India has scored a century, the number of unicorns in the country has reached 100: PM Modi
Start-ups are reflecting the spirit of New India: PM Modi
There are many mentors in India who have dedicated themselves to promote Start-ups: PM Modi
Our nation’s diversity strengthens us and keeps us united: PM Modi
Filth at holy pilgrimage sites not right, imperative that we abide by the resolution of cleanliness: PM Modi
Urge everyone to celebrate 'Yoga Day' with great enthusiasm: PM Modi
The mantra of serving the society by rising above the self, is a part of our values: PM Modi
Only by walking on the path of duty can we empower the society and the country: PM Modi

My dear countrymen, Namaskar!

Today once again through 'Mann Ki Baat' I have got an opportunity to meet you all; millions of my family members. I welcome all of you to 'Mann Ki Baat'. A few days ago, the country has made an achievement, which inspires all of us… instills a new confidence in India's prowess. You must be feeling happy on hearing of the century of a batsman of Team India on the cricket field. But, India has scored a century in another field and it is very special. On the 5th of this month, the number of unicorns in the country has reached the figure of 100 and you surely know that a unicorn is a start-up worth at least seven and a half thousand crore rupees. The total valuation of these Unicorns is more than 330 billion dollars, that is, more than 25 lakh crore rupees. Certainly, this is a matter of pride for every Indian. You will also be surprised to know that out of our total unicorns, forty four came up last year. Not only that, 14 more Unicorns were formed anew in 3-4 months this year. This means that even in this phase of the global pandemic, our start-ups have been creating wealth and value. The average annual growth rate of Indian Unicorns is more than those of USA, UK and many other countries. Analysts also say that in the coming years there will be a sharp spike in these numbers. The good thing is that our Unicorns are diversifying. They are operating in many fields like E-commerce, Fin-Tech, Ed-Tech, Bio-Tech. Another thing which I consider more important is that the world of start-ups is reflecting the spirit of New India. Today, India's start-up ecosystem is not limited to just big cities; entrepreneurs are emerging from smaller cities and towns as well. This shows that in India, the one who has an innovative idea, can create wealth.

Friends, behind this success of the country, the youth-power of the land, the talent and the government here, all are putting in efforts together… everyone is contributing. But, another thing that is important in the world of Start-Ups is, right mentoring, that is, right guidance. A good mentor can take a start-up to new heights… can guide the founders in every way toward the right decision. I am proud that there are many such mentors in India who have dedicated themselves to promote Start-ups.

Sridhar Vembu ji has recently received the Padma Award. He himself is a successful entrepreneur, but now he has also taken up upon himself the task of grooming other entrepreneurs. Shridhar ji has started his work from a rural area. He is encouraging the rural youth to do something in this area, staying in the village itself. We also have people like Madan Padaaki who had created a platform named One-Bridge in 2014 to promote rural entrepreneurs. Today, One-Bridge is present in more than 75 districts of southern and eastern India. More than 9000 rural entrepreneurs associated with it are providing their services to rural consumers. Meera Shenoy ji is also one such example. She is doing remarkable work in the field of Market Linked Skills Training for rural, tribal and disabled youth. I have mentioned only a few names here, but today there is no dearth of mentors among us. It is a matter of great happiness for us that today a complete support system is evolving in the country for start-ups. I am sure that in the times to come, we will get to see a new flight of progress in the start-up world of India.

Friends, a few days ago I found an interesting and attractive thing which is full of colours of the creativity of the countrymen and their artistic talent. It is a gift sent to me by Self-Help Group from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. This gift bears the fragrance of Indianness and the blessings of Matri-Shakti – a glimpse of her affection for me. This is a special Thanjavur Doll, which also has a GI Tag. I offer special thanks to the Thanjavur Self-Help Group for sending me this gift imbued in the local culture. In a way, friends, this Thanjavur Doll besides being beautiful that it is, is also scripting a new saga of women empowerment. Women's Self-Help Groups stores and kiosks are also opening up in Thanjavur. Because of this, the lives of many poor families have changed. With the help of such kiosks and stores, women are now able to sell their products directly to the customers. The initiative has been named 'Tharagaigal Kaivinai Porutkal Virpanai Angadi'. The special thing is that 22 Self-Help Groups are associated with this initiative. You would also be happy to know that these stores of Women Self Help Groups have opened at very prime locations in Thanjavur. Women themselves are taking full responsibility of their upkeep as well. Apart from GI products like Thanjaur Doll and Bronze Lamp , these women Self Help Groups, also craft toys, mats and artificial jewellery. Due to such stores, the sales of GI products as well as handicraft products have seen a significant rise. Through this campaign, not only have the artisans got a fillip, but the women are also getting empowered by a rise in their income. I also urge the listeners of 'Mann Ki Baat'… find out which Women Self Help Groups are working in your area. You should also collect information about their products and use these products as much as possible. By doing this, you will not only help in increasing the income of the Self Help Groups, but will also give impetus to the 'Self-reliant India Campaign'.

Friends, our country is a rich treasure house of many languages, scripts and dialects. Varied attire, cuisine and culture in different regions is our hallmark. As a nation this diversity strengthens us and keeps us united. I wish to share with all of you a very inspiring example related to this, which is that of beti Kalpana, . Her name is Kalpana, but her endeavor is full of the true spirit of 'Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat'. Actually, Kalpana has recently passed her class 10th examination in Karnataka, but, the very special thing about her success is that, Kalpana did not know Kannada language till some time ago. She not only learned Kannada language in three months, but also proved it by scoring 92 marks. You might be surprised to know this, but it is true. There are many other things about her that will amaze you and will also inspire you. Kalpana is originally from Joshimath in Uttarakhand. She had been suffering from TB earlier and when she was in the class three she lost her eyesight too, but, as they say, 'where there is a will, there is a way'. Kalpana later came in contact with Professor Taramurthy, a resident of Mysuru, who not only encouraged her but also helped her in every way. Today, through her hard work, she has set an example for all of us. I congratulate Kalpana for her fortitude. Similarly, there are many people in our country who are working towards strengthening the linguistic diversity of the country. One such friend Shripati Tudu ji hails from Purulia in West Bengal. Tudu ji is a professor of Santhali language at Sidho-Kaano-Birsa University, Purulia. He has prepared a version of the country's Constitution in his native 'Ol Chiki' script for the Santhali community. Shripati Tudu ji asserts that our Constitution makes every citizen of our country aware of one’s rights and duties. Therefore, it is important for every citizen to be familiar with it. Therefore, he prepared a copy of the constitution in his own script for the Santhali community and offered it as a gift. I appreciate this thinking of Shripati ji and his efforts. This is a living example of the spirit of 'Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat'. You will also find information about many such efforts furthering this spirit, on the website of 'Ek Bharat-Shreshtha Bharat'. Here you will get to know about activities on many such subjects including food, art, culture, tourism. You can also take part in these activities, this will give you information about your country, and you will also experience the diversity of the country.

My dear countrymen, the holy pilgrimage of 'Char-Dham' in Uttarakhand is currently underway in our country. Thousands of devotees are reaching every day at 'Char-Dham' and especially in Kedarnath. People are sharing happy experiences of their 'Char-Dham Yatra'. But, I have also seen that some devotees are also very sad because of the filth being spread by some pilgrims in Kedarnath. Many people have expressed their views on social media as well. Going on a holy pilgrimage and coming across a heap of filth there is not right. But friends, in the midst of these complaints, one is getting to see many good pictures too. Where there is faith, there is also creation and positivity. There are many devotees who are worshiping in the Dham of Baba Kedar, as well as performing the sadhna of cleanliness. Some are cleaning near the place of stay, while others are cleaning garbage along the travel route. Many organizations and voluntary organizations are also working there along with the Swachh Bharat campaign team. Friends, just as a pilgrimage is important here; equally important is ‘teertha sewa’ as has been mentioned and I would also say that without ‘teertha sewa’, a pilgrimage is also incomplete. There are many people in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand who are engaged in the ‘sadhana’ of cleanliness and service. You will be greatly inspired by Shriman Manoj Bainjwal hailing form Rudra Prayag. For the last 25 years, Manoj ji has taken it upon himself to look after the environment. Apart from running the campaign of cleanliness, he is also engaged in making holy places plastic free. While, Surendra Bagwadi ji hailing from Guptkashi has also made cleanliness his life mantra. In Guptkashi, he regularly runs cleanliness programmes, and, I have learned that he has also named this campaign as 'Mann Ki Baat'. Similarly, Champa Devi from village Devar has been teaching waste management to women of the village. Champa ji has planted hundreds of trees and through sheer hard work she has set up a stretch of forest full of greenery. Friends, through the efforts of such people the divinity of Dev Bhoomi and holy places has been maintained…We go there to experience it, so it is our responsibility to maintain this divinity and spirituality. Along with 'Chardham Yatra' in our country, there will be many yatras like 'Amarnath Yatra', 'Pandharpur Yatra' and 'Jagannath Yatra' in the coming times. In the month of Sawan, some fair or the other is held, perhaps in every village.

Friends, wherever we go, let us maintain the dignity of these pilgrimage sites. Purity, cleanliness and a pious environment… we should never forget these and for that, it is imperative that we abide by the resolution of cleanliness. A few days later, the world will celebrate the 5th of June as ‘Environment Day'. We should run positive environment campaigns around us and this is a never ending task. This time, you should join everyone together – you should certainly make some effort for cleanliness and tree plantation. Plant a tree yourself and inspire others too.
My dear countrymen, next month on the 21st of June, we are going to celebrate the 8th 'International Yoga Day'. This time the theme of 'Yoga Day' is - Yoga for Humanity. I would urge all of you to celebrate 'Yoga Day' with great enthusiasm. Yes! Also take precautions related to corona. By the way, the situation now is looking better than earlier across the whole world. On account of more and more vaccination coverage, people now are going out more than ever; therefore, a lot of preparations are also being seen all over the world for 'Yoga Day'. The corona pandemic has made all of us realize the overarching importance of health in our lives and Yoga being a great medium in ensuring the same. People are experiencing how much physical, spiritual and intellectual well being is receiving a boost through Yoga. From the world's top business persons to film and sports personalities, from students to common people, everyone is making yoga an integral part of one’s life. I do believe that witnessing the increasing popularity of Yoga across the world must be making you happy. Friends, this time I have come to know about some very innovative examples being held on 'Yoga Day' in the country and abroad. One of these is Guardian Ring - it will be a very unique programme. In this, the Movement of the Sun will be celebrated, that is, as the sun travels, we will welcome it through yoga from different parts of the earth. Indian missions in different countries will organize yoga programs at sunrise according to the local time there. The program will successively commence, following one country after another. The journey from east to west will go on continuously…and on these lines, it will proceed accordingly. Streaming of these programs will also be linked one after the other, that is, it will be a kind of relay Yoga streaming event. Do watch it.

Friends, this time keeping in mind the 'Amrit Mahotsav' in our country, 'International Yoga Day' will also be organized at 75 major places in the country. On this occasion, many organizations and countrymen are preparing to do something innovative at their own level, in their respective fields. I would urge you also this time to celebrate Yoga Day, choose any place in your city, town or village which is most special. This place can be an ancient temple and tourist center, or it could be the banks of a famous river, lake or pond. With this, along with yoga, the identity of your area will also be reinforced and tourism there will also get a boost. At present, the 100 day countdown leading to 'Yoga Day', is also underway; rather, programs based on personal and social efforts, have already begun three months ago. On these lines, there have been countdown programs of 100th day and 75th day in Delhi. Similarly, 50th Countdown Events were organized in Sivasagar, Assam and 25th in Hyderabad. I wish you should also start preparations for 'Yoga Day' on your own right now. Meet more and more people, urge everyone to join the program of 'Yoga Day'; inspire them. I am sure that all of you will participate enthusiastically in the 'Yoga Day', as well as adopt yoga in your daily life.

Friends, a few days ago I had gone to Japan. Amid many of my programmes, I got a chance to meet some wonderful personalities. I want to discuss about them with you in 'Mann Ki Baat'. Though they belong to Japan, they harbour amazing attachment and love for India. One of them is Hiroshi Koike ji, who is a well-known Art Director. You will be very happy to know that he has directed the Mahabharat Project. This project was started in Cambodia and it is continuing for the last 9 years. Hiroshi Koike ji performs every task in a very different way. Every year, he travels to one country in Asia and produces parts of the Mahabharata with local artists and musicians there. Through this project, he has done productions and given stage performances in nine countries including India, Cambodia and Indonesia. Hiroshi Koike-ji brings together artists who have had a diverse background in Classical and Traditional Asian Performing Art. Because of that, different hues are seen in his work. Performers from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan make it more attractive through Java dance, Balinese dance, Thai dance. The special thing is that in this each performer speaks in his own mother tongue and the choreography very beautifully displays this diversity and the diversity of music makes this production more lively. Their aim is to bring to the fore the importance of Diversity and Co-existence in our society and what peace should really be like. Besides them, the other two people I met in Japan are Atsushi Matsuo-ji and Kenji Yoshi-ji. Both of them are associated with TEM Production Company. This company is associated with the Japanese Animation Film based on Ramayana that was released in 1993. This project was associated with Japan's very famous film director Yugo Sako Ji. About 40 years ago, in 1983, he came to know about Ramayana for the first time. 'Ramayana' touched his heart, after which he started researching deeply on it. Not only that, he read 10 versions of Ramayana in Japanese language, and not only did he stop at this, he also wanted to showcase it through animation. In this, Indian animators also helped him a lot, he was guided about the Indian customs and traditions shown in the film. He was told how people in India wear the dhoti, how they wear the saree, how they groom their hair… How children respect each other within the family, what the tradition of blessing is! Waking up in the morning, offering salutation to the elders of the household, seeking their blessings - all these things! Now, after 30 years this animation film is being re-mastered in 4K. This project is likely to be completed soon. People living thousands of kilometers away from us in Japan, who don't know our language, who don't know much about our traditions, their dedication to our culture, this reverence, this respect, is very commendable - which Indian would not be proud of that!

My dear countrymen, the mantra of serving the society by rising above the self, is a part of our values, our sanskar. Countless people in our country are making this mantra their life goal. I came to know about Ram Bhupal Reddy ji, a friend living in Markapuram, Andhra Pradesh. You will be surprised to know that Ram Bhupal Reddy ji has donated all his earnings after retirement for the education of daughters. He got accounts opened for about 100 daughters under 'Sukanya Samridhi Yojana', and deposited more than 25 lakhs in it. Another example of such service is of Kachora village of Agra in U.P. There was a shortage of fresh water in this village for many years. Meanwhile, Kunwar Singh, a farmer of the village found water in his field 6-7 km away from the village. It was a matter of great joy for him. He thought… why not serve all the other villagers too with this water! But, 30-32 lakh rupees were needed to transport the water from the farm to the village. After some time, Kunwar Singh's younger brother Shyam Singh came to the village after retiring from the army, and he came to know about it. He handed over all his money received on retirement for this work and by laying a pipeline from the farm to the village; he supplied fresh water to the villagers. If there is dedication, seriousness towards one's duties, how even a single person can change the future of the whole society, this endeavor is a big inspiration. Only by walking on the path of duty can we empower the society; empower the country. In this Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav', this should be our resolution and this should also be our sadhana….which has only one path - duty, duty and duty.

My dear countrymen, today in 'Mann Ki Baat' we discussed many important topics related to society. All of you send important suggestions related to different topics to me, and on the basis of them our discussion moves forward. Don't forget to send your suggestions for the next edition of 'Mann Ki Baat'. At present, the ongoing programs related to the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav; the events in which you are participating… do let me know about them. I look forward to your suggestions on Namo app and MyGov. Next time we will meet once again… we will again talk on similar topics related to our countrymen. Take care of yourself and also take care of all the living being around you. In this summer season, you should continue to fulfill your humane responsibility of providing food and water for the animals and birds…Do remember this. Thank you very much.

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PM Modi's gesture wins haeds again, receives Lord Jagannath's painting from a little girl in Bengal rally.

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PM Modi's gesture wins haeds again, receives Lord Jagannath's painting from a little girl in Bengal rally.
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, West Bengal and Bihar
March 03, 2024
PM to inaugurate, dedicate and lay foundation stone of projects worth more than Rs 56,000 crore in Adilabad, Telangana
Power sector to get a tremendous boost through multitude of projects being taken up in Adilabad
PM to inaugurate and lay foundation stone of development projects worth more than Rs. 6,800 crores in Sangareddy, Telangana
Projects taken up in Sangareddy encompass multiple key sectors like road, rail, petroleum and natural gas
PM to dedicate to the nation Civil Aviation Research Organization (CARO) in Hyderabad
PM to witness initiation of core loading of India’s indigenous Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor at Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu
This will mark a historic milestone in India’s nuclear power programme
PM to inaugurate, dedicate and lay the foundation stone of multiple development projects worth over Rs. 19,600 crores at Chandikhole in Odisha
PM to inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of multiple connectivity projects worth Rs. 15,400 crores in Kolkata
PM will lay the foundation stone, dedicate and inaugurate various infrastructure worth around Rs. 8,700 crores in Bettiah
PM to inaugurate Muzaffarpur - Motihari LPG Pipeline and dedicate Indian Oil’s LPG Bottling plant & Storage terminal at Motihari
Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will visit Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, West Bengal and Bihar on 4-6th March, 2024.

On 4th March, at around 10:30 AM, Prime Minister will inaugurate, dedicate and lay the foundation stone of multiple development projects worth more than Rs. 56,000 crores in Adilabad, Telangana. Thereafter, at around 3:30 PM, Prime Minister will visit BHAVINI in Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu.

On 5th March, at around 10 AM, Prime Minister will dedicate to the nation the Civil Aviation Research Organization (CARO) Centre in Hyderabad. At around 11 AM, Prime Minister will inaugurate, dedicate and lay the foundation stone of multiple development projects worth Rs. 6,800 crores in Sangareddy, Telangana. At around 3:30 PM, Prime Minister will inaugurate, dedicate and lay the foundation stone of multiple development projects worth over Rs. 19,600 crores at Chandikhole, Jajpur in Odisha.

On 6th March, at around 10:15 AM, Prime Minister will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of multiple connectivity projects worth Rs. 15,400 crores in Kolkata. Thereafter, at around 3:30 PM, Prime Minister will inaugurate, dedicate and lay the foundation stone of multiple development projects worth around Rs. 8,700 in Bettiah, Bihar.

PM in Adilabad

At the public programme in Adilabad, Telangana, Prime Minister will inaugurate, dedicate to the nation and lay the foundation stone of multiple developmental projects related to power, rail and road sector worth more than Rs 56,000 crore. The major focus of the projects will be the power sector.

Prime Minister will inaugurate, dedicate to the nation and lay the foundation stone of various projects related to the power sector across the country. Prime Minister will dedicate NTPC’s 800 MW (Unit-2) of Telangana Super Thermal Power Project in Peddapalli, Telangana. Based on Ultra-Supercritical Technology, the project will supply 85% power to Telangana and will have the highest power generation efficiency of approximately 42% among all power stations of NTPC in India. The foundation stone of the project was also laid by the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister will also dedicate 660 MW (Unit-2) of North Karanpura Super Thermal Power Project in Chatra, Jharkhand. This is country's first Supercritical Thermal Power Project conceived with Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) of such large magnitude which reduces water consumption to 1/3rd in comparison to conventional Water-Cooled Condensers. The commencement of work in this project was flagged off by Prime Minister.

Prime Minister will also dedicate the Fly Ash Based Light Weight Aggregate Plant at Sipat, Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh; STP Water to Green Hydrogen Plant at Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh.

Further, Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of Singrauli Super Thermal Power Project, Stage-III (2x800 MW) in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh; Flue Gas CO2 to 4G Ethanol Plant at Lara, Raigarh in Chhattisgarh; Sea Water to Green Hydrogen plant at Simhadri, Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh; and Fly Ash Based FALG Aggregate Plant at Korba in Chhattisgarh.

Prime Minister will inaugurate seven projects and also lay the foundation stone of one project of Power Grid Corporation of India. These projects will play a crucial role in strengthening the National Grid.

Prime Minister will inaugurate National Hydroelectric Power Corporation’s (NHPC’s) 380 MW Solar Project at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Around 792 million units of green power will be generated each year from the project.

Prime Minister will lay the foundation of Bundelkhand Saur Urja Limited’s (BSUL’s) 1200 MW Jalaun Ultra Mega Renewable Energy Power Park in Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh. The park will generate about 2400 million units of electricity every year.

Prime Minister will inaugurate three solar power projects of Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam (SJVN) in Jalaun and Kanpur Dehat in Uttar Pradesh. These projects have a total capacity of 200 MW. Foundation stone of these projects was also laid by the Prime Minister. Prime Minister will inaugurate Naitwar Mori Hydro Power station along with associated transmission line in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. Prime Minister will also lay the foundation stone of two solar projects of SJVN in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh & Dhubri, Assam; and also of 382 MW Sunni Dam Hydro Electric Project in Himachal Pradesh.

Prime Minister will lay the foundation of TUSCO's 600 MW Lalitpur Solar Power Project in Lalitpur district of UP. The project envisages generating 1200 million units of green power per year.

Prime Minister will inaugurate ReNew's Koppal-Narendra Transmission Scheme for evacuation of 2500 MW power from Renewable Energy. This inter-state transmission scheme is located in Koppal district of Karnataka. Other power sector related projects of Damodar Valley Corporation and of IndiGrid will also be inaugurated by the Prime Minister.

In addition to the power sector, projects of the road and rail sector will also be taken up during the visit. Prime Minister will dedicate the newly electrified Ambari - Adilabad - Pimpalkhuti rail line to the nation. He will also lay the foundation for two major National Highway projects connecting Telangana with Maharashtra and Telangana with Chhattisgarh through NH-353B and NH-163.

PM in Hyderabad

Prime Minister will dedicate to the nation the Civil Aviation Research Organization (CARO) centre in Hyderabad. It has been set up at Begumpet Airport, Hyderabad by Airports Authority of India to upgrade and enhance the Research and Development (R&D) activities in the civil aviation sector. It is envisaged to provide a global research platform for the aviation community through in-house and collaborative research to provide indigenous and innovative solutions. Built at a cost of more than Rs 350 crores, this state-of-art facility is compliant with 5-STAR-GRIHA Rating and Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) norms.

CARO will utilise a set of comprehensive laboratory capabilities to support future research and development initiatives. It will also leverage data analytics capabilities for operational analysis, and performance measurement. The primary R&D activities in CARO shall include: Airspace and Airport related Safety, Capacity and Efficiency improvement programs, addressing the major airspace challenges, looking into major airport infrastructure challenges, developing technologies and products in identified fields for the futuristic airspace and airport needs, among others.

PM in Sangareddy

Prime Minister will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of development projects worth more than Rs. 6,800 crores. These projects encompass multiple key sectors like road, rail, petroleum and natural gas.

Prime Minister will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone for three National Highway projects. The two National Highway projects that will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister include four laning of 40 km long Kandi to Ramsanpalle section of NH-161. The project is a part of Indore - Hyderabad Economic Corridor and will facilitate seamless passenger and freight movement between Telangana, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. The section will also substantially reduce travel time between Hyderabad and Nanded by about 3 hours. Prime Minister will also inaugurate the upgradation of 47 km long Miryalaguda to Kodad Section of NH-167 to two lanes with paved shoulders. The improved connectivity will boost tourism as well as economic activity and industries in the region.

Further, Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone for the six-laning of the 29 km long Pune-Hyderabad Section of NH-65. The project will also provide improved connectivity to major industrial centres in Telangana like Pashamylaram industrial area near Patancheru.

During the programme, Prime Minister will inaugurate, doubling and electrification of Sanathnagar - Moula Ali rail line along with six new station buildings. The entire 22 Route Kms of the project has been commissioned with Automatic signalling and has been completed as part of the MMTS (Multi Modal Transport Service) Phase - II project. As part of it, six new station buildings have come up at Ferozguda, Suchitra Centre, Bhudevi Nagar, Ammuguda, Neredmet and Moula Ali Housing Board stations. Doubling and electrification work paves the way for the introduction of passenger trains for the first time in this section. It will help improve punctuality and overall speed of trains in the region by reducing the burden on other highly saturated sections.

Prime Minister will also flag-off the inaugural MMTS Train Service from Ghatkesar - Lingampalli via Moula Ali - Sanathnagar. This train service extends the popular suburban train service in the Hyderabad - Secunderabad twin city regions to new areas for the first time. It connects the new areas in the eastern part of the city like Cherlapalli, Moula Ali with the Western part of the twin city region. The safe, fast and economic mode of transport connecting the eastern with the western part of the twin city region will be highly beneficial for commuters.

Further, Prime Minister will also inaugurate the IndianOil Paradip-Hyderabad Product Pipeline. The 1212 km product pipeline with a capacity of 4.5 MMTPA traverses through the states of Odisha (329 km), Andhra Pradesh (723 km) and Telangana (160 km). The pipeline shall ensure safe and economical transportation of petroleum product from Paradip Refinery to delivery stations at Visakhapatnam, Atchutapuram, and Vijayawada (in Andhra Pradesh), and Malkapur near Hyderabad (in Telangana).

PM in Kalpakkam

Marking a historic milestone in India’s nuclear power programme, Prime Minister will witness the initiation of core loading of India’s indigenous Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor(PFBR) of 500 MWe capacity at Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu. This PFBR has been developed by BHAVINI (Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited).

The reactor core consists of control subassemblies, blanket subassemblies and fuel subassemblies. The core loading activity consists of loading of reactor control subassemblies, followed by the blanket subassemblies and the Fuel sub-assemblies which will generate power.

India has adopted a three-stage nuclear power program with a closed fuel cycle. In the PFBR, marking the second stage of the nuclear program, spent fuel from the first stage is reprocessed and used as fuel in FBR. A unique feature of this sodium cooled PFBR is that it can produce more fuel than it consumes, thus helping in achieving self-reliance in fuel supply for future fast reactors.

With minimised nuclear waste generated from the reactor and advanced safety features, FBRs will provide safe, efficient and clean source of energy and contribute to the goal of net zero. This is an important step for India towards thorium utilisation in the third stage of the nuclear power programme. Once commissioned, India will be the second country after Russia to have commercial operating Fast Reactor.

PM in Chandikhole

Prime Minister will inaugurate, dedicate to the nation and lay the foundation stone of multiple development projects worth over Rs 19,600 crore. The projects relate to sectors including Oil & Gas, Railways, Road, Transport & Highways and Atomic Energy.

Prime Minister will inaugurate the Indian Oil Corporation Limited Mono Ethylene Glycol project in Paradip Refinery which will further help in reducing India's import dependency. He will also inaugurate 344 km long product pipeline traversing from Paradip in Odisha to Haldia in West Bengal. In order to augment the import infrastructure on the Eastern Coast of India, Prime Minister will also inaugurate 0.6 MMTPA LPG Import facility at Paradip.

In order to boost road infrastructure in the region, Prime Minister will dedicate to the nation four laning of Singhara to Binjabahal Section of NH-49; four laning of Binjabahal to Tileibani Section of NH-49; four laning of Balasore-Jharpokharia Section of NH-18 and four laning of Tangi-Bhubaneswar Section of NH-16. He will also lay the foundation stone for eight laning of Chandikhole - Paradip Section at Chandikhole.

Expansion of the railway network will also take place with focus on modernising and extending rail connectivity. Prime Minister will dedicate to nation, 162 Km Bansapani - Daitari - Tomka - Jakhapura Rail Line. It will not only enhance the existing traffic facility's capacity but also facilitates efficient transportation of Iron and Manganese ore from Keonjhar District to the nearest ports and steel plants, significantly contributing to regional economic growth. Inauguration of CONCOR Container Depot in Kalinga Nagar will be done with an aim to boost domestic and international trade. Foundation stone will be laid for the Electric Loco Periodical Overhauling Workshop at Narla, the Wagon Periodical Overhauling Workshop at Kantabanji and upgradation and augmentation of maintenance facilities at Baghuapal. Other railway projects, including flagging off new train services, will also be taken up during the visit.

Prime Minister will also inaugurate 5 MLD capacity seawater desalination plant at Odisha Sands Complex of IREL(I) Ltd. This project has been built as a part of field applications of indigenous desalination technologies developed by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

PM in Kolkata

With a focus on enhancing avenues for ensuring ease of urban mobility, Prime Minister will inaugurate Kolkata Metro's Howrah Maidan- Esplanade Metro section, Kavi Subhash - Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Metro section, Taratala - Majerhat Metro section (part of Joka- Esplanade line); Pune Metro from Ruby Hall Clinic to Ramwadi stretch; Kochi Metro Rail Phase I Extension project (Phase IB) from SN Junction Metro station to Tripunithura Metro station; Agra Metro's stretch from Taj East Gate to Mankameshwar; and Duhai-Modinagar (North) section of Delhi-Meerut RRTS Corridor. He will flag off train services on these sections. Prime Minister will also lay the foundation stone of extension of Pune Metro Rail project phase 1 between Pimpri Chinchwad Metro-Nigdi.

These sections will help decongest road traffic and provide seamless, easy and comfortable connectivity. The Howrah Maidan - Esplanade Metro section of Kolkata Metro has the first transportation tunnel under any mighty river in India. Howrah Metro Station is the deepest metro station in India. Also, the Majerhat Metro Station (on the Taratala - Majerhat Metro section being inaugurated) is a unique elevated Metro station across Railway lines, Platforms and canal. Agra Metro’s section being inaugurated will enhance connectivity to historical tourist places. The RRTS section will boost economic activity in NCR.

PM in Bettiah

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone, dedicate and inaugurate various infrastructure related projects related to rail, road and petroleum and natural gas worth around Rs. 8700 Crores at Bettiah, West Champaran district in Bihar.

Prime Minister will inaugurate 109 km long Indian Oil’s Muzaffarpur - Motihari LPG Pipeline. It will provide access to cleaner cooking fuel in the state of Bihar and neighbouring country Nepal. Prime Minister will dedicate Indian Oil’s LPG Bottling Plant & storage terminal at Motihari. New pipeline Terminal would also act as a strategic supply point for export of petroleum products to Nepal. It would serve 8 districts of North Bihar i.e. East Champaran, West Champaran, Gopalganj, Siwan, Muzaffarpur, Sheohar, Sitamarhi and Madhubani. The new Bottling Plant at Motihari will also help in making supply chain smoother in feeding markets attached to Motihari Plant.

Prime Minister will inaugurate road projects including two laning of Piprakothi - Motihari - Raxaul section of NH - 28A with paved shoulder; two laning of Sheohar-Sitamarhi-Section of NH-104. Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of projects including construction of six lane Cable Bridge on river Ganga parallel to Digha-Sonepur Rail-cum-Road Bridge at Patna on Ganga River; four laning of Bakarpur Hat- Manikpur section of NH-19 Bypass.

Prime Minister will dedicate, inaugurate and lay foundation stone of various railway projects. Prime Minister will dedicate to the nation, doubling of 62 km rail line from Bapudham Motihari - Piprahan and he will also inaugurate Narkatiaganj-Gaunaha Gauge Conversion among others. Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of doubling and electrification of 96 km long Gorakhpur Cantt– Valmiki Nagar rail line and redevelopment of Bettiah railway station. Prime Minister will also flag off two new train services between Narkatiaganj - Gaunaha and Raxaul -Jogbani.