"PM advocates "Sashakt" and "Samarth" Judiciary to play "divine role" of delivering justice"
"प्रधानमंत्री ने न्‍याय करने की ‘ईश्‍वरीय भूमिका’ के निर्वहन के लिए ‘सशक्‍त’ और ‘समर्थ’ न्‍यायपालिका की वकालत की"

The Prime Minister today said the Judiciary should be both "Sashakt" and "Samarth" – empowered and capable – to play its "divine role" of ensuring the rule of law, and delivering justice to the common man.

Inner PM with CM CJ (5) Inner PM with CM CJ (8)Addressing the Joint Conference of Chief Justices of States and Chief Justices of High Courts, the Prime Minister said that while the executive is under constant assessment and scrutiny in public life, through various institutions, the Judiciary normally does not face any such scrutiny. He said the Judiciary has built up an enormous faith and reputation among the people of India, and should evolve its own in-built systems for self-assessment, so that it can live up to the high expectations placed on it by the people.


The Prime Minister, said good infrastructure for the Judiciary was a priority for the Government, and an amount of Rs. 9749 crore had been earmarked for strengthening the Judiciary under the 14th Finance Commission. He said that under the Digital India Programme, technology should be deployed to bring about a qualititative change in the Judiciary. He stressed that quality manpower was required for the Judiciary. He was as concerned about the Human Resource, as he was about the physical infrastructure, the Prime Minister added.

Inner-PM-CM-CJ3 Without going into the details of pendency in litigation and corruption in the Judiciary, the Prime Minister hoped that this forum would suggest some fresh approaches to deal with these issues. He said Lok Adalats were an effective way of dispensing justice for the common man, and this mechanism should be strengthened further. Similarly, he stressed the importance of "Family Courts." He also called for a comprehensive review of the system of Government-appointed Tribunals, to assess their efficacy and effectiveness.

Inner PM with CM CJ (3) The Prime Minister said laws are sometimes not drafted well, and therefore lead to multiple interpretations. He said there should be minimum grey areas, and therefore, drafting of laws requires special attention. He said he is committed to removal of obsolete laws.

He stressed the need to prepare for emerging areas of litigation such as maritime law and cyber crime. He said acquaintance with forensic science is now a must for those associated with the legal profession.

The Chief Justice of India, Shri H.L. Dattu, and the Union Minister for Law and Justice, Shri D.V. Sadananda Gowda, were present on the occasion.

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PM Modi writes to first-time voters in Varanasi, asks them to exercise franchise

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PM Modi writes to first-time voters in Varanasi, asks them to exercise franchise
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PM Modi addresses voters in Varanasi
May 30, 2024
Your every vote will strengthen me, give me new energy: PM Modi to Varanasi Voters
Now is the opportunity to take Kashi's development to new heights, and this will only be possible if the people of Kashi vote in large numbers on June 1: PM Modi
In the past ten years, Kashi has become the capital of youth welfare and development: PM Modi
This election for Kashi is not just about New Kashi but also about building a developed India: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi communicated with the voters of his parliamentary constituency, Varanasi, through a video message. He expressed that representing this city is possible only due to the immense grace of Baba Vishwanath and the blessings of the people of Kashi. Referring to this election as an opportunity to build a new and developed India along with a new Kashi, the Prime Minister urged the residents of Kashi, especially the youth, women, and farmers, to participate in record numbers on June 1.