When an alert Narendra Modi saved the lives of DD journalists and camerapersons

Published By : Admin | September 16, 2016 | 23:47 IST

The alertness of Shri Narendra Modi ensured the lives of journalists and camerapersons were saved at a programme in Jamnagar district in Gujarat on 30th August 2016.

The occasion was the launch of the SAUNI Yojana, an ambitious irrigation related project that will help mitigate the water problems in the water scarce Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

As the Prime Minister and other authorities, including Chief Minister Vijay Rupani were seeing the exhibits and pushing the button to start the flow of water from the dam, Shri Modi noticed that there were still some people who were standing on the downstream side. The cameramen were blissfully unaware of the risky atmosphere they were standing in. It was at this time that Shri Modi, by raising and clapping his hands alerted them and urged them to move out. This saved precious lives just at the right time.

One of the cameramen, while talking to a news agency said that the Prime Minister has given him a new life.

Shri Modi’s alertness has time and again been the subject of much appreciation.

On 5th April 2015, when the Prime Minister was in Vigyan Bhavan to attend a conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices, a photographer fell down. The person who lent him a helping hand was none other than Shri Narendra Modi. Even this anecdote has become widely popular.



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The Desert's Thirst and CM Modi’s Promise: A Story of Water and Resolve
December 20, 2023

It was New Year’s Day 2009. The unforgiving sun beat down on the parched sands of the Indo-Pak border in Gujarat in the Rann of Kutch. On this day, amidst the desolate landscape, Chief Minister Narendra Modi had arrived. His presence, a beacon of hope in the arid expanse, brought more than just news from the mainland. Shri Modi has always made it a point to spend important dates in the year with the armed forces personnel, and this year was no different.

He sat with the jawans, sharing stories and laughter. But beneath the camaraderie, a concern gnawed at him. He learned of their daily ordeal – the gruelling 50-kilometre journey conducted daily for water tankers to carry water from Suigam, the nearest village with potable supply, to the arid outpost.

The Chief Minister listened intently, his brow furrowed in concern. Shri Modi, a man known for his resolve, replied in the affirmative. He pledged to find a solution and assured the Jawans that he would bring them drinking water. Pushpendra Singh Rathore, the BSF officer who escorted Shri Modi to the furthermost point of the border, Zero Point, recalls that CM Modi took only 2 seconds to agree to the BSF jawans’ demands and made the bold claim that ‘today is 01 January – you will receive potable drinking water, through pipelines, within 6 months’.

Rathore explains that the Rann of Kutch is known for its sweltering and saline conditions and that pipelines typically cannot survive in the region. He recalls that some special pipelines were brought by Shri Modi from Germany to solve the problem. Exactly 6 months after the promise, in June, a vast reservoir was constructed near the BSF camp and water was delivered to it by the new pipeline.

The story of Shri Modi's visit to the border isn’t just about water; it is about trust and seeing a leader who listens, understands, and delivers. A leader whose guarantees are honoured.