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For Us Good Politics Means Development and Good Governance: PM Modi in Cuttack

Upon completion of four years of the NDA Government today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a huge public meeting in Odisha’s Cuttack. Paying tributes to Lord Jagannanth, PM Modi said that Cuttack was the land associated with great freedom fighters like Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

Prime Minister Modi said that it was the affection of people that energized him to work dedicatedly towards welfare of all. He stated that in the last four years, an environment of hope and trust was developed among people and the nation was moving from anarchy to good governance, from black money (Kaala Dhan) to Jan Dhan.

Terming that betterment of the poor was the Government’s biggest priority, the Prime Minister said, “The President, Vice President and the Pradhan Sevak have had humble beginnings and that is why the NDA Government is committed to serving the people of the country.”

He remarked that the BJP had emerged as the single largest party having its presence from Panchayat to Parliament. With Saaf Niyat and Sahi Vikas, he said that the work being done by the NDA Government was enhancing India’s stand on the world stage and the country was being applauded world over.

Shri Modi said that in the last four years, the country had moved from being in a state of ‘confusion’ towards ‘commitment’.  In this context, he shed light on several decisions of the government like surgical strikes across the LoC, resolution of the One Rank One Pension for ex-servicemen, steps to fight corruption and enhance transparency in the governance system.

Taking a dig at the Congress and other non-NDA ally parties, he said that steps undertaken by the NDA Government at Centre to curb corruption and formalise the country’s economy in the last 48 months had forced them to come together as they could not rid the country of corruption and cobweb of tax structure in 48 years. “What the Congress gave to the country in the last 48 years is corruption and scams. That is why it is necessary to compare NDA’s 48 months to Congress’ 48 years of misrule”, PM Modi added further.

Shri Modi assailed the Congress for only thinking about its welfare and not the people of the country. He added, “For ten years, the country had a Prime Minister who was commanded by a remote control, ministers were directed through emails.”

For as long as seventy years, the PM exclaimed that steps or initiatives which would have empowered the poor were reserved only for those who were well-off. “Be it sanitation measures or opening up bank accounts, the poor and marginalised people never benefitted in the Congress’ seventy years”, the PM said. In this context, he highlighted the matter of Paradip Oil Refinery in Odisha, which was envisioned under Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s leadership, but the subsequent Congress government stalled the project. “It was in 2014, that the NDA Government at Centre initiated work on the project”, he said.

Prime Minister Modi expounded on the work being done by the NDA Government at Centre in ensuring electricity in all 18,500 odd villages, construction of toilets, proving cooking gas connections under Ujjwala Yojana, repealing over 1400 laws, development of the ports, implementation of the GST and launch of the first phase of Ayushman Bharat Yojana. He said that rapid strides were being made by the Centre to enhance the lives of poor and middle class. “For us good politics means development and good governance”, he said.

Shri Modi said that the Government’s stress was on creating next generation infrastructure and hence, it was focussing on initiatives like Bharatmala and Sagarmala. He also highlighted Government’s commitment to develop smart cities, better connectivity through highways, railways, subways, waterways and i-ways. The PM also spoke at length about the International Solar Alliance and how through the alliance India was leading the entire world in mitigating climate change. “From North-East to Jammu and Kashmir, our Government is devoted to build Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat”, he said.

PM Modi alleged that the Odisha government misled farmers of the state on Mahanadi waters. He said that the BJP was committed to address their problems and efforts were being undertaken to improve irrigation facilities.

Shri Modi stated that with ‘Saaf Nityat’ and ‘Sahi Vikas’, the country would continue to march on the path of development.


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Indian startups raise $10 billion in a quarter for the first time, report says

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Indian startups raise $10 billion in a quarter for the first time, report says

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PM to visit UP on October 20 and inaugurate Kushinagar International Airport
October 19, 2021
షేర్ చేయండి
PM to participate in an event marking Abhidhamma Day at Mahaparinirvana Temple
PM to lay foundation stone of Rajkiya Medical College, Kushinagar and also inaugurate & lay foundation stone of various development projects in Kushinagar

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will visit Uttar Pradesh on 20th October, 2021. At around 10 AM, the Prime Minister will inaugurate the Kushinagar International Airport. Subsequently, at around 11:30 AM, he will participate in an event marking Abhidhamma Day at Mahaparinirvana Temple. Thereafter, at around 1:15 PM, the Prime Minister will attend a public function to inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of various development projects in Kushinagar.

Inauguration of Kushinagar International Airport

The inauguration of the Kushinagar International Airport will be marked by the landing of the inaugural flight at the airport from Colombo, Sri Lanka, carrying Sri lankan delegation of over hundred Buddhist Monks & dignitaries including the 12-member Holy Relic entourage bringing the Holy Buddha Relics for Exposition. The delegation also comprises of Anunayakas (deputy heads) of all four Nikatas (orders) of Buddhism in Sri Lanka i.e Asgiriya, Amarapura, Ramanya, Malwatta as well as five ministers of the Government of Sri Lanka led by Cabinet Minister Namal Rajapakshe.

The Kushinagar International Airport has been built at an estimated cost of Rs. 260 crore. It will facilitate domestic & international pilgrims to visit the Mahaparinirvana sthal of Lord Buddha and is an endeavour in connecting the Buddhist pilgrimage holy sites around the world. The airport will serve nearby districts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and is an important step in boosting the investment & employment opportunities in the region.

Abhidhamma Day at Mahaparinirvana Temple

Prime Minister will visit the Mahaparinirvana temple, offer Archana and Chivar to the reclining statue of Lord Buddha and also plant a Bodhi tree sapling.

Prime Minister will participate in an event, organised to mark Abhidhamma Day. The day symbolises the end of three-month rainy retreat – Varshavaas or Vassa – for the Buddhist Monks, during which they stay at one place in vihara & monastery and pray. The event will also be attended by eminent Monks from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, South Korea, Nepal, Bhutan and Cambodia, as well as Ambassadors of various countries.

Prime Minister will also walk through the exhibition of Paintings of Ajanta frescos, Buddhist Sutra Calligraphy and Buddhist artefacts excavated from Vadnagar and other sites in Gujarat.

Inauguration & laying of Foundation Stone of development projects

Prime Minister will participate in a public function at Barwa Jangal, Kushinagar. In the event, he will lay the foundation stone of Rajkiya Medical College, Kushinagar which will be built at a cost of over Rs 280 crore. The Medical college will have a 500 bed hospital and provide admissions to 100 students in MBBS course in academic session 2022-2023. Prime Minister will also inaugurate & lay the foundation stone of 12 development projects worth over Rs 180 crore.