Karnataka which is known as a ‘tech hub’ and has made its name in the world, Congress has made it a 'tanker hub': PM Modi
Congress isn't running a govt in Karnataka but an 'extortion gang', says PM Modi in Bagalkote
Congress party has made Karnataka its 'ATM'. In such a short time, these people have emptied the government treasury of Karnataka: PM
These elections aim to build a Viksit Bharat, an Aatmanirbhar Bharat and transforming the country into the world's third largest economy: PM Modi

PM Modi graced a public event in Bagalkote, Karnataka, where he showered his love and admiration on the crowd. The PM discussed the BJP’s commitment to making a Viksit Karnataka and a Viksit Bharat. He also exposed the harsh realities of the opposition that might pose as impending forces on the road to development and growth.

Commencing his spirited speech, PM Modi mentioned one of his guarantees among the infinite, “Our resolve is that we will make India a manufacturing hub and skill centre. Only those whose vision is – 24/7 for 2047 can fulfil this resolution. That is why today the whole country is saying – Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar!”

PM Modi launched his angst against the Opposition and criticised heavily, “Can we entrust the country's responsibility to the Congress, whose only agenda is to plunder the nation when in power? In its 60 years of rule, the Congress has forged its own identity. The Congress has turned Karnataka into an ATM for its corruption. In such a short time, they have emptied the state treasury. MLAs are unable to access funds for development on time. Every public interest scheme has fallen victim to Congress corruption. That's why I say - Where Congress goes, destruction follows.”

Expressing his grief over the current scenario in Karnataka, PM Modi observed, “In Karnataka, the Congress party isn't running the government; it's operating an extortion racket. The entire administration is preoccupied with recovering money, funnelling it into the treasury, only to siphon it off for their own gain. Our once renowned Tech Hub, Karnataka, and Bengaluru, have been reduced to Tanker Hub by the Congress government. The tanker mafia is extorting money from people for water, with a share of the commission finding its way into the pockets of Congress members.”

The PM also reflected on the sheer mismanagement of the country by the opposition and mentioned, “In the last 10 years, Modi has addressed the plight of every class that suffered under Congress rule. Now, they claim they can eradicate poverty in one stroke. But their 60 years in power and the suffering of countless families testify to their neglect of the underprivileged. Before Modi, 18,000 villages in our country lacked electricity. Imagine 18,000 villages, with crores of people deprived of electricity in the 21st century. As night fell, silence engulfed these villages, with the constant danger from animals looming. For generations, children didn't even have light to study. But Modi made a promise - to provide electricity to every village in the country.”

Attacking the Congress government over the Hubballi murder incident, Prime Minister Modi said that the whole nation is worried about the law and order situation in Karnataka, adding that the Congress party is desperate to destroy the state. "The Congress government is busy destroying Karnataka. Instead of controlling crime, Congress is promoting an anti-social and anti-national mindset," the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi accused that in Karnataka, extremist forces have become rampant. He pointed out incidents where a shopkeeper is attacked for listening to Hanuman Chalisa within his shop, and terrorist attack occurred in Bangalore, with attempts made to downplay them. These are not normal crime incidents. This reflects the mentality of terrorism and extremism. PM Modi alleged that the Congress party is promoting this mentality solely to gain votes.

PM Modi tore into the Congress party in his Bagalkote address and said, “Due to Congress's vote bank politics, the rights of SC-ST communities are no longer secure in the country. On one hand, the BJP government in Karnataka granted Scheduled Tribe status to the Talavara community. More than 3 lakh families in Karnataka have been issued Hukku Patra. However, in Karnataka, the Congress has initiated a campaign to amend the constitution and strip away the rights of SC/ST/OBC communities. The Karnataka government has allocated a portion of OBC reservation to Muslims. They had previously mentioned in their manifesto about making laws to provide reservation based on religion.”

While addressing the rally, PM Modi encouraged voters to participate in large numbers and cast their votes. He stated, "Your vote on May 7th will answer those who engage in vote bank politics."

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