Viksit Rajasthan has a key role in building a Viksit Bharat: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | February 16, 2024 | 11:30 IST
Inaugurates, dedicates to the nation and lays the foundation stone of multiple development projects worth over Rs 17,000 crores in Rajasthan
Inaugurates various National Highway projects worth more than Rs 5000 crores in Rajasthan
Dedicates to nation and lays foundation stone for eight important railway projects worth around Rs 2300 crores
Dedicates to nation ‘Khatipura railway station
Lays foundation stone and dedicates to nation important solar projects worth around Rs 5300 crores
Dedicates to nation power transmission sector projects worth more than Rs 2100 crores
Lays foundation stone for multiple projects worth around Rs 2400 crores including projects under Jal Jeevan Mission
Dedicates to nation Indian Oil’s LPG bottling plant at Jodhpur
“Viksit Rajasthan has a key role in building a Viksit India”
“India has an opportunity to move forward with confidence leaving the despair of the past”
“When I talk of Viksit Bharat, it is not just a word or an emotion but it is a campaign to make the life of every family prosperous. Viksit Bharat is a campaign to remove poverty, create quality jobs and create modern facilities in the country”
“Today India has become one of the leading countries in the world in terms of generating electricity from solar energy”
“Youth, women, farmers and the poor are the 4 biggest castes for us and I am happy that the double-engine government is fulfilling the guarantees given by Modi for the empowerment of these sections”
“Today’s first-time voter is standing with the vision of Viksit Bharat”

Greetings (Ram-Ram) to all the family members of Rajasthan!

Viksit Bharat-Viksit Rajasthan: Currently, thousands of friends from every constituency of Rajasthan are actively participating in this significant programme. I extend my congratulations to all of you, and I also commend the Chief Minister for granting me the opportunity to leverage technology effectively and disseminate it to the masses. The warm reception you accorded to the French President in Jaipur a few days ago has resonated not only in Bharat but also in France. This is a hallmark of the people of Rajasthan. Our fellow Rajasthanis spare no effort in showering their affection on those they hold dear. I recall during the assembly elections, the overwhelming support you extended to us whenever I visited Rajasthan. You all placed your trust in Modi's guarantee, forming a robust 'double-engine' government. And now, we witness the rapid progress of Rajasthan's double engine government. Today, we have laid the foundation stone and inaugurated projects worth approximately Rs 17 thousand crores for the development of Rajasthan. These projects encompass various development initiatives such as rail, road, solar energy, water, and LPG. They are poised to create employment opportunities for thousands of Rajasthan's youth. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all my friends from Rajasthan for their contributions to these projects.

Brothers & Sisters,

You may recall my words from the ramparts of the Red Fort - "the time now is the right time", marks a golden era for Bharat post-independence. It's a time when Bharat has transcended the disillusionment of the past decade and is marching ahead with unwavering confidence. Cast your mind back to the years before 2014. What were the prevalent narratives? What headlines dominated the newspapers? It was a time rife with discussions of rampant corruption scandals plaguing the nation, and the ominous spectre of daily bomb blasts loomed large. The populace was gripped by uncertainty, pondering their fate and that of the nation. Survival and getting a job seemed a struggle, let alone development, during the tenure of the Congress regime. Contrast that with today's discourse. What's the focus now? We are envisioning a developed Bharat, a developed Rajasthan. We're dreaming big, setting ambitious goals, and toiling relentlessly to achieve them. When I speak of a developed Bharat, it's not mere rhetoric; it's a movement aimed at elevating the lives of every household, eradicating poverty at its core, and providing meaningful employment opportunities for the youth. It's about modernizing our infrastructure and amenities across the nation. Just last night, I returned from a trip abroad, where I met with prominent leaders from the UAE and Qatar. They, too, marvel at the strides Bharat is making. They now share our confidence that a vast nation like Bharat can dream big and, more importantly, fulfil those dreams.

Brothers and Sisters,

The journey towards a developed Rajasthan is pivotal for achieving our goal of a developed Bharat. Essential infrastructure such as railways, roads, electricity, and water must undergo rapid development. Such advancements will directly benefit farmers, livestock breeders, and spur industrial growth, fostering the establishment of factories and boosting tourism in Rajasthan. Increased investment naturally translates into more job opportunities. The construction sector, encompassing activities like road building, laying railway lines, erecting stations, constructing housing for the underprivileged, and installing water and gas pipelines, will witness a surge in employment. Consequently, the people associated with transport get employment. This year's Union Budget allocates a historic Rs 11 lakh crore for infrastructure development, six times more than during the Congress government's tenure. This substantial investment will benefit industries like cement, stone, ceramic etc. in Rajasthan.

Brothers & Sisters,

In the past decade, you must have observed the unprecedented level of investment in Rajasthan, spanning from village roads to national highways and expressways. Today, Rajasthan is being interconnected by broad and modern highways stretching from the coast of Gujarat and Maharashtra to Punjab. The roads inaugurated today will enhance connectivity between Kota, Udaipur, Tonk, Sawai Madhopur, Bundi, Ajmer, Bhilwara, and Chittorgarh. Furthermore, these roads will strengthen connectivity with Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Delhi. Several projects, including railway electrification and repair, have also been initiated. Completion of the doubling of the Bandikui to Agra Fort railway line will simplify travel to Mehandipur Balaji and Agra. Additionally, the opening of Khatipura station in Jaipur will accommodate more train services, providing significant convenience to passengers.


A notable drawback of the Congress party is its inability to formulate forward-thinking and positive policies. Congress lacks the foresight and strategic planning necessary for the future. Due to this approach, Bharat remained infamous for its inadequate electricity infrastructure. During the Congress era, widespread power shortages plunged the entire country into darkness for extended periods. Even when electricity was available, it was often for brief intervals. Crores of impoverished households were left without access to electricity connections during this period.


No country can progress without adequate access to electricity. The pace at which the Congress party was addressing this challenge would have required decades to resolve the electricity shortage. Upon assuming office, we prioritized addressing the nation's power challenges. We formulated policies, made decisive choices, and placed a significant emphasis on emerging sectors such as solar energy generation. Today, Bharat stands as a global leader in solar energy production, a testament to our efforts. Rajasthan, with its abundant blessings from the Sun God, holds immense potential in this regard. Consequently, the double-engine government is diligently working to make Rajasthan self-sufficient in electricity production. Today, we inaugurated a solar power plant and laid the foundation stones for two more plants. These projects will not only provide electricity but also create employment opportunities for thousands of youngsters.


The BJP government is committed to enabling every household to generate solar energy and even help them earn income by selling surplus electricity. To achieve this, the Central government has launched a significant initiative known as the PM Surya Ghar scheme, meaning the Free Electricity Plan. Under this scheme, the government aims to provide up to 300 units of free electricity per month to eligible households. Initially, this scheme will benefit 1 crore families across the country. The central government will send assistance directly to the bank account of every family for installing solar panels on the rooftop. An allocation of Rs 75,000 crores has been earmarked for this purpose. Middle-class and lower-middle-class families stand to gain the most, as they will receive free electricity for their homes. Furthermore, banks will offer affordable and easily accessible loans for solar panel installations. I am informed that the Rajasthan government also plans to install solar panels in 5 lakh households, underscoring the significant efforts of the double-engine government to alleviate the financial burden on the poor and middle class.


To achieve the vision of a developed Bharat, we are diligently focusing on empowering four key segments of society: the youth, women, farmers, and the poor. These groups are paramount to us, akin to the four principal castes. I am pleased to note that the double-engine government is delivering on the guarantees given by Modi to uplift these sections. In its first budget, the BJP government of Rajasthan announced 70 thousand job vacancies for the youth. Under the previous government's regime, you were constantly plagued by recurring incidents of paper leaks. Upon the formation of the BJP government in Rajasthan, a Special Investigation Team (SIT) was promptly established to address this issue. Additionally, the Central Government recently enacted stringent legislation in Parliament to penalize those involved in paper leaks, serving as a strong deterrent to such malpractices.


The Rajasthan BJP had pledged to provide gas cylinders to women from economically disadvantaged families for Rs 450, a promise that has been honoured. Countless sisters in Rajasthan are benefiting from this initiative. Rajasthan endured significant setbacks due to scams in the Jal Jeevan Mission during the previous government's tenure. However, swift progress is now underway in this regard. Presently, numerous projects are underway in Rajasthan to ensure access to water in every household. Furthermore, farmers in Rajasthan were already receiving Rs 6,000 under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme, a figure that has now been increased by Rs 2,000 by the BJP government. We are steadfastly fulfilling our commitments across all sectors, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to our promises. Consequently, the phrase "Modi's guarantee" has become synonymous with the assurance of fulfilment.


Modi's endeavour is to ensure prompt delivery of entitlements to every beneficiary without any deprivation. That is why we initiated the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra, which has seen the participation of crores of individuals from Rajasthan. During this campaign, approximately 3 crore people underwent free health check-ups. Within just one month, 1 crore new Ayushman cards were issued in Rajasthan. Moreover, 15 lakh farmer beneficiaries enrolled for the Kisan Credit Card scheme, while approximately 6.5 lakh farmers applied for the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. Consequently, significant funds will soon be credited to their bank accounts. Additionally, around 8 lakh sisters registered for Ujjwala gas connections during this yatra, with 2.25 lakh connections already distributed. Now these sisters have also started getting cylinders at a subsidized rate of Rs 450. Furthermore, approximately 16 lakh individuals from Rajasthan are enrolled in insurance schemes with coverage of Rs 2 lakh each.


When Modi fulfills the commitments made to you, some individuals become worried. Look at the state of the Congress party. Recently, you taught Congress a lesson, yet they refuse to accept it. Their sole agenda remains to criticize Modi. The more one denounces Modi, the more they embrace him. They neglect discussions about a developed Bharat because Modi advocates for it. They evade discussions about Made in India because Modi promotes it. They remain silent on 'vocal for local' because Modi advocates for it. When Bharat becomes the fifth-largest economic power, the entire nation rejoices, but Congress members remain discontent. Even when Modi asserts that Bharat will become the third economic power globally in the next term, the entire nation gains confidence, yet Congress members find disappointment in it. Regardless of what Modi says or does, they oppose him. They are willing to incur significant losses for the country just to oppose Modi. Congress has only one agenda – anti-Modi, extreme anti-Modi. They spread divisive propaganda against Modi, dividing society. When a party becomes entangled in the vicious cycle of nepotism and dynasty politics, this is the result. Today, everyone is abandoning Congress, leaving only one family at its helm. Such politics fails to inspire young Bharat, especially the first-time voters who have grand dreams and aspirations, who support the vision of a developed Bharat. The roadmap for developed Rajasthan and developed Bharat is for every such first-time voter. That's why discussions are resonating loudly across the country these days, with people saying - 'Abki Baar, NDA 400 Paar' (This time NDA will cross 400). I am confident that Rajasthan will also strengthen its trust in Modi's commitments. Once again, congratulations to all of you for your development projects.

Thank you very much.

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