CM inaugurates Asia Inter-dye exhibition

Published By : Admin | December 7, 2011 | 08:32 IST

CM inaugurates Asia Inter-dye exhibition

Emphasizes eco-friendly growth of chemical sector

· A joint exhibition organized by Gujarat and China of colour chemicals and manufacturing products.

· The Pakistani delegation showed great interest in Gujarat and Shri Modi. They displayed great enthusiasm in posing for a group photo with him and requested his personal autographs.

· Pakistan industrialists presented Shri Modi with a memento of the KCCI building whose foundation stone was laid by Gandhi ji in 1934.

· Shri Modi spelt his vision of growth in global chemical manufacturing with a stress on research and the environment.

· Chinese authorities express satisfaction on ties between China and Gujarat.

A group of industrialists from Pakistan Chemicals and Dyes Merchants Association were among the participants at a joint exhibition by China and Gujarat. The exhibition, Asia Inter-dye Exhibition is Asia’s biggest exhibition of colour chemicals manufacturing products. 450 manufacturers of Asia will participate in this exhibition.

The delegation from Pakistan not only participated in the exhibition but also presented a replica of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry building as a memento to Shri Narendra Modi. This building is significant as none other than Mahatma Gandhi laid its foundation stone in July 1934. Shri Narendra Modi accepted the memento from the Pakistan delegation. The Pakistan delegation showed great interest in having a group photograph with Shri Modi, who gladly obliged. He also gave his personal autograph to the members of the delegation. They said that they wanted to learn a great deal from Gujarat and will take back a lot of things they learnt in Gujarat.

In his speech Shri Narendra Modi expressed his vision of becoming the leader in the global chemical manufacturing market by maintaining a balance between growth and environmental factors. He also stressed on research and development in environmental technology in order to become the global leader.

Shri Modi called for the Centre, technical universities and chemical industry associations to make a joint plan to develop a common platform for R&D in the chemical sector. He pointed out that rich countries are not entering dyestuff industries, as they are scared of the pollution attached with it. Thus, it is both a challenge and an opportunity to initiate and achieve eco-friendly growth in this sector. He also exhorted manufacturers to develop a brand image for green chemicals.

The President of the China Dyestuff Manufacturing Association stated that he was impressed with the ties between the companies of Gujarat and China. The President of the Mr. Ram Ajarekar and Secretary to the Government of India Mr. K George Siviya praised the development of Chemical industries in Gujarat. Minister of State for Industries Shri Saurabh Patel and other industry leaders were present for the occasion.

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PM Modi addresses an energetic crowd in Ambala, Haryana
May 18, 2024
Modi's 'dhaakad' government demolished the wall of Article 370 and Kashmir started walking on the path of development: PM Modi in Ambala
Seeing Rafale jets soar in Ambala skies today is a proud moment for all of us: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at a rally in Ambala, highlighting the opposition's deceitful intentions and reaffirming BJP's dedication to Haryana's development. Addressing the gathering, “Modi's 'dhaakad' government demolished the wall of Article 370 and Kashmir started walking on the path of development.”

PM Modi reflected on how his leadership over the past decade has fuelled Haryana’s development. “Haryana embodies courage and strength. Modi, who has savoured Haryana's spirit, has led with vigour for ten years. Seeing Rafale jets soar in Ambala skies today is a proud moment for all of us,” he said.

As the election season unfolds, PM Modi observed, “In the 4-phase elections, Congress and the INDI alliance agreed on their tactics. Yet, their tricks have failed. Haryana, with patriotism in its blood, recognizes anti-national forces. That's why Haryana is united in echoing: Phir Ek Baar…Modi Sarkar!”

PM Modi introspected on the significance of a robust administration, emphasizing, “A strong government makes enemies think twice. For 70 years, Pakistan troubled India with threats. Today, it's reduced to begging. This is the power of a strong government.”

Launching his speech, PM Modi painted a stark picture of the past under Congress rule, highlighting the plight of Haryana's courageous mothers and the vulnerability of our soldiers. He underscored how terrorist threats and military weakness plagued the nation's security. However, he juxtaposed this with the transformative changes brought in by his decisive leadership. PM Modi emphasized “the historic revocation of Article 370, heralding a new era of development in Kashmir.” Furthermore, he lambasted Congress for its track record of betraying soldiers and compromising national security for personal gains. This, he asserted, starkly contrasts with his government's commitment to bolstering India's defence capabilities through self-reliance and innovation.

As PM Modi delved further, he didn't shy away from exposing Congress's decades-long betrayal of our ex-servicemen. The delay in implementing ‘One Rank One Pension’ for 4 decades was a poignant reminder of their neglect. Despite false claims and empty promises, PM Modi highlighted his government's unwavering commitment to our veterans, ultimately delivering on the long-overdue OROP.

PM Modi outlined his vision for Haryana's agricultural transformation, he emphasized the state's pivotal role in India's journey towards becoming a global nutrition hub. He also talked about the ambitious plan that included promoting Haryana's coarse grains like jowar and millet on the international stage, with the implementation of the world's largest warehouse project and the creation of specialized clusters over the next 5 years. Also, PM Modi unveiled plans for a revolutionary drone initiative in farming, empowering mothers and sisters with drone pilot training to harness the latest technology in agriculture.

PM Modi celebrated Haryana's strong daughters, who have played a key role in earning the state a global sports reputation. The PM highlighted his government's efforts in opening Sainik schools to girls and noted the presence of many Haryana women in the first batch of women cadets at NDA. In stark contrast, he mentioned, “Congress has shown a pattern of neglect towards women, farmers, and youth, focusing only on securing votes. While they promote the broom symbol (AAP) in Delhi and Haryana, they disparage the same in Punjab, calling the ‘Jhadu wala’ a thief. What message does this send about their view of the people of Haryana?”

PM Modi criticized Congress for their vote bank politics and said, “For Congress, vote banks are everything. They propose distributing SC/ST/OBC reservations based on religion, undermining Dalits and backward classes. To please their vote bank, they oppose granting citizenship to Sikhs and Dalits and vow to cancel the CAA if they gain power.”

PM Modi also denounced Congress and the INDI alliance for their opposition to India's development and cultural heritage and remarked, “Our government honoured the Guru Granth Sahib by respectfully bringing it back from Afghanistan. We initiated Veer Bal Diwas in memory of the Sahebzadas, making Mata Gujri's land proud. Yet, Congress and the INDI alliance oppose these efforts. Congress and the INDI alliance oppose both development and heritage. A grand Ram temple now stands in Ayodhya after 500 years, bringing joy to the nation. But Congress and INDI alliance leaders continually speak against it.”

In conclusion, the PM urged every voter to support the BJP for a prosperous Haryana and to extend his heartfelt gratitude to every household.