On 13th and 17th December 2012 the people of Gujarat exercised their franchise to elect a new Vidhan Sabha. This great festival of democracy saw record voter turnout as the people of Gujarat broke all their previous records of high voting. 

During the entire campaign, if there was one person who captured the imagination of the people of Gujarat it was Shri Narendra Modi. Addressing a record number of rallies, Shri Narendra Modi affirmed that the sole agenda of the BJP during these elections is development! He exposed the anti-Gujarat mindset of the Congress and shattered the lies spread by the top Congress leaders including Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi.


Shri Modi on the historic turnout at the polls:

“Your unwavering belief in our democracy and the value you attach to your vote has ensured this historic turnout. I congratulate you for giving the rest of India an invaluable inspiration to exercise our most sacred right in a democracy. You have displayed your profound faith in India’s democracy. Such faith on your part is truly wonderful.”


Shri Modi on what the 2012 Gujarat Elections are about:

“The 2012 Gujarat Elections are not restricted to who your MLA will be. Do not go out to vote with the objective of making a party win or making a party lose the deposit- the importance of your vote is much more. When you go out to vote, think about Gujarat’s future, think about who would you like to see steer the state to greater heights of progress in the coming five years.”


Move beyond numbers, vote margins and seats!

“Seats, vote shares, margins and other such facts and figures are critical in understanding the uniqueness of any election. But beyond this realm of numbers and data, the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Elections 2012 elections have offered us valuable glimpses into the sheer beauty of the Indian will and usher in a paradigm shift in how elections will be viewed in India.”


Gujarat: Using path-breaking technology to connect with the people

“I am also very proud of the fact that Gujarat is the 1st state in the entire world to use 3D projection technology extensively to reach out to the people. What you witnessed during the various 3D interactions is something historic and I am glad it has taken place on the soil of Gujarat.”


CM shatters lies spread by top Congress leaders:

“Mrs. Sonia Gandhi came to Gujarat but she came without doing her homework.”

“Mrs. Sonia Gandhi says Delhi is giving power to Gujarat. Did she come with 2007 papers? 5 years ago (it was her) Government cut off 200 MW power supply to Gujarat overnight. No electricity is coming to Gujarat from Delhi!”

“Mrs. Sonia Gandhi does not know the nation’s history, Gujarat’s history or Gujarat’s geography. She said 57 Talukas of Gujarat are in Dark Zones. Do you not know that all dark zones are removed? This is due to our advances in irrigation. Your own Govt noted rise in Gujarat’s water table from 3m to 13. Dark zones removed because we have conserved every drop of water.”

“It is very sad that the Prime Minister came, Madam Sonia ji came and they too used language that hurt people of Gujarat! I thought we will have a positive talk on what Delhi can do for Gujarat but sadly even the nation’s PM is not above votebank politics!”

“Hearing the PM speak of majority-minority makes every Gujarati feel sad. This politics ruined the nation. Let us talk of development. Compete on the issue of development but you lack the courage to do that.”

“PM said Gujarat is unsafe! He should remember that when Congress was in power that time there were frequent disturbances all over the state. Half of Gujarat used to be forced to live under curfew. Parents didn’t know if their child would come home in the evening.”

“School Enrollment rates were low & drop out rates were very high in Congress times. Your own (Congress-led Central) Government says -Gujarat has most improvement in primary education. And you talk of education here but you give money to all states but we don’t get a penny.”


CM warns Congress against giving an inch of land of Sir Creek to Pakistan

“For you Sir Creek may be a piece of land but for us it’s a part of our body. Prime Minister should assure the nation that not an inch of Sir Creek would be given to Pakistan.”


Why the Congress will be defeated in the 2012 Gujarat Elections:

“People angry because Congress has only indulged in negative politics. They have opposed everything, defamed Gujarat in the eyes of the world!”

“Those who do not know how many districts are there in Gujarat, these leaders are coming to Gujarat. Election tourism is going on in the Congress”

“If Congress thinks public memory is short they are mistaken. Those times have gone. People know everything.”

As the results come out on the morning of 20th December 2012 it is clear that the people of Gujarat have chosen Shri Modi to serve them for the coming 5 years. It is their faith in the leadership of Shri Modi, the hardwork of the BJP Karyakartas and the development agenda of the BJP that makes Gujarat roar yet again- EKMAT GUJARAT, BANE BHAJAP SARKAR!


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July 15, 2024

The Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Shri Conrad K Sangma met Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi today in New Delhi.

The Prime Minister’s Office said in a X post;

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