"Shri Narendra Modi addresses rallies in Uttar Pradesh"
"UPA is going and NDA will form the government. This was ensured by those who voted. Now you have to vote for a stable Govt: Shri Modi in UP"
"Be it the earth, the seas and the skies, the Congress has left nothing in corruption. They made a Scam India: Shri Modi"
"Divide and rule is the way Congress does their politics while we say let’s unite and do development: Shri Modi"
"SP and BSP. What is their work? Support Congress in Delhi but come to Lucknow and sing a different tune. They are 1: Shri Modi in Uttar Pradesh"
"They are fighting for the chair while I am fighting for your happiness: Shri Modi in UP"
"For years I never heard Madam Sonia remember Almighty in a rally but now things are so bad she is remembering Almighty: Shri Modi in Uttar Pradesh"

Watch : Shri Narendra Modi addressing a Public Meeting in Khalilabad, Uttar Pradesh

Addressing massive rallies across Uttar Pradesh on the afternoon of 2nd May, Shri Narendra Modi spoke of his thorough focus on developing the eastern part of the country and getting it at par with its western counterpart. Shri Modi also exposed the Congress’ duplicity wherein they were only concerned about the ‘kursi’ (chair), and urged the people to vote for the BJP and form a government that was concerned about people’s ‘khushi’ (happiness). Shri Modi spoke at Khalilabad, Basti, Gonda and Balrampur in Uttar Pradesh.

Terming the Congress’ Manifesto as ‘Dhokha Patra’, Shri Modi spoke of how many promises made in their past Manifestos were never fulfilled, and kept getting repeated in the subsequent Manifestos. He also spoke of how the Congress dodged every question posed to them, surrounding their inefficiency, by only referring to ‘secularism’. Shri Modi said that hiding under the garb of secularism was the Congress’ strategy of hiding their faults and misleading the people, so as to grab the ‘Chair’. In contrast, the BJP’s sole aim was the people’s progress and the Nation’s development, said Shri Modi, and added, “The Congress is fighting for the kursi (chair) while I am fighting for your khushi (happiness).”

Shri Modi also stated the rampant corruption prevalent in the country and spoke of how the Congress’ unabashed indulgence in various scams had lent the moniker of ‘Scam India’ for the Nation. He highlighted how the Congress’ politics was about ‘divide and rule’, while for the BJP, it was about uniting the people and ensuring development. Affirming of his vision for a ‘Skilled India’ as opposed to the Congress’ ‘Scam India’, Shri Modi stated that for the Congress ‘Divide India’ was the priority, while for him making a ‘Digital India’ was of importance.

 Watch : Shri Narendra Modi addressing "Bharat Vijay" rally in Basti, Uttar Pradesh

Exposing the duplicity of the SABKA – SP, BSP and Congress – wherein they pretended to be adversaries in UP, but were, in fact, associates in Delhi, Shri Modi urged the people not to get fooled anymore by such tactics. “SP and BSP. What is their work? Support Congress in Delhi but come to Lucknow and sing a different tune. They are one,” said Shri Modi, while adding how the Father-Son (referring to Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav) and the ‘Chacha-Bhatija’ (referring to Shivpal Singh Yadav and Akhilesh) led government had ruined the State.

Shri Modi also shared his vision of developing the Eastern part of the country and making it at par with its prospering Western counterpart. Skill development for the youth, empowerment of farmers through the introduction of technology in agriculture, providing regular power and sanitation facilities, and supporting the defunct sugar factories in the State, were other aspects stressed upon by Shri Modi, who further highlighted the BJP’s focus on determining the Minimum Support Price for the farmers with a more standard approach.

Speaking in Basti, Shri Modi recalled his early days, wherein he was called off from the campaigning in the region and entrusted with the responsibility of heading Gujarat as the Chief Minister.

Shri Modi also acclaimed the country’s democratic set up, under which a tea seller like him could become the Prime Ministerial candidate. Further, asserting that the Nation could be rid of corruption, Shri Modi affirmed of his strong stand against corrupt practises and incorrect policies, and cited how, despite him being the CM of Gujarat, his mother had gone in an auto rickshaw to cast her vote.

Seeking the people’s support in forming an NDA led government at the Centre, Shri Modi urged them to send all Lotuses from UP to Delhi and assured them of a strong and stable government. He appealed to them to vote for the BJP and choose a ‘sevak’ to serve the country.

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