Rulers and governments do not make a nation: PM
A nation is made by its citizens, youth, farmers, scholars, scientists, workforce and saints: PM
The life of a NCC cadet is beyond the uniform, the parade and the camps: PM Modi
The NCC experience provides a sense of mission: PM Modi
NCC cadets can act as catalysts to bring change in society: PM

Young friends, on the pious occasion of Republic Day the nation and world has experienced and witnessed our devotion and dedication for democracy, commitment for the unity of India and feeling of strength of unity in diversity through you, i.e. the NCC cadets who have come from different corners of our country. My heartfelt congratulations to you all and hope that as a good citizen you will be committed even in personal, public and routine life for those highest parameters of humanity in future which can become a mark of uniqueness for India in the world.

The life of NCC cadet is beyond uniform, the parade and the camps. Through NCC germinates a sense of mission. The NCC days helps in creating a purpose for life, its value more specifically the group culture. In addition to routine educational curriculum the experience gained in NCC offers a glimpse of great India, its strength, inherent energy and its diversity as well. The rest of world wonders that what kind of country India having more than 1500 dialects, plus 100 languages and change of dialect after every 20 kos, different dresses and food habits? Still tied in one rope. And if Himalaya gets wounded, tears erupt in Kanyakumari. This is the feeling of national integration. A happy moment in any part of India gives a sense of proudness to citizens dwelling in other part. Likewise we are pained if something happens bad in any part of country or on something done wrong by anyone in India or elsewhere. The country has unitedly shared the pain and feelings of any disaster in any part of the country. Any challenge ahead the nation has been met by our 125 crore people as it is their problem and has tried to accomplish the task with hard work and valour.

This is our own strength. The emperors, rulers, government do not make a nation, but a nation is built by its citizens, the common man, teachers, farmers, labourers, scientists, learned persons, scholars and saints. This is an unhindered penance that gets transformed into a nation. We are fortunate for being part of this thousands of years old live heritage and having a chance of chipping in to some extent for the building up process. And it is the NCC that proves us the values needed for holding and bearing that responsibility.

I was also fortunate in getting this sense of mission as an NCC cadet in my school days. I was not as talented as you are, was not a bright cadet as you are so never got selected for Delhi parade. Though, looking at you makes me proud that your strength, feelings and experience is far better than my strength. So I am sure that you and this young strength is more capable than me in leaps and bounds. It gives a sense of security for future.

NCC and its cadets have owned and furthered the cleanliness campaign in the country and have accomplished it successfully wherever they had an opportunity. An organisation having more than 13 lakh cadets are capable of running and inspiring the cleanliness operations. But as a citizen a cadet itself can act as a catalyst in and around his family and society for cleanliness. However a lot of things are needed to make it a habit and point of motivation for the society for generating hatred towards dirtiness, love for cleanliness and a collective responsibility especially during 2019 while observing 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Being in large numbers and residing across the country, the NCC cadets are trained and instilled with energy, courage and zeal and can further this movement as a biggest strength.

The young mind, especially the Indian mind readily adopts technology. It will be a dividend for any country to have Aadhar Card Number with Biometric Identification for every citizen above 18 years. And India do have this. This specific identification can be the base of all our schemes.

A campaign to motivate people for adopting Digital Currency in our country is in progress now a days. NCC cadets have furthered it. Billions of Rupees are spent on the printing and availability of currency notes up to the villages. For each and every ATM at least 5 police persons are deputed. Going digital will save a huge amount of money and that can be used in providing house, education, medicine to the deprived poor masses and good values to the children of poor. A habit of Digital payment by country will arrange that money without any constraint on our coffers and pockets.

So download the BHIM App on your mobile while remembering Baba Saheb Ambedkar and cultivate a habit of transaction with others, within our family and with the shopkeeper from where we procures our daily need items. You can’t imagine the great service done this way and every Indian national is capable of doing that.

In a technology driven society when the time and systems are undergoing changes, India cannot lag behind anyway in the world. Our 65 percent population of under 35 years of age as a Demographic Dividend is capable of dealing with the rest of world with bold face and if our 800 million young population takes a resolve to usher in for a big change in economy than the work done will be much more than done by the Prime Minister or the Finance Minister. Now NCC has taken this onus and I hope that it will be accomplished.

NCC cadets are infused with patriotism and unique Discipline. Collective Action is their habit. Moving together, joining shoulders, thinking together, taking thoughtful action and achieving the target are their speciality. Today when the world is confronting with terrorism, our young generation have to strive for compassion for society and nation. A phrase is there- “Rashtram Jagryam vayam”, Nirantar Jagruk. For this one has to remain alert and to ensure that any young one in our vicinity is not treading the wrong track and not getting trapped in unlawful acts that are bound to ruin him and his family making him a burden for society. He should be diverted from all such situations. If we are awaken and alert, then we guide our neighbourhood and fellow citizen and extend our vision and mission to all , be they are in NCC or not and can follow our theory as well as thoughts.

Today in the Republic Day parade you have grasped many things and have found new friends. After getting a unique opportunity of understanding of vast canvas of India you will be back home with very sweet memories. Your friends at home, schools and colleges will be waiting for your arrival and will be eager to know your experiences. You might have forwarded and shared your on the spot parade snapshots from your mobiles to them. And your friends had also viewed the parade seriously just to have your specific presence. You were being watched across the country. This not a small laurel. It’s a moment of immense pleasure. Your return journey is full of such valuable memories and never allow to get this faded and scattered away. Tender and cultivate it for ever. Grooming of good habits leads to colourful life. Its fragrance will be lifelong and will bloom your surroundings also.

My best heartfelt wishes to all of you. I congratulates to all those cadets who have been awarded. My best wishes to NCC. Many-Many thanks.

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