When India grows, the world grows, when India reforms, the world transforms: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | September 25, 2021 | 18:31 IST
When India grows, the world grows, when India reforms, the world transforms: PM Modi
On the occasion of 75 years of Independence, India will send 75 satellites being created by Indian students in schools & colleges: PM Modi
Those using terror as a political tool must understand that terror is just as bad for them. It has to be ensured that Afghanistan soil must not be used to breed or propagate terror: PM
It is important that we must strengthen UN to ensure global order and global laws: PM Modi

Namaskar Friends,

His Excellency Abdullah Shahid Ji

Hearty congratulations to you on taking over the Presidency. It is a matter of great pride for all the developing countries and especially the small Island developing states to have you as the President.

Mr President,

For the last one and a half years, the whole world has been facing the biggest ever pandemic in 100 years. I pay tribute to all those who lost their lives in such a terrible pandemic and express my condolences to the families.

Mr President,

I am representing a country which has the distinction of being named as the ‘Mother of Democracy’. We have had a great tradition of democracy for thousands of years. On this 15th August, India entered its 75th year of independence. Our diversity is the hallmark of our strong democracy.

A country that has dozens of languages, hundreds of dialects, different lifestyles, cuisines. This is the best example of a ‘Vibrant Democracy’.

It is the strength of India's democracy that a small child who once helped his father at a 'Tea stall' at a railway station, is addressing UNGA for the fourth time today as the Prime Minister of India.

As the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the longest time and then as the Prime Minister of India for the last 7 years, I have been serving the countrymen in the role of Head of Government for 20 years.

And I am saying this from my experience-

Yes, Democracy Can Deliver. Yes, Democracy Has Delivered.Mr President,

Today is the birth anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay ji, the father of 'Ekatm Manavdarshan' . 'Ekatm Manavdarshan' i.e. Integral Humanism. That is, the co-journey of development and expansion from self to collective.

Expansion of the self, moving from individual to the society, the nation and entire humanity and this contemplation is dedicated to Antyodaya. Antyodaya is called where no one is left behind, in today's definition.

With this spirit, India today is moving ahead on the path of Integrated, Equitable Development. Development must be all-inclusive, all-touching, all-pervading, all-alible, this is our priority.

In the last seven years, more than 430 million people in India have been connected to the banking system, who were so far deprived of it. Today, more than 360 million people who could not have thought of it earlier have also got insurance coverage.

By providing free treatment to more than 50 crore people, India has connected them with quality health service. India has made 30 million pucca houses, homeless families are now home-owners.

Mr President,

Polluted water is a big problem not only in India but in the whole world and especially for poor and developing countries. To tackle this challenge in India, we are running a huge campaign to provide piped clean water to more than 170 million households.

Big organizations of the world have recognized that for the development of any country, it is very important for its citizens to have property rights of land and house, that is, a record of ownership. In the large countries of the world, there are a large number of people who do not have property rights of land and houses.

Today we are engaged in providing digital records of their homes and land to millions of people by mapping them with drones in more than 600000 villages of India.

This digital record is facilitating the access of people to access to credit – bank loans, while reducing property disputes.

Mr President,

Today, every sixth person in the world is an Indian. When Indians progress, the development of the world also gets a boost.

When India grows, the world grows. When India reforms, the world transforms.

Science and technology based Innovations in India can greatly help the world. Both the scale of our Tech-Solutions and their low cost are unparalleled.

With our Unified Payment Interface UPI, more than 3.5 billion transactions are taking place every month in India today. India's vaccine delivery platform Co-WIN, is providing digital support for millions of vaccine doses in a single day.

Mr President,

सेवापरमोधर्म: (Sewa Parmo Dharma)

India, which lives on the principle of ‘Sewa Parmo Dharma’, is dedicated to vaccination development and manufacturing despite limited resources.

I want to inform UNGA that, India has developed the world's first, the world's first DNA based vaccine, which can be administered to all people above the age of 12 years.

Another m-RNA vaccine is in the final stages of its development. Scientists of India are also engaged in the development of a nasal vaccine for corona. Realizing its responsibility towards humanity, India has once again started distributing the vaccine to the needy people of the world.

I also invite vaccine manufacturers from all over the world today.

Come! Make Vaccine in India.

Mr President,

Today we all know that in human life, how important is technology. But in the changing world, Technology with Democratic Values, it is also necessary to ensure this.

Indian-origin doctors, innovators, engineers, managers, be it in any country, our democratic values, keep inspiring them to be engaged in the service of humanity. And we have seen this even during this corona period.

Mr President,

The corona pandemic has also taught a lesson to the world that the global economy must be diversified more now. For this, expansion of Global Value Chains is necessary.

Our Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-reliant India) campaign is inspired by this spirit. India is becoming a democratic and trustworthy partner of the world for Global Industrial Diversification.

And in this campaign, India has established a better balance in both economy and ecology. You will definitely be proud to see India's efforts on climate action as compared to big and developed countries. Today, India is moving very fast towards the target of 450 GW of renewable energy. We are also in the campaign to make India the world's largest Green Hydrogen Hub.

Mr President,

We have to answer to our future generations that when it was time to take decisions, what were they doing when they were responsible for guiding the world? Today, the danger of Regressive Thinking and Extremism is increasing in front of the world.

Under these circumstances, the whole world has to make Science-Based, Rational and Progressive Thinking the basis of development.

To strengthen the science-based approach, India is promoting Experience Based Learning. We have opened thousands of Atal Tinkering Labs in schools, built incubators and developed a strong start-up ecosystem.

To commemorate the 75th year of its independence, India is going to launch 75 such satellites into space, which Indian students are developing in schools and colleges.

Mr President,

On the other hand, with Regressive Thinking, countries that are using terrorism as a political tool have to understand that terrorism is an equally big threat to them. It is very important to ensure that the soil of Afghanistan is not used for spreading terrorism and terrorist attacks.

We also have to be careful that no country tries to use the delicate situation there as a tool for its selfishness motives.

At present, the people of Afghanistan, the women and children there, the minorities there, need help, and we have to discharge our responsibility.

Mr President,

Our oceans are also our common heritage. That's why we have to keep in mind that we use the ocean resources, and not abuse them. Our oceans are also the life-line of international trade. We have to safeguard them from the race of expansion and exclusion.

In order to strengthen the rule-based world order, the international community must speak in unison. The broad consensus reached during India's Presidency in the Security Council shows the world the way forward as far as Maritime Security is concerned.

Mr President,

India's great philospher, Acharya Chanakya said centuries ago

-Kalati kramat kaal and phalam pibatti.

When the right work is not done at the right time, time itself destroys the success of that work.

If the United Nations has to keep itself relevant, it has to improve its effectiveness, increase its reliability.

A number of questions are being raised on UN today. We have seen this during the Climate and Covid crisis. The ongoing proxy war in many parts of the world- terrorism and the crisis in Afghanistan have deepened these questions. In the context of the Origin of COVID and with regard to Ease of Doing Business Rankings, global governance institutions have damaged their credibility built up by decades of hard work.

It is essential that we constantly strengthen the UN for the protection of Global Order, Global Laws and Global Values. I am concluding with the words of Nobel Laureate, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore ji.

शुभोकोर्मो-पोथे / धोरोनिर्भोयोगान, शोबदुर्बोलसोन्शोय /होकओबोसान। (Shubho Kormo-Pothe/ Dhoro nirbhayo gaan, shon durbol Saunshoy/hok auboshan)

That is, move forward fearlessly on your auspicious path of action. May all weaknesses and doubts be eliminated.

This message is as relevant to the United Nations in today's context as it is to every responsible country. I am confident that all of us will strive to enhance peace and harmony in the world, make the world healthy, safe and prosperous.

With these best wishes,
Thank you very much
Namaskar !

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Upon completion of the core loading, the first approach to criticality will be achieved, leading to generation of power subsequently
In spirit of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, PFBR is indigenously designed and constructed by BHAVINI with contribution from more than 200 Indian industries including MSMEs
India’s nuclear power program is aimed to meet the twin goals of energy security and sustainable development

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The Hon’ble Prime Minister took a tour of the Reactor Vault and the Control Room of the Reactor. He was briefed about the salient features of this reactor.

India has developed comprehensive capabilities spanning the entire spectrum of the nuclear fuel cycle. Government had approved in 2003, the creation of Bhartiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd (BHAVINI) to construct and operate India’s most advanced nuclear reactor-Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR).

In line with the true spirit of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, PFBR has been fully designed and constructed indigenously by BHAVINI with significant contribution from more than 200 Indian industries including MSMEs. Once commissioned, India will only be the second country after Russia to have commercial operating Fast Breeder Reactor.

The Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) will initially use the Uranium-Plutonium Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel. The Uranium-238 “blanket” surrounding the fuel core will undergo nuclear transmutation to produce more fuel, thus earning the name ‘Breeder’. The use of Throium-232, which in itself is not a fissile material, as a blanket is also envisaged in this stage. By transmutation, Thorium will create fissile Uranium-233 which will be used as fuel in the third stage. FBR is thus a stepping stone for the third stage of the program paving the way for the eventual full utilization of India’s abundant thorium reserves.

In terms of safety, the PFBR is an advanced third generation reactor with inherent passive safety features ensuring a prompt and safe shut down of the plant in the event of an emergency. Since it uses the spent fuel from the first stage, FBR also offers great advantage in terms of significant reduction in nuclear waste generated, thereby avoiding the need for large geological disposal facilities.

Upon completion of the core loading, the first approach to criticality will be achieved, leading to generation of power subsequently.

Notably, despite the advanced technology involved, both the capital cost and the per unit electricity cost is comparable to other nuclear and conventional power plants.

The growth of the Indian nuclear power program is imperative to meet the twin goals of energy security and sustainable development. As a responsible nuclear power with advanced technology, India remains committed to expand peaceful applications of nuclear technology, both in power and non-power sector, while ensuring the security of nuclear and radiological materials.