Our Saints and Seers have given us valuable teachings. They even gave us the strength to fight evil and oppression: PM
Our Saints and Seers taught us to absorb the best of our past and, at the same time look ahead and keep changing with the times: PM
Let us create a society where there is no discrimination based on gender: PM

Jai Jai Maa Umiya!

Jai Jai Maa Umiya!

Jai Jai Maa Umiya!

Today is Shivaratri.

Har Har Mahadev!

Devotees of Maa Umiya who have gathered here in large numbers!

Today, as I have come to Umiyadham, as we are devoted to worship ‘Shakti’, first of all I would urge you to say with me ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ thrice! After that I will start my speech.

Say for mighty India - ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’!

Say for victorious India - Bharat Mata Ki Jai’!

Say for the brave Jawans - Bharat Mata Ki Jai’!

I first express gratitude to all trustees and congratulate them; they have taken up a very important work. There is a section in our country, whose belief is such that all these religious tendencies are pointless. Such people feel that all these feelings are not good for the society and are serving only some people. I pity their ignorance.

Our history of thousands of years is that this country has been made by the sages, the monks, the Acharyas, saints, the godly men, the elders, the teachers, the scientists, the farmers. Their contributions and this driving force has been our spiritual tradition in the country. This country has a spiritual heritage. Even during the period of slavery, we fought for such a huge battle for twelve hundred years, every time in every corner of India. There was no dearth of people who were prepared to dedicate their lives for preserving the country's identity, the culture of the country and the tradition of the country. What inspired them? It was the spiritual heritage of this country. Our spiritual system guided the social life.

In a way, our spiritual system and tradition formed the centre of our consciousness and through that the social life also witnessed change in the course of time. Over a period of time, we tend to forget certain things and more often than not only certain rituals remain. We tend to miss out the original spirit, yet if we try to trace the root we will be able to see the same spirit.

Some people used to think that a small Kumbh takes place in every three years and a full Kumbh after every 12 years. In fact the spiritual leaders and learned people used to congregate from every corner of India. They used to sit together and debate and discuss about things going on in India within a certain time frame. They used to review the period of 12 years during full Kumbh to understand what kind of guidance would the society need after 12 years or what changes are required for the society. This roadmap used to come out during Kumbh deliberations.

We have a system of spiritual consciousness here. Earlier while talking about the Kumbh Mela the distinguished newspapers of the world, described only the Naga Babas and Akharas. This time the Kumbh Mela was held in Prayagraj; but the newspapers of the world talked about cleanliness. The cleanliness of the Kumbh Mela drew the attention of the whole world. This inspiration is manifested in the spiritual consciousness.

Mahatma Gandhi visited the Haridwar Kumbh Mela hundred years ago. He had expressed a desire to make the Kumbh Mela clean. After hundred years I got the opportunity to do so. What I want to say is, the kind of power and devotion of crores of people of this country that was required to reconstruct the nation after Independence unfortunately could not be utilized due to apathy and disrespect towards spiritual power. But fortunately now within the spiritual system, the social reformers are coming forward again. If you go to any corner of India and if you look at the freedom struggle, you will find the inspiration even in the Bhakti cult. Whether Swami Vivekananda, Chaitnya Mahaprabhu or Raman Maharshi, the great saints did think about it in every corner of India. It was indeed a spiritual consciousness that gave birth to the Mutiny of 1857.

Once again we are witnessing the resurrection of spiritual consciousness in this country. I see this consciousness as a spiritual power. I do not see this as the power of any particular race or creed. It is spirituality. This spiritual power works to lay the foundation of reconstruction of the country. And for that I have come to worship at the feet of Maa Umiya.

Now this country cannot be run in isolation with half-hearted efforts. Small efforts will not do. We have to think big. Whether we should do it or not? Whether it is being done or not? If it was not then world’s tallest statue of Sardar Patel would not have been constructed. If we want to make anything big then why should it only be the tallest in India? Why not tallest in the world? Some people cannot digest it.

Why India should not have the Bullet Train? Why India should not have the best things in the world? And if our brave Jawans show their valour, it is enormous and precise. They show it where it is meant for. India has changed. The ordinary citizens of India have changed. And because of that the country can take a decision and can achieve that.

Here people will be blessed by Maa Umiya. It is comparatively easy to change the society on the basis of spiritual devotion. Could anybody think that the whole world would try to learn Yoga? Yoga is now flourishing in every corner of the world. Modi has not introduced Yoga. It is the legacy of our sages and saints. Modi only told the world about the path and the world followed that.

Today when we are sitting at the feet of Maa Umiya, how can we forget Chhagan Bapa? We have to acknowledge that because of Chhagan Bapa’s foresightedness so many people are sitting here today. He had taken up the responsibility of educating the girls. When we were celebrating the centenary of Chhagan Bapa, I had said this great man knew what the right path to take the society forward was. He had chosen the path of education. And today we can see where the Patidars have reached.

But now one Chhagan Bapa will not do. Now we need hundreds of Chhagan Bapa, who will instill new confidence and new consciousness in the society. I believe such a system will develop in Maa Umiya Dham.

Youngsters like C.K. are working hard. I have known C.K. closely for more than thirty years. He is very active. He works smilingly and with devotion. R.P. is also a very hard-working person. The new team has taken up the work with the blessings of the old team. So I believe that the work will be accomplished before the stipulated time and will be better than the expectation.

We all must move forward. But if we take a wrong path, can it be called moving forward? If we worship Maa Umiya and kill the female foetus in mother’s womb, will Maa Umiya forgive us? Why are you silent? Look, I have grown up amongst you, so I think I have the right to ask you. I am telling you as the Prime Minister. I used to be very angry with the people of Unjha. Nobody would have admonished Unjha as I have done. Why? In the entire Gujarat, the number of female child was lowest in Unjha Tehsil in comparison to male child. In a place where Maa Umiya is the deity, girl child was being killed!

With Maa Umiya’s blessings I want something from you. Will you give it to me? These people will come to you for donations. One thousand crores will have to be collected. But I do not want a single paisa. I want something else. Will you give it to me? Not like that. Raise both your hands and say that you will give it to me. You are at the feet of Maa Umiya. Raising your hands say in the name of Maa Umiya that “I will not commit the sin of killing the girl child. I will not commit the sin of female foeticide.” Our doctors will also not resort to this wrong practice to earn money. We will pull together all our resources and try to convince others that there is no difference between a son and a daughter. You can see that today in sports most of the gold medals are won by the girls. If you look at the results of tenth and twelfth, the girls are the most successful ones. Some people are under the illusion that the son will take care of them when they will become old. Forget it. There are instances that despite having four sons and four bungalows, the father is languishing in the old age home. On the other hand, a single daughter takes the vow that she will not marry and will take care of her old parents. Today I want this commitment from this society and I believe that this society will not turn me away.

With the blessings of Maa Umiya, there has been a transformation in the society. But unfortunately, certain things are ruining our new generation. We have to save our youth. We have to think how we can prevent our youth from taking drugs. Money will come; but every son of Maa Umiya will have to ensure that with money drugs and intoxicating substance should not enter his house.




I am saying this because I know that it is increasingly becoming difficult to save the young ones in the family. This spiritual consciousness can save them. This collective rite can save them. And for that this Umiya Dham should become a centre for social education, social reform and social consciousness. My good wishes to all the trustees. I shall be in the Government of India even after 2019. So do not worry. If the government of India has anything to do, please do not hesitate; because my Delhi home also belongs to you. Lots of thanks!

Say once again –

Jai Jai Maa Umiya!

Jai Jai Maa Umiya!

Jai Jai Maa Umiya!

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

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