Rs.8,000-crore distributed to 27-lakh accountholders through 8,211 farmers’ co-operative credit societies in Gujarat: Narendra Modi

Ahmedabad, Friday: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today said that funds would not be allowed to be a constraint to solve the problems of farmers.

Talking with farmers across the state directly through videoconferencing on the occasion of ongoing Krishi Mahotsav-2012, he said that Rs.8,000-crore are disbursed to 27-lakh accountholders of 8,211 farmers’ co-operative credit societies in the state. The amount has been increased by 50 per cent over the year.

Although the Central Government has provided no relief in interest rates to co-operative banks for loan to the farm sector, he said that Gujarat Government has extended loans at seven per cent with two per cent rebate to such banks, incurring an expenditure of Rs.150-crore during the last three years.

Similarly, he said, Gujarat Government has extended five per cent rebate on Rs.20-crore loan extended to 16,000 Sakhi Mandalis for assorted economic activities and three per cent rebate to distressed farmers in the Saurashtra region for starting jewelry.

While the Reserve Bank of India decided to cancel the licences of seven district co-operative banks, Gujarat Government provided a new lease of life to revive all the seven banks by paying Rs.84-crore.

In a first incident of its kind, Gujarat Government has revived the Panchmahals District Central Co-operative Bank to benefit 2.50-lakh tribal farmers. A campaign has been launched to enroll 50,000 adivasi and dalit community people as members of Farmers’ Clubs through 5,700 agricultural co-operative societies.

He pointed out that Gujarat Government has created a fund of Rs.628-crore for the revival of 8,000 co-operative credit societies, but the Centre’s matching Rs.260-crore is yet to come.

The state government has spent Rs.125-crore for modernization of 291 APMCs and 400 bazaar yards. It is now proposed to connect all the market yards through e-Governance, no matter Government of India has failed to create a real-time market price network.

The Chief Minister said that market yards in Gujarat handle 3000-lakh tones of farm produces worth Rs.22,000-crore. The Kisan Kalpvriksh Yojna is to make the market yards stronger, for the ultimate benefit of the farmers.

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PM interacts with beneficiaries and stakeholders of AatmaNirbhar Bharat Swayampurna Goa programme
October 23, 2021
“Apart from Nature and pleasure, Goa also signifies a new model of development, reflection of collective efforts and solidarity for development from Panchayat to Administration”
“Goa has achieved 100% in all major schemes such as ODF, electricity, piped water, ration to poor”
“ Swayampurna Goa is the result of new team spirit of Team Goa”
“Infrastructure being developed in Goa will also help in increasing the income of farmers, livestock farmers and our fishermen”
“States with tourism focus got special attention in vaccination drive and Goa benefited a great deal by that”

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi interacted with beneficiaries and stakeholders of AatmaNirbhar Bharat Swayampurna Goa programme via video conferencing.

The Prime Minister while interacting with Smt Isha Savant, Under Secretary to Government of Goa asked her experience of working as a Swayampoorna Mitra. She informed that beneficiaries are getting services and solutions at their doorstep. There is ease as there are single-point service windows. When the Prime Minister asked about use of technology, she informed that technology was used as data was collected in a collaborative manner. This enabled the mapping of needed facilities, she said. Regarding women empowerment, the Prime Minister was informed that through training and self help group mechanism, women were provided equipment and support with regard to social media marketing and branding. Atal Incubation groups were also used. The Prime Minister recalled his Chief Minister days and talked about training members of women self help groups for services like serving food, catering etc via training and creating an enabling environment. The Prime Minister suggested that apart from products, services also have great potential. The Prime Minister exhorted the bureaucracy to be sensitive and innovative and lauded such officers.

Shri Constancio Miranda, ex headmaster and a sarpanch informed the Prime MInister that the Swayampurna campaign helped new activities in achieving the goals of AatmaNirbharta in various fields. They identified need-based state and central schemes and went on working on them in a coordinated manner. The Prime Minister lauded him for completing long pending works and said that the government is also working to complete long pending works that were ignored for a long period after independence.

The Prime Minister talked to Shri Kundan Falari who informed that he and the local administration are geared to reach the last person in the community. He narrated his experience of popularizing the SVANIDHI scheme in his area. The Prime Minister enquired whether these street vendors are using digital transaction as the beauty of the scheme is that use of digital transaction creates a transaction history which enables banks to give increasingly better finances to them. The Prime Minister informed that as part of 60 years' of Goa Liberation, a special grant of 50 lakh per Panchayat and 1 crore for every Municipality is being provided by the central government to Goa. The Prime Minister talked about the government efforts of financial inclusion and said that people should be encouraged to avail government schemes.

Shri Luis Cardozo, an entrepreneur in fisheries, narrated his story of getting benefits from government schemes and using insulated vehicles. The Prime Minister talked of Kisan Credit card, NAVIC app, finances for boats, the schemes that are helping the fishermen community. The Prime Minister conveyed his desire for expansion of processed products instead of raw produce for more profit for fishermen and farmers.

Shri Ruki Ahmed Rajasab informed about the measures taken for divyang jan under Swayampurna. The Prime Minister said that the government is working for the dignity and ease of the Divyang Jan. He remembered efforts like standardization of the facilities and success of the Para Athletes in the recent paralympics.

Talking to Smt Nishita Namdev Gawas, head of Self Help Group, the Prime Minister asked about the products of the group and the ways they do the marketing of their products. The Prime Minister emphasized that the government is undertaking schemes like Ujjwala, Swachch Bharat, PM Awas, Jan Dhan to enhance dignity and confidence of the women. Women are bringing laureles in every field be it the Armed forces sports field, said the Prime Minister.

With Shri Durgesh M Shirodkar the Prime Minister discussed his group's dairy activities. He said that his group took advantage of the Kisan Credit Card. They also made other farmers and dairy entrepreneurs aware about the facility. The Prime Minister appreciated Shri Shirodkar’s effort to popularize the Kisan Credit Card scheme. The Prime Minister said that the government is committed to make an ecosystem from seed to market to help increase their income. He said schemes like Kisan Credit card, soil health card, neem coating of urea, e NAM, authentic seeds, MSP purchase, New Agriculture laws are efforts in that direction.

Addressing the occasion, the Prime Minister remarked Goa signifies pleasure, Goa signifies nature, Goa signifies tourism. But today he added that Goa also signifies a new model of development, reflection of collective efforts and solidarity for development from Panchayat to Administration.

Commenting on Goa’s stellar performance in implementing central government schemes, the Prime Minister said India set the goal of being free from open defecation. Goa achieved this target 100%. The country set a target of providing electricity connection to every household. Goa has achieved the goal 100%. In Har Ghar Jal Abhiyan – Goa has become the first state to achieve 100% implementation. In the matter of giving free ration to the poor – Goa has achieved 100 %, the Prime Minister appreciated.

The Prime Minister said, for the convenience and dignity of women, Goa is successfully implementing the schemes of the Union government on the ground and is also expanding them. He lauded the Government of Goa for doing a great job in providing facilities like toilets, Ujjwala gas connections or Jan Dhan bank accounts to women.

The Prime Minister remembered Late Manohar Parrikar who had taken Goa on the path of progress. He lauded the current Chief Minister and his team for sincerely taking the project of Goa’s growth forward and giving new heights to Goa. Today Goa is moving ahead with renewed confidence. Double engine government is working with energy and determination for the growth of the state. The result of this new team spirit of Team Goa is the resolve of Swayampurna Goa, Shri Modi emphasized.

The Prime Minister said the infrastructure being developed in Goa will also help in increasing the income of farmers, livestock farmers and our fishermen. He added that Goa's fund for modernization of rural infrastructure has been increased 5 fold this year as compared to earlier.

The Prime Minister said incentives are being given at every level from various ministries for modernization of fishermen's boats. He added that the fishermen in Goa are getting a lot of help under the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana also.

About the vaccination campaign, the Prime Minister said that special incentives have been given to the tourism based states in the country, including Goa. Goa has also benefited a lot from this. He lauded the Government of Goa for taking efforts day and night in administering the first dose of vaccine to all the eligible people.