"Shri Modi also inaugurated Department of Women and Child Development’s SMS Gateway application to check the progress all Anganwadis across the State"
"The book highlighting the State’s Initiative for women ‘Gujarat Sarkare kari pehel, Nari Sashaktikaran Banyu Sehel’ was launched by Shri Modi"

On 23rd March 2013, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Mahila Sammelan and presented the Mata Yashoda Awards to Anganwadi women Workers.

The function began with a film on how Gujarat under the leadership of Shri Modi has effectively endeavoured to tackle malnutrition.   Later on, Shri Modi honoured Ahmedabad District Development Officer, Shri BanchhaNidhi Pani and his team for winning QCI-DL Shah National Award for its commendable campaign against malnutrition. He also congratulated small children who came out of the state of malnutrition by offering them sweets.

Shri Modi also inaugurated Department of Women and Child Development’s SMS Gateway application, (Aww.guj.in) by means of which any State officials can check the progress of 52,137 Anganwadis across the State. He then launched the book titled,
‘Gujarat Sarkare kari pehel, Nari Sashaktikaran Banyu Sehel’
highlighting the State Government’s initiatives undertaken for women from the year 2006.  The event was broadcasted across all districts of the States via videoconferencing.

Fighting against Malnutrition and ensuring the Empowerment of Women must be our Sankalp.

“Today is Shaheed Divas. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru fought a battle to free India from shackles.  On this day of Martyrdom, let us remember all the youngsters who sacrificed their lives for the nation.”

Most of us are born after independence because of which we never had the honour to sacrifice our lives for the country. But we have the honour to live for Independent India. It is the need of the hour that we make our nation proud, do away with the pain of the needy, fight against poverty and unemployment, women lead a life of respect and benefits development reaches our small children. This must be our Sankalp

“After so many years of Independence, Hon. PM had said that his head hangs in shame because of Malnutrition. The aching must not remain confined to the PM but must be felt by each one of us. After the census of 2001 when I got the report in 2004, the pain that Hon. PM felt today, I felt it then.”

“Although the Union Government came up with various schemes, the ground-breaking efforts to tackle malnutrition were taken by the Gujarat Government.”

"The Ahmedabad District Officials have made the most of technology in tackling malnutrition and the National Award has honoured their initiative. I heartily congratulate the team for their efforts!”

Gujarat’s Initiatives for Women Empowerment

“To change the lives of women, especially those from poor families, we have initiated Mission Mangalam. Through a network of Sakhi Mandals, we have tried to ensure the empowerment of women. The second is Mission Balam Sukham to fight malnutrition and ensure healthy children and healthy mothers. Nari Gaurav and Nari Suraksha and Nari Shikshan these initiatives have shown great results. In almost all districts in 10th and 12th, girls get more awards. This drive in girls, to do something, it is visible through this, and to make sure that this strength grows and girls become successful.

Through Khel Mahakumbh, we saw that Gujarati women are not behind when it comes to sports.  We have received awards at the national level in the sports field. Girls have received more medals than boys in Khel Mahakumbh. Today, Gujarati teams are playing at the national level.

CM applauds the role of Anganwadi Workers

“In the entire development journey, the work of Anganwadi workers, through their work, children's health is taken care of. This generation is not being developed only because of government efforts. “

“The person whose finger the child first holds is the anganwadi worker. Anganwadi workers are trusted by families. Mothers don’t ask the name of the Anganwadi workers. They have entrusted you with the responsibility of their children. When a mother takes a child to a temple, the mother has confidence that the god will bless the child, similarly when the child is taken to an anganwadi center, the mother has a similar confidence. “

“There is an incident I cannot forget, an Anganwadi worker. She prepared handkerchiefs from her old sari, and she gave it to the kids in her anganwadi. And in the evening she took the Handkerchief and the safety pin back and washed it. Imagine, the dedication. Small efforts can save children from serious diseases Many times a child won’t eat vegetables at home but will in an Anganwadi. “

“Many times, one of the reasons for malnutrition is, the child is stricken with diseases at a young age. Someone did a survey, in Pakistan, the number of children dying, 40 percent died because of not having washed hands. If anganwadi workers teach children these small things, so many lives will be saved. One Doctor performs 200-500 operations and saves 50 lives, he is praised. Anganwadi workers have an opportunity to save more lives than a doctor. “

“Many times, a child won’t eat vegetables on his mother’s insistence, but he might after being told by an anganwadi worker. To fight malnutrition small things have to be taken care of. Anganwadi workers, health workers, Asha workers must ensure that this message is spread. Even if newborns are given milk, they can be saved from Malnutrition. Small efforts can go a long way.”

“The efforts we are taking since 2004-5 they are bearing fruit. According to CAG report, in the entire country, when it comes to efforts to eradicate Malnutrition, the most successful state in doing it has been Gujarat. In the country the situation has improved by 8 percent, in Gujarat it has improved by 32 percent. The success for this goes to the Mata Yashodas. This proves that the way we have adopted is correct, the direction is correct our organization is good, results indicate that this yojana has reached poor.”

“Krishna was born to Devki, but it was Mata Yashoda who instilled values in him. One can say that Lord Krishna was the first student in an anganwadi.

The sportswomen who are here, who are bringing glory to Gujarat, I congratulate them. Women are getting awards. Under Kanya Kelavani efforts, those participating, i congratulate them, I congratulate those who have received Mata Yashoda awards.”

“I request all, to demonstrate to the world how a Mata Yashoda should be.”

Mayor Shri Asit Vora, and Senior Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel were present at the occasion

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