Text of PM's Banquet speech in Ulaanbaatar

Published By : Admin | May 17, 2015 | 19:30 IST

Excellency, Prime Minister Chimad Saikhanbileg,
Members of the Cabinet,
Distinguished guests,

This is a memorable day for India, for my delegation and me.

In less than 24 hours, we have experienced true friendship.

We have seen rare grace and generosity of a great people.
We have experienced the beauty of your land.

We have nurtured our spiritual links. The visit to the Ganden monastery will be a source of joy forever.

We have soaked in the richness of your culture at the mini-Nadam festival.

We have seen the unity of spirit of our two nations and two people. I have seen thousands of Indians come together, when I have travelled to different cities.

For the first time, I have seen thousands of people of the host nation come together. And, that too, for an event based on India's ancient tradition.

Today, 1.25 billion people of India and the world have come to see the strength and the spirit of our relationship.

Ours is a relationship that is not measured on the scale of commerce or driven by competition against others.

It is a relationship of immeasurable positive energy that comes from our spiritual links and shared ideals.

It is the energy that seeks the well being of our two nations and the common good of the world.

This is a form of energy that has enormous power to be the force of peace, progress and prosperity in the world.

It is a force that can unite the world and direct our thoughts and efforts to the well being of the weak and the poor.

It can help preserve our beautiful planet.

The importance of a journey is not measured by the distance covered, but by the destination reached.

The visit may be short. But, the outcomes are substantive and significant.

In the course of one day, we have imparted our ancient relations new strength and momentum.

Our political understanding and commitment have become stronger. Our economic cooperation has scaled new heights. Our security cooperation has expanded.

The ties of hearts and minds have deepened.

Excellency, all this would not have been possible without the great leaders of Mongolia.

You have guided Mongolia through the turbulence that comes from transitions in history.

You have chosen the path of democracy. You have rekindled the spiritual heritage of your land.

You have guided Mongolia's international relationships with great wisdom.

Excellency, your personal leadership and guidance for this visit has made it a big success.

Your presence today at so many events added great sheen to them. It spoke of the special bonds between our countries.

This is a bond that will be the eternal flame of light and hope for our people and our world.

So, as we celebrate 25 years of democracy in Mongolia and 60 years of our diplomatic relations, we know that the best for relationship lies ahead of us.

With those words, let me raise a toast

- To the health and well being of the Prime Minister of Mongolia, His Excellency, Prime Minister Saikhanbileg

- To the progress and prosperity of our spiritual neighbours of Mongolia

- To the everlasting friendship between the people of India and Mongolia.

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