Strength of 125 crore Indians will bring about change in this nation: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | December 24, 2016 | 16:49 IST
Even in the midst of struggle, Shivaji Maharaj remained a torchbearer of good governance: PM
Development is the solution to all problems, it is the way ahead: PM
The strength of 125 crore Indians will bring about change in this nation: PM Modi

Gentlemen present on dais and my dear brothers and sisters assembled here.

All you can imagine how happy I am feeling? When Bhartiya Janata Party bestowed upon me the responsibility of elections in 2014, I first of all came at Raigad fort to visit the Samadhi of Chatrapati Shivaji, a braveheart and great warrior who wrote a new chapter in the history of Hindustan out of his efficiency and capability amidst prevailing dangers while leading a struggling life. Probably it is near impossible to have such person in the world history who strengthened and furthered the heritage of good governance in the heat of continual combats. The historians and stage performers/ artists have penned and posed Chatrapati Shivaji as a horse rider with a sword and we also see that way. Chatrapati Shivaji was a multi-faceted personality. Evaluating deeds of personalities on the basis of their one act like Lord Ramchandraji by killing Ravana; defeat of Kansa by Shri Krishna and expulsion of Britisher’s by Mahatma Gandhi is not a good approach and we have to accept that doing so may be taken as a flawed approach. The Ravana killing at the hand of Lord Ram was one incident in his life span while there so many instances from his life that still affect and inspire Indian life. Kansa was also not one incident in the life of Shri Krishna. The message of Gita in the battle ground- its amazing. What kind of soil this nation have that gives birth to such souls who creates a stream of thoughts that are still a source of inspirations for thousands of years i.e. Gita. Mahatma Gandhi struggled against Britisher’s for our independence. Alongside he opened another front against social evils, tried to awaken masses and boost their self-pride. We can never under estimate that. Likewise Chatrapati Shivaji is also not confined to horse, sword, war and victory. He was a dashing warrior and great personality and are our inspiration. But you just imagine, just as Ram ji made small army from common persons and Vaaners, took them with him, fought and won war. What a capacity of building organisation? Chatrapati Shivaji also accumulated laymen, farmers, trained them for war in a very similar way.

For Engineering students of today, the basics of water management and water infrastructure for supply of water in scarcity prone areas, the system developed by Shivaji Maharaj is a model and source of inspiration. Shivaji had an offer of getting his currency minted by foreigners. But he had a vision so he declined this offer and said if minting currency comes under ones control, no time will be left for a defeat of any ruler. So he built this infrastructure indigenously and never allowed foreign help.

Naval security has become a big global issue today. The entire world is on alert for naval security. Everyone across the world is worried about his rights and commercial connections. But centuries ago one warrior from this soil knew the importance of naval power, so he established navy. Today all the costal forts we are seeing have provisions for naval security requirements. Wherever in the world there are old and ancient systems prevailing, Iconic artefacts are a great attractions for tourism. In India Taj Mahal is also a cause for tourism as anyone in the world who listen about it start thinking to visit it for a while. Such Iconic Symbols made in the bygone past are now an identity of a particular nation. In many nations stay at fort for tourism is a well-established infrastructure. India also is a hub of numerous forts spread across the country that were built by kings of their times. They have specific built ups with security features and architecture. The resources used then had also specifications. But, unfortunately we could not come out of Taj Mahal. Every nook and corner of this country has a number of tourist attractions. Proper and correct presentation of India before the world can have full potential for attracting tourists. Tourism is the area which is marching ahead of all now in the world. Tourism is now a Trillion Dollar Trade. India being a country of ancient practices can attract the world. So we should showcase the forts built by Chatrapati Shivaji after their proper conservation. Universities in India should be advised to start Adventure Tourism and start excursion by horse riding. I will ask ASI department to start this from Forts of Chatrapati Shivaji and an environment for fort tourism be developed in the country accordingly. Brothers and sister today I am grateful to the people of Maharashtra for giving me an opportunity to usher in the religious rites of doing the Bhoomi and Jala Pujan for the forthcoming Shiv Memorial. Such moment fills you with the feeling of fullness. I am sure this conception of Maharashrta’s Fadanavis government will take shape finally. The country will feel proud after its commissioning and will tell the world that look now the highest Iconic Building is ours. This belongs to that great personality who put his life at stake for the betterment of common man. Today I have a moment to pay my homage to such Chatrapati Maharaj.

Brothers and Sisters our country has experienced varied politics. Diverse methodologies were tried upon. However the 70 year experience make us concede that had one and only way of development was treaded from the start, the problems coming across now may not have got firm grounds in our soil.

The only remedy is development. It has immense potential of jobs for young population. Development has power of giving poor their due. For a long race the middle income group have opportunities in it. Development is the only way for leading a respectful life. So brother and sisters we have focussed on development after you gave us responsibility. On this point we have definite approach that it should be sustainable. It should be a game changer in life empowering and enabling to have their wishes fulfilled. So welfare of poor is our focal point. Soon after assuming office, one report that we got was surprising. Persons retiring from small scale state owned industrial units were getting pension ranging from Rs.7 to Rs. 51. Someone were getting Rs. 80. No one getting around Rs. 150. Now for getting a pension of Rs. 7 why one 80 year old person will go to post office on a hired Auto? So we decided that despite burden on exchequer retired person should get a minimum of Rs. 1000. 35 lakh persons is not a small number and a big financial constraint of hundreds of crore rupee on government coffers we took a major step for the betterment of life of these old persons. Medicines are getting costlier so we pushed for Generic Medicines and opened up Jana Aushadhalays (Public dispensaries) so that the poor person could get cheaper and standard medicines on time and they are not exploited. In order to make smokeless kitchens which were using firewood and endangering the health of poor women we have decided to give them LPG connections to crores of poor families. Crores of persons now have this and during the coming three years nearly 5 crore BPL families will own such connections. Our freedom is now 70 years old, there are 18000 villages still forced to live in 18th century. No electricity, not even a pole of electric wires. Can history forgive them those who have ruined these 70 years that these villagers were forced to reside in darkness. We have vowed to electrify these villages in 1000 days. Half work is over. The target will be achieved in stipulated period.

Brothers and sisters who says country can not change? Having faith in the joint power of my 125 crore fellow citizens I can say yes from my three year experience and it will happen. You can imagine that the projects launched from this dais are worth more than One lakh six thousand crore rupees. This will be a very big historical event from Mumbai.

Friends being in Mumbai today I want to bow to the people of Maharashtra. Now a days it has become a fashion to ask for documentary proofs for the good you have delivered. Can winning elections is a proof for your good work. Losing election is taken as your bad decision. We have started our fight against the corruption and black money from the day we assumed the office. Took a number of steps and launched a big attack in the night of November 8. We gave a clarion call against fake currency, black money and corruption. Friends despite numerous hardships and sufferings my countrymen didn’t deserted me even for a short spell. Though confusions mongers were active, they tried to dissipate and demoralize them. Rumour hub was activated. But to those we narrate illiterate used his common sense. He didn’t yielded and sided with the judgement of building nation. The mandate of Maharshtra people in the last election gave a message that with whom truth prevails and what direction the country desires.

Friends I had said in Goa that those who cherished for 70 years will try their level best to thwart such initiatives. Have left no stone unturned. However they are unable to confront with the resolve of 125 crore people. They can never be a winner and this nation can not be a loser. Friends a country of 125 crore people can never be defeated. Such handful persons can never let down the country. Some were of the view that siding with bank employees will convert every penny of black to white. But side by side the bankers it was you who was trapped. There are numerous cases of getting apprehended in net and things are getting open. They thought approaching bank will bail them out. But the game has begun only after commit to bank. My fellow countrymen, I had said that it will be a fifty day problem. People have braved them for better times. Even they will bear the future hardships also. But, I am sure that after fifty days sufferings of honest peoples will start receding and those who are corrupt and unscrupulous will see the blazing sun. I still want to caution the corrupt ones that be aware, stop your doings and follow the law of the land and come as a common man for a hassle free life. I am inviting you. This government will not ruin you, nor it is bent upon to hang you. But you have to cough up the poor’s due. There is no escape route. If anybody think that old practices are still of use for a safe passage then you are wrong. Now the Government is different and after thirty years there came a government with majority vote. You must know that the people of India has made this government for the eradication of corruption and black money. This government will deliver the same. So brothers and sisters the count down for the devastation of corruption ones has now begun. This is the cleansing operation for the welfare of this country. For the wellbeing of a nation the public life should be clear. The administration should be fair. There must prevail an environment of mutual trust. Nations every decision must have value and it should be upheld. Some people are habitual of resorting to unfair means but millions of people suffer due to such acts. If the corrupt ones and mischievous persons are not afraid of Modi, be it so. They don’t care government let it be but don’t under estimate the anger and mood of 125 lakh people. You must have their fear. Now they are in different posture. They are not ready to cow down injustice. They are not ready to accept unfair practices and corrupt means. They are now the harbingers and out in open for a fight against black money. So brothers and sisters this war is auguring well with your support and cooperation from this Mumbai soil and that too from the Shiv Memorial of Chatrapati Shivaji. Let me assure that we will not stop until victory.

Ones again my salute from core of the to the envisioned Government of Fadanavis ji which is committed to development. Be it for arrangement of water for farmers or Infrastructural development in cities or skill development of youth or the area of education, on every node Maharashtra is marching ahead for acclaiming new horizons. Now raise voice with me –Chatapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai (Three times). Many many thanks.

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