In a historic way to connect with people, Shri Modi addresses public meetings in 4 different cities at a time through 3D projection technology

Shri Modi pays rich tributes to Shri Balasaheb Thackeray, 2-minute silence observed as a mark of respect to the departed Shiv Sena stalwart

This is a historic event, for the first time people are connecting like this through technology; Shri Modi

Gujarat praised for development for the last 11 years and the reason is the determination and farsightedness of the people of Gujarat: Shri Modi

I always urge the PM to compete on development but they want to compete of allegations, abuses and want to defame Gujarat: Shri Modi

Congress has ruined the nation. Earlier they misused article 356, now they are misusing CBI: Shri Modi

CM appeals to voters to make the Lotus emerge victorious in Gujarat, calls for strong participation by women voters.

On the evening of Sunday 18th November 2012 Shri Narendra Modi addressed large public meetings at 4 different cities of Gujarat using 3D projection technology. The public meetings were held in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot. Shri Modi termed it as a historic event happening in Gujarat, which has started a new chapter in the usage of technology. He greeted people on the start of Nav Varsh and Labh Pancham.

Before commencing his speech, Shri Modi paid rich tributes to Shiv Sena stalwart Shri Balasaheb Thackeray, who passed away at the age of 86. He appealed for observing 2 minutes of silence as a mark of respect to the deceased leader.

The Chief Minister affirmed that this is for the first time that people are connecting like this using technology and added that technology is only the medium- the bond he shares with the people is that of the heart.

Shri Modi said that he is seeking the blessings of the people and affirmed that irrespective of who is standing from the seat, he will be the candidate and the constant companion of the people in their joys and sorrows. He made a strong appeal to the people to make the Lotus emerge victories again and urged the people not to let the looters of Delhi come to Gujarat. He also called for strong participation by women voters in the election.

Talking about the progress in Gujarat over the last 11 years Shri Modi said that Gujarat is being praised all over the world for its development and the reason behind this is the determination and farsightedness of the people of Gujarat. He cited political stability as a major factor in the success of Gujarat and affirmed that if there was no political stability Gujarat would not have scaled these heights of development.

He said that be it agriculture, industry irrigation or any sector the state has made a mark in development. Shri Modi declared that the SAUNI Yojana would change the lives of the farmers of Saurashtra. He said that in a time when the nation’s agriculture growth rate is not able to cross 2-3%, Gujarat’s agriculture is growing at 11%.

Shri Modi affirmed that while he always urges the Prime Minister to compete on development, they want to compete on allegations, abuses and defame Gujarat. He recalled an instance in which a Congress leader compared him to a monkey but said that the leader has forgotten the Ramayana and the might of Vanar Shakti.

Giving further examples about the lies spread by the Congress, Shri Modi said that they spread lies that the Gujarat Government is giving away Gauchar land. But, it was Congress Government from 1980-1985 that gave away 93% prized Gauchar in South Gujarat whereas in the last 11 years only 4% of land given was Gauchar Land.

He further spoke about the Congress lie that education was costly in Gujarat. He shared that the fees for engineering in Gujarat are lower than that in Maharashtra and Rajasthan, both ruled by the Congress. He stressed on the need to understand the lies spread by the Congress.

The Chief Minister took on the Congress over their promises of bringing down prices in 100 days if elected in 2004 and 2009. He affirmed that not only have prices not come down but also the Government has snatched cylinders, which will hit families hard. Shri Modi further said that no leader from the Congress has express sadness on this issue. He spoke about the Centre’s anti-Gujarat stand pertaining to the State Government’s initiative of providing piped gas to the people. Giving another example of the Congress’ anti-Gujarat stance, Shri Modi spoke about how companies that came for Vibrant Gujarat Summits were sent IT notices from Delhi.

In his speech Shri Modi talked about the Gujarat Government’s decision to become the guarantors for any youngster who sought a loan to start new ventures.

Shri Modi declared that the Congress has ruined the nation and urged political pundits to study the true nature of the Congress and bring it out to the people. He recalled that in the time when the Congress’ dominance over nation’s politics was complete they misused Article 356 against Opposition Government and now that they cannot do that they are misusing the CBI. He stated that in Gujarat the Congress is only putting candidates but it is the CBI that is fighting elections.

The Chief Minister recalled how Rani Lakshmibai would say “I will not give my Jhansi” and asked the people of Gujarat to affirm that they will not give the state to the Congress. He said that the people must all come together for a Bhavya and Divya (glorious and divine) Gujarat. He added that in contrast to the past when curfews were very common in Gujarat, the state has shown the way ahead in peace, unity and brotherhood.

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