Park,” the PM added while advancing his speech.

The PM took aim at the opposition, highlighting that "I got to know that there is an uncle in America who is the philosophical guide of 'Shehzada' and just like the third umpire in cricket this 'Shehzada' takes advice from the third umpire. This philosophical uncle said that those who have black skin are from Africa. This means that you are abusing several people in the country on the basis of their skin colour.” “However, as your PM and one among you, I affirm that we are all children of Lord Shri Krishna, and we are all equal, regardless of race or creed,” the PM further warned the Shehzade and his uncle against making further divisive remarks that could harm the unity of our nation.

In his closing remarks, PM Modi expressed hope that Congress-BRS would be held accountable for their actions. He prayed for the BJP's victory and urged everyone in the crowd to spread his warm regards door to door.

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