A stable government takes care of the present while keeping in mind the needs of the future: PM Modi in Madha
For the past 10 years, I have dedicated my life to serving you. People can now see the difference between 10 years of Modi and 60 years of Congress: PM
FPOs in Maharashtra are thriving, engaging in online sales, exports, and more: PM Modi in Madha
Modi is tirelessly working day and night to change your lives: PM Modi at Dharashiv rally
Serious allegations have been made against the Congress Party and its members for creating fake videos: PM Modi against the Opposition
Today India is known for giving a befitting reply to anyone who challenges its borders: PM Modi at Latur rally
Under Modi's leadership, it is a guarantee to provide tap water to every sister’s household: PM Modi in Latur

PM Modi addressed enthusiastic crowds in Madha, Dharashiv & Latur, Maharashtra, empathizing with farmers' struggles and assuring them of his government's commitment to finding sustainable solutions. He warned against the Opposition's vile intentions, obstructing the path to a ‘Viksit Bharat’.

Inaugurating his speech, PM Modi remarked, “Your love is my wealth. In the last decade, Modi has dedicated every particle of his being and every moment of his time to serving you. Today, the people of Maharashtra witness the stark difference between 10 years of Modi government and 60 years of Congress rule. What Congress couldn't achieve in 60 years, Modi has accomplished in 10. While Congress promised to eradicate poverty for 60 years, Modi has lifted 25 crore people out of poverty in just a decade.”

Standing in solidarity with the farmers, PM Modi expressed his dismay over Congress's failure to improve their lives, “For years, the people of Vidarbha and Marathwada have suffered from the agonizing scarcity of water. Despite 60 years of Congress rule, basic needs like water remained unmet. In 2014, 99 long-pending irrigation schemes, 26 of which were from Maharashtra, were finally addressed after decades of neglect. Today, out of the 99 irrigation projects initiated by the Congress, 63 projects have been completed.

“Maharashtra, known for its spirit of cooperation, has seen remarkable contributions from its sugar cooperatives in empowering farmers. PM Modi is dedicated to expanding the cooperative movement across the nation's rural landscape. Recognizing its importance, a separate Ministry for Cooperation was established in 2019, aiming to form 10,000 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), of which 8,000 are already operational. The government aims to establish 2 lakh cooperative societies in the next 5 years,” PM Modi added in confidence.

Reflecting on the plight of farmers before his government and offering hope, PM Modi shared, “Small farmers often struggle due to inadequate storage facilities, forcing them to sell their produce at lower prices. To address this, we've initiated the world's largest grain storage scheme, with cooperative institutions taking the lead. This will allow farmers to sell their produce at their convenience. In the next 5 years, special storage clusters will be established across the country, benefiting onion farmers in Maharashtra.”

“Farmers in Maharashtra have received Rs 32,000 crores under various schemes. Our sugar mills faced income tax issues and legal battles since the 90s. Despite efforts during my tenure as Gujarat's CM, the problem persisted until 2014. The NDA government, under Modi's leadership, provided a solution, granting Rs 10,000 crores in relief to cooperative sugar mills, waiving old income tax demands, and resolving legal matters. This benefited sugarcane farmers immensely.” PM Modi further added.

The PM said, “We have also started the Gobar Dhan Yojana. The NDA government is installing Gobar Gas Plants across the country so that electricity can be produced from animal dung, and farmers can also earn from it. The organic fertilizers produced from it are being made available to farmers at a lower cost.”

Highlighting the government's initiatives for free electricity,, PM Modi stated, “We're helping farmers become solar energy producers through the PM Kusum Yojana, installing small solar plants for pumps on unused land. They get free electricity, with surplus sold to the government. Modi's initiative eliminates electricity bills for all families through the PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana, installing panels on rooftops and depositing money into bank accounts. Use free electricity, sell surplus to the government - zero bills, earning from electricity, that's Modi's guarantee.”

Stressing how Nari Shakti plays a significant role in building a ‘Viksit Bharat’, PM Modi iterated, “In the past 10 years, we've connected 10 crore sisters to self-help groups. Today, these sisters are boosting the rural economy. Thanks to our efforts, within a short time, a million sisters have become millionaires. And now, Modi guarantees that 3 crore sisters will become ‘Lakhpati Didi’. That's why every sister and daughter is saying today – ‘Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar’!”

Questioning the opposition for delay in the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, PM Modi said, “Why did it take 75 years for a task that should have been done immediately after independence? The opportunity was there for Congress, but they only created obstacles in this sacred work. One who has faith in Ram could not have delayed such a task. Congress lacks faith in Ram and the courage required for such a task. We have shown the courage needed for this. That's why the 500-year wait has ended. This happens when you have the power of your vote.”

Addressing the second rally of the day in Dharashiv district, Maharashtra, PM Modi posed critical questions to the crowd, taking a jibe at the opposition, “Terrorists used to attack and flee, while the Congress government merely cried "save, save". They sang songs of peace while India was glared at by everyone. How could a weak government strengthen the country?”

“Modi is tirelessly working day and night to change your lives, while the opposition, the INDI Agadhi, is using all their strength to change Modi instead. Those whose scams I've halted, will they not be furious with Modi? Will they not hurl abuses at him? They're busy scaring you, sometimes in the name of democracy, sometimes in the name of the Constitution, sometimes in the name of reservation. Now they've even opened a shop for fake videos. Serious allegations have been made against the Congress Party and its members for creating fake videos. I ask you, should the shops of those selling such lies be closed or not?” PM Modi added.

Exposing the vile intentions of the Opposition, PM Modi observed, “Congress has now set its sights on your property. They're saying they'll X-ray your house and everything inside. They're preparing to raid your houses and lands and distribute half of it among their vote bank. This is dangerous. Congress intends to snatch the jewellery and Mangalsutras of our mothers and sisters and give them to their vote bank. Is this acceptable to the women here?”

At the third public rally of the day in Latur, Maharashtra, PM Modi launched into his dynamic speech by posing a question, “These people want to divide not just India, but even the post of Prime Minister into pieces. Their plan is to have 5 PMs in 5 years, indicating a systematic attempt to loot the country. Can we afford to give them even a slight chance? This could throw the country into instability, especially in these challenging times.”

Presenting a stark juxtaposition of the BJP era and the time before, PM Modi outlined, “Today, whenever you turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper, you'll find numerous reports showcasing India's rapid progress in various sectors—be it the market, manufacturing, space, or defense. But let's remember the period before 2014. Back then, headlines were filled with news of blasts in Delhi and Mumbai, and India's struggle against terrorism. Contrast that with today—India is known for giving a befitting reply to anyone who challenges its borders. Earlier, India handed dossiers to Pakistan, now it conducts surgical strikes. Under Congress rule, the economy was in shambles, with headlines lamenting falling growth rates and GDP figures. Every day brought news of a new scam. But now, corrupt individuals are behind bars, and headlines report on the recovery of large sums of illicit money. India's transformation is evident.”

“Congress consistently delayed and obstructed water schemes like Jalyukt Shivar and the Marathwada water grid. However, the Mahayuti government is swiftly completing every irrigation project. Under Modi's leadership, it is a guarantee to provide tap water to every sister’s household,” the PM further added.

Encouraging the people of Maharashtra, PM Modi emphasized, "Your vote is crucial for a stronger India and for establishing a robust government. Your votes will also strengthen Modi's power. Additionally, I urge everyone here: When you depart, spread the word that Modi visited and conveyed his greetings."

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