I have been travelling in the North East for the past three days. Perhaps no other Prime Minister had the privilege of spending so much time with the people of North East, but I have been fortunate enough to get this opportunity. This is my last programme here. The love, welcome and respect that has been accorded to me by the residents of North East has overwhelmed me and I express my heartfelt gratitude and I am thankful to you all from the core of my heart. 

My first programme in the North East was concerned with speed and this last one is concerned with energy. For progress energy is required and so is speed, but most importantly direction is needed. And for the Nation’s development we have chosen the North East Direction. There have been talks of Look East policy. Now is the time to move from Look East to Act East policy. And within the ambit of this Act East policy we want to move forward at great speed for the development of this region. 

Today in Tripura the Central government in collaboration with the State government is launching the biggest project in terms of Capital investment worth Rs 10,000 crore for a 726 mega watt power project. Such a small state but such a huge investment for such a large project! This is an opportunity for Tripura to make a mark on the world map. The entire world is working in the direction of Climate change; talks are on to implement Kyoto Protocol. This project in Tripura will follow all the norms of Kyoto protocol thereby lending Tripura a chance to make a mark in the Green Energy movement. 

Recently the SAARC Summit took place. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Begum Hasina ji was also present. An important decision was taken in the SAARC summit. It was decided that the nations will strive together for energy production and use energy for mutual benefit as a common commodity. 

Now that the SAARC Nations have agreed, I will request Bangladesh and I offer to provide electricity to Bangladesh if it intends to purchase it. We are in that position. And I am making this declaration from a place which has shared Bangladesh’s joys and grief during the period of its freedom movement and creation. The Minister of Bangladesh was telling me “I am visiting after 41 years and in 1971 when freedom movement was being fought I came here to seek refuge and today I have come again” and he was feeling very satisfied. 

Some time back the Chief Minister was discussing new schemes regarding petroleum sector and fertilizers plant. We also want to develop the economy using gas based energy resources. The ONGC has doubled its budget related to gas production. They will be able to utilize this expanded budget in regions like Tripura which have abundant supply of gas and in turn rev up the nation’s economy. These energy projects will enhance the job possibilities for the youth of North East and that is what our major focus is. 

A few days back I had been to Japan. We have signed an agreement with the government of Japan. The North East is also going to be benefitted by this agreement. The youth of North East is going to be benefitted by this agreement. India and Japan have taken a joint decision to try and create an economical corridor from North East to Myanmar. For this to happen so that the region grows fast we are emphasizing on this aspect so that Japan also lend its support to us. In my opinion the North East will no longer remain a neglected and secluded corner of India. The future of North East is bright. 21st century is called the Century of Asia. If this is so, that it is the century of Asia then North East is the door to all Asia and in a way it is a door to prosperity and I am seeing these possibilities. A comprehensive plan to strengthen the infrastructure with rail connectivity, road connectivity, removal of digital divide, benefit of marine routes needs to be put in place. As the Chief Minister was mentioning just now that all these facets should be incorporated in a one point programme. This one point programme is to bring in the newest infrastructure in the North East and open its horizons for progress and development. 

Today I also wish to express my gratitude to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Begum Hasina ji for her support. They have helped us considerably in bringing machinery and equipment to this place which otherwise would have been very difficult. Bangladesh has set an example of how two nations can come together for a project. This will also set a precedent for SAARC nations to see that how two neighbouring countries can come together for common welfare and produce such vital commodities like Power from even a small place like Tripura. This event sends out this positive message to the SAARC nations.

Not only this, if there is coordination among states, there is cooperation among states then such a major benefit can be achieved. In this project all the states of North East have taken collective responsibility for transmission. That the states take up collective responsibility itself lends a new hope for future development. I express my heartfelt gratitude to all the Chief Ministers of all the states for coming up and creating such an environment of cooperation. This is our Mantra too; Cooperation from all and Development for all. If we move ahead with this motto then we can scale many new heights. 

In the entire North East there are a few sectors that I feel needs to be especially emphasized upon. In our country we respect our Tricolor. We all honour and respect our Tricolour. But I take inspiration from the tricolor for a four pronged revolution. I am talking of a multifaceted revolution. 

One is Green Revolution. One of the colours of the tricolor is Green. Green gives us a message for green revolution. But in this second green revolution the people of the North East can make a difference by focusing on Organic Farming and the agricultural product which has a worldwide market to capture. A huge potential exists here for the same and we want to strengthen that. 

Second is the White colour. There is ample scope for Milk revolution in the North East. There is unlimited potential for Animal Husbandry. We should focus on the second colour and think how to bring about this second Milk Revolution. 

Third is the saffron colour. I am talking about a saffron revolution. We need a Green Revolution, a White revolution and a Saffron Revolution. When I talk of a Saffron Revolution some people may get alarmed. They will start thinking what is it that Modi is planning? Saffron is the colour of energy so when I talk of Saffron Revolution I am taking about an Energy Revolution. We should be benefitted by Solar Radiation. How do we strengthen solar energy potential? How do we incorporate energy into Gas based economy and provide an overall solution? We need to move forward bearing these factors in mind. 

And fourth is the Blue colour of our Ashok Chakra. This blue colour symbolizes the strength of water, it represents the marine force. How do we strengthen our Marine force? The entire North East has immense water sources. It is the basin of Brahmputra. There are numerous waterfalls. So how do we channelize this blue revolution so that it changes our economy? How do we develop it to its fullest potential taking it to be a vital source of energy? This should be our focus. 

With this four pronged revolution we intend to change the destiny of not only Tripura but the entire North East. We have to strengthen our efforts so that the youth here gets employment. 

In India, the place with the largest wealth of natural resources and the greatest potential for tourism is the North East. No other State in India can match it. This region abounds in biodiversity. We have to attract the entire India here. And for this, connectivity needs to be emphasized. We have to enhance the connectivity by strengthening the rail connectivity, the road and the water connectivity. And so we have to move in a new direction where Tripura and the entire North East are able to scale new heights of development. 

Today this 726 MW power project comes to completion. When the first stage got completed Honorable President came here. Today on final completion I have been given the privilege of coming here. I salute Tripura’s contribution in increasing the energy production. My heart is filled with pride and satisfaction as I dedicate this project to the Nation. I once again thank Bangladesh for its contribution. We offer to sell power to Bangladesh to meet its power requirements. India can work towards bringing light to Bangladesh also. 

Thank You. 

(The original speech was in Hindi, this is the English rendering. Original speech remains the authoritative version) 

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Rozgar Mela paves way for youth to become the makers of a ‘Viksit Bharat’: PM Modi
November 30, 2023
Distributes about 51,000 appointment letters to newly inducted recruits
“Rozgar Mela paves the way for youth to become the makers of a ‘Viksit Bharat’”
“Your top priority should be the ease of living for the citizens”
“Government is reaching the doorsteps of those who had never received any benefits”
“India is witnessing an infrastructure revolution”
“Incomplete projects are a great injustice to the honest taxpayers of the country, We are addressing that”
“Global institutions are optimistic about India's growth story”


The campaign to provide government jobs to lakhs of youngsters in the country is continuing. Today, more than 50 thousand youngsters have been given appointment letters for government jobs. Receiving these appointment letters is the result of your hard work and talent. I congratulate you and your family from the bottom of my heart.

Now you are going to join that stream of nation building, which is directly related to the people. As employees of the Government of India, you all have to fulfil major responsibilities. Whatever position you hold, whatever field you work in, your top priority should be to ensure ease of living for the countrymen.


Just a few days ago, on 26th November, the country celebrated Constitution Day. On this day in 1949 the country adopted the Constitution giving equal rights to all citizens. Baba Saheb, the chief architect of the Constitution, had dreamed of a Bharat where social justice would be established by giving equal opportunities to all. Unfortunately, after independence, the principle of equality was ignored in the country for a long time.

Before 2014, a large section of the society was deprived of basic amenities. In 2014, when the nation gave us the opportunity to serve and entrusted us with the responsibility to run the government, first of all, we started moving forward with the mantra of giving priority to the underprivileged. The government itself reached out to those people who never got the benefits of various schemes, or any facilities from the government for decades. We have been trying to change the lives of such people.

Due to this change in thinking and work culture of the government, unprecedented results are being seen in the country today. The bureaucracy is the same; the people are the same; the files are the same; the people working are the same; the method is also the same. But when the government started giving priority to the poor and the middle class of the country, the whole situation started changing. At a very rapid pace one after the other, the working style started changing; the work method started changing; responsibilities were being assigned and positive results started emerging in terms of the welfare of the common people.

According to a study, more than 13 crore people of the country have come out of poverty in 5 years. This shows how much of a difference it makes when the government's schemes reach the poor. This morning itself you must have seen how the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra is reaching every village. Like you, government employees are taking government schemes to the doorsteps of the poor. After joining the government service, you too have to devote yourself to the service of the people with the same intentions, with good intentions, with the same dedication and devotion.


In today's changing Bharat, you all are also witnessing an infrastructure revolution. Be it modern expressways, modern railway stations, airports, water ways, today the country is spending lakhs of crores of rupees on these sectors. And when the government is spending money and investing on infrastructure on such a grand scale, it is quite natural and no one can deny that it is also creating lakhs of new employment opportunities.

Another crucial change that has taken place since 2014 is that projects that were in limbo for years are being identified and completed on mission mode. Half-baked projects not only cause wastage of money of the honest tax payers of the country, but also increase the cost of the projects; and at the same time people are deprived of the benefits that they should have got from the project. This is also a huge injustice to our tax payers.

Over the years, the Central Government has reviewed and continuously monitored projects worth lakhs of crores of rupees to complete them expeditiously and has achieved success. This has also created many new employment opportunities in every corner of the country. For example, Bidar-Kalaburagi railway line was one such project, which was started 22-23 years ago. But this project was also in limbo and was forgotten. We resolved to complete it in 2014 and completed the project in just 3 years. Pakyong Airport in Sikkim was also conceptualized in 2008. But till 2014, it remained only on papers. After 2014, all the obstacles related to this project were removed and it was completed by 2018. This also provided employment. The discussions on the Paradip Refinery also started 20-22 years ago, but nothing fruitful happened till 2013. When our government came to power, like all the pending projects, we took up the Paradip Refinery project and completed it. When such infrastructure projects are completed, not only do they create direct employment opportunities, but also create many indirect employment opportunities.


Real estate is a vast sector creating employment in the country. In the direction this sector was going, the ruin of the middle class as well as the builders was certain. Due to RERA law, there has been transparency in the real estate sector today, and investment in this sector is continuously increasing. Today, more than one lakh real estate projects in the country are registered under the RERA law. Earlier, projects used to get stalled and so new employment opportunities came to a standstill. This growing real estate of the country is creating a large number of employment opportunities.


The policies and decisions of the Government of India have taken the country's economy to new heights today. Major institutions of the world are very positive about Bharat's growth rate. Recently, a global leader in investment ratings has put its seal of approval on Bharat's rapid growth. They estimate that growth in Bharat will continue at a rapid pace due to increasing employment opportunities, large working-age population and increase in labour productivity. The strength of Bharat's manufacturing and construction sector is also a major reason for the same.

All these facts are proof that in the coming times too, immense possibilities of employment and self-employment will continue to be created in Bharat. This in itself is very important for the youth of the country. Being a government employee, you also have a pivotal role in this. You have to ensure that the benefits of development taking place in Bharat reach the last person of the society. No matter how far away an area is, it should be your priority. No matter how inaccessible a person’s location is, you have to reach him. As an employee of the Government of India, only when you move forward with this approach, the dream of a developed Bharat will come true.


The next 25 years are very important for you and the country. Very few generations have had this kind of opportunity. Make full use of this opportunity. I also request that all of you must join the new learning module “Karmayogi Prarambh”. There should not be a single friend who does not increase his potential and skills by associating with it. Never stop that urge to learn which has brought you to this point. Keep learning continuously; keep growing yourself continuously. This is the beginning of your life; the country is also growing; you too have to grow. After joining the service, do not get stuck here. And a massive system has been developed for the same.

Karmayogi Prarambh was started a year ago. Since then, lakhs of new government employees have obtained their training through it. Those who work with me in the Prime Minister's Office, in the PMO, all of them are senior employees. They look after the important matters of the country, but they are also associated with it and are continuously appearing in tests, exams, and taking up courses due to which their potential, their strength is growing stronger which is strengthening my PMO and also the country.

More than 800 courses are also available on our online training platform iGoT Karmayogi. Do use it to enhance your skills. And today with this new beginning of your life, the dreams of your families are getting new wings. I also convey my best wishes to your family members. As you have joined the government sector, if possible, write one thing in your diary today that as an ordinary citizen, whatever be your age - 20, 22, 25 years, what problems did you face in the government? Sometimes there might have been a problem at the bus station or there might have been a problem due to the police on the roads. You might have faced a problem in a government office somewhere.

You just recall that and be determined that whatever problems you have faced in your life because of the government and a government employee, you will never want any citizen to face such problems at any point of your life. I will not behave in that manner. Just by deciding that whatever had happened to you would not happen to anyone else could tremendously help the common people. I extend my best wishes to you for your bright future in the direction of nation building.

Thank you very much.