10,000 people in Kutch join CM in his fast

Chief Minister Sadbhavna mission is giving sleepless nights to anti-Gujarat elements

Gujarat will never bow down despite a thousand try by the rulers of Delhi Sultanate

As many as 10,000 people from Kutch today voluntarily fasted with the Chief Minister Narendra Modi when he took upon a day-long fast today at Bhachau of Kutch district as a part of Sadbhavna mission.

Rounding up his fast Chief Minister said that all-round growth of the people of Gujarat is the indicator of the strength of unity and peace, which is the only way to development.

Because of Sadbhavna mission, Chief Minister said, the anti-Gujarat elements are now facing sleepless nights, which itself suggests the power of Sadbhavna that is prevailing in Gujarat from the last one decade. People of Gujarat never pay heed to the conspiracies and lies devised by the anti-Gujarat elements. Gujarat will never bow down despite a thousand try by the rulers of Delhi Sultanate.

Mr. Modi thanked the large gathering that came from the four talukas of Kutch – Bachau, Anjar, Rapar and Gandhidham to support the Chief Minister and the objectives of the Sadbhavna mission.

The venom of communalism was not there in India before independence but it was spread by some who played vote-bank politics to grill their political bread. Gujarat, for the first time, has raised voice against it and showed a way to bring a change, Mr. Modi said.

People of other state would also have to take the path of unity and peace if they want growth as it is happening in Gujarat. With the prevalence of Sadbhana, growth will come automatically, he said.

 He also said how the Centre in indifferent towards the conservation of cow-progeny even after the directives of Supreme Court. Contrary to it, he said, Gujarat has organized over 3000 cattle health fair and eliminated some 112 diseases related to the animals.

Chief Minister also urged people to identify the growth-hurdling people who are out to hinder the development works of the state government