BJP-ruled States’ Chief Ministers’ conference in New Delhi

“Gujarat invites landlocked states set up their ports on Gujarat coast”

“NDA-ruled states could showcase their achievements at Gujarat’s conference to mark Panchayati Raj’s golden jubilee in Sept-2012”

“UPA Government’s failed economic policies stifle India’s development”

– Narendra Modi

Ahmedabad, Saturday: Chief Minister Narendra Modi today invited all landlocked states to set up their seaports along Gujarat’s 1,600-km long coastline and enjoy the status of maritime states.

Speaking at the second session of the Bharatiya Janata Party ruled states’ chief ministers’ conference in New Delhi, he said that Gujarat’s coast has become a gateway to India’s prosperity and its doors are open for other states for global trade.

Even as Gujarat had established its identity as a global business hub, he extended a very special invitation to other Indian states to participate in the next Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit (VGGIS) to be held in January 2013. It has emerged as a ‘Davos in Action’ with 110 countries and 19 Indian states participating in the previous VGGIS in 2011.

He said that the biennial mega event is no more restricted to attract investment and projects in Gujarat, but in other states as well. Any Indian state is welcome to use the VGGIS platform to negotiate projects with any nation or prospective investor. He expected positive response from other BJP and NDA-ruled states to his invitation, as well as from UPA-ruled states.

Mr. Modi attributed Gujarat’s exponential all round development during the last ten years to the state’s ‘Pro-people Proactive Good Governance’ (P2G2) pattern. Alongside industrial development, he said, the state has brought 37-lakh hectares of additional land under cultivation through sustained campaigns during ‘krishi mahotsavs’ with people’s participation in scientific management of land, precision farming, issuing soil health cards to farmers, optimum utilization of water resources, value-addition, earmarking wastelands near seacoasts and the rann for industries. No wonder if the state registered 10 percent growth rate in agriculture.

In the field of energy, he said, Gujarat has shown to the world a new initiative in generating canal-based solar power, saving land as well as solar panels atop canals saving evaporation. With the rising cost of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, he said, Gujarat’s initiative for renewable energy has become a ‘game changer’.

While the Centre’s power policy had pushed half the nation into an era of darkness, he said that Gujarat has capacity to provide up to 2,000mw power free-of-cost if the Centre allocates its due gas to the state.

The Chief Minister also hit at the UPA-ruled government at the Centre for its agenda to paralyse federal structure to check development of non-NDA governments in states.

Comparing the Centre’s failure in almost all fronts oblivion to people’s sufferings, be it inflation or corruption, due to its faulty policies, Mr. Modi said that Gujarat has earmarked Rs.251,000-lakh-crore for Fifth and Sixth Five Year Plans – as against Rs.55,000-crore in the previous ten Five Year Plans. Gujarat would have to manage severe drought condition this year.

Gujarat has showcased itself as a Next Generation Infrastructure Model, with 24x7 power supply to all the 18,000-odd villages in the state, e-Gram, broadband connectivity, 2,200-km gas-grid, rivers interlinking projects, setting up in collaboration with 23 global universities Nano City, Smart City, Special Investment Region (SIR) at Dholera and private railway projects. The state has also adapted PPP model to social indices for health, housing.

Referring to golden jubilee of Panchayati Raj in India, he said the Centre seems to be unaware of the occasion but could at least issue special philatelic stamp. He said that Gujarat begins yearlong celebration to be held here in September-2012, with a state-level function of ‘sarpanch’ of all the 13,996 gram panchayats. He asked NDA-ruled states to showcase their achievements in panchayati raj and rural development.

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