‘Vibrant Gujarat Lecture Series’ begins on ‘Gujarat Model of Development’

Published By : Admin | December 24, 2011 | 09:34 IST

‘Gujarat Model’ to push forth socio-economic development, bring prosperity – Prof Jagdish Bhagwati

­Gujarat has provided the direction as well as the model of development to the nation – Narendra Modi

Ahmedabad, Saturday: Noted economist of international repute Prof Jagdish Bhagwati today described the ‘Gujarat Model’ as a sustainable support system to push forward a sustained socio-economic development, necessary to bring about all round prosperity.

Eminent economist Professor Jagdish Bhagwati addressing the Vibrant Gujarat Lecture Series

Inaugurating the ‘Vibrant Gujarat Lecture Series’ here, he said that with increased growth increases people’s expectations and aspirations, commensurate with social responsibilities.

Setting the ball rolling for serious thinking on a subject like ‘Gujarat Model of Development’, he laced his lecture with interesting anecdotes and analyses of various economic theories. He said that Gujarat model of development reflects all these factors.

He said that Indian model of globalization initiated in 1991 was not just for the affluent but also for improving the socio-economic condition of the have-nots. The Economic Reforms should be utilized for solving the pressing issue like illiteracy, poverty and malnutrition. Growth is necessary for economic development, but it should be to abolish poverty. He said the Gujarat model fits best in that pursuit.

Prof. Bhgawati stressed on the need to frame effective strategy and policies to ensure increase in income. Analyzing India’s economic policies and corrections, he said distribution of wealth should provide minimum education, health, education, job opportunities and essential infrastructural facilities. There is need for integrating India’s globalization process with global change.

He said that there is need for hastening the process of economic growth which has slowed down. The earlier policy of permits during the Licence Raj has given place to corruption and distortions in politics and administration. Transparency is the key to remove corruption. He said that Gujarat and Bihar have visibly taken steps in this direction. There is also a need for achieving agriculture growth along with investment in technology and other sectors of economy.

Speaking on the occasion, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that the Gujarat Model of Development has initiated a debate at the national level which prompted him to pursue the model more vigorously. The Gujarat model is tuned to the winds of change sweeping past the world, he said.

Mr. Modi said that a vibrant democracy, youth power and women’s empowerment are the strengths of India and Gujarat is sure to provide leadership in this direction. The State leads in the application of IT for people-oriented projects as also in taking corrective steps to check the last 300 years of sin of polluting the environment. He said that Gujarat is proud of starting the Vibrant Gujarat Lecture Series by a member of the illustrious Bhagwati family who have won many laurels.

The lecture was followed by question-answer session with Prof. Bhagwati, who is a senior professor at Columbia University. His wife Ms Padmaben has received Padmabhushan and his brother retired Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati Padmavibhushan.

Information Commissioner V. Thiruppugazh in his welcome address introduced the subject and the learned guest speaker.

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