Congress has grown so far from National interest, for so engrossed in the welfare of their family that it does not like the country's achievements: PM
Congress' lies and rumours over EVMs are nothing but an insult of the country's democracy. It must tender an apology for the same: PM Modi in Belagavi
Congress has insulted our Rajas and Maharajas, but when it comes to Nizams and Nawabs, their mouths are sealed: PM Modi on Congress leader's remark
When I meet global powers, it's not me but the power of 140 crore Indians that stands before them, says PM Modi in Uttara Kannada
Congress is planning to conduct an 'X-ray' of your properties, your possessions, your gold, 'Stree Dhan', Mangalsutras and what not: PM Modi
PM Modi says this huge public support in Davanagere expresses clearly that you have firmly decided to punish Congress for its sins
The day is not far when the 'civil war' going within the different factions of Congress internally will come on roads: PM Modi in Davanagere
Many people want India and its government to remain weak so that they can take advantage of it: PM Modi targets opposition in Ballari
Congress rejected the Ram temple inauguration invitation, now the country will reject those who turned down the Ram temple invitation: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched the poll campaign in full swing for the NDA in Karnataka. He addressed back-to-back mega rallies in Belagavi, Uttara Kannada, Davanagere and Ballari. PM Modi stated, “When India progresses, everyone becomes happy. But the Congress has been so indulged in 'Parivarhit' that it gets perturbed by every single developmental stride India makes.”

PM Modi reprimanded INDI Alliance for misleading citizens on EVM-VVPAT issue, saying SC ruling shattered their dreams. “The Congress lied about HAL. The Congress opposed Made in India COVID vaccine during the pandemic. And the Congress attempted to defame India's democracy worldwide under the pretext of EVM and then the Supreme Court gave them a resounding slap. Congress leaders who lied about EVM should apologize to the nation,” he added.

Talking about the Indian Judicial system, PM Modi said, “In the past 10 years, the BJP-NDA government has done a lot of work for the ease of living of the country's citizens. BJP government removed the colonial laws of the criminal justice system. Now in our 'Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita', we have prioritised justice for our citizens more than punishment. Laws pertaining to terrorism have been strengthened, and laws pertaining to atrocities on others have been severed. ‘Bharatiya Sakshya Adhiniyam’ has new provisions for electronic evidence. After being implemented on 1 July, it will help every citizen of the country."

Furthermore, he added, “Ever since the Congress government came to Karnataka, the situation of law and order in the entire state has deteriorated significantly. What happened here in Belagavi with a tribal sister, what happened in Chikkodi with a Jain monk, is shameful. What happened with our daughter in a college campus in Hubli shook the entire nation. Her family kept demanding action, but the pressure of appeasement has prevailed on the Congress government. Even when a bomb blast occurred in a café in Bengaluru, the Congress government did not show seriousness initially. This is the same Congress that used terrorist organizations like PFI for votes in elections and defended their actions.”

Slamming Congress leader’s Raja-Maharaja remark, PM Modi said, “Congress’s shehzaada says that the kings and emperors of India were tyrants, they snatched the land of the poor. He insulted personalities like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Kittur Rani Chennamma. Their governance, their patriotism still inspires all of us. The statement of the Congress’s shehzaada is a carefully crafted statement for appeasement. They mentioned Rajas and Maharajas, but they don't even mention the atrocities committed by the nizams-nawabs, and sultans in Indian history. The Congress does not remember the atrocities of Aurangzeb who destroyed hundreds of our temples, desecrated them.”

Coming down heavily on the Congress party, PM Modi asserted, “Could Banaras Hindu University have been established without the king of Banaras? Did Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar not rebuild temples and protect our places of worship? These were the great kings who recognized the talent of Dr. Babasaheb and sent him abroad to study. The Congress does not see their contribution. The mentality of appeasement of Congress is now openly visible to the country. And this mentality is also reflected in the Congress manifesto."

PM Modi also accused the Congress of hatching a deep conspiracy. “One of the Congress leaders is talking about conducting an X-ray of people's assets across the country. Whatever you earn, the Mangalsutra, gold, and silver that our mothers and sisters have, Congress wants to seize them and redistribute them among their favourite vote bank supporters,” he said.

Upping the ante against the Congress on the 'inheritance tax' issue, Prime Minister Modi launched another scathing attack on the grand old party, saying, “Congress party plans to impose a ‘55% tax on your property.’ This means they'll seize a significant portion of what you leave for your children.”

Emphasizing on empowering Nari Shakti, PM Modi remarked, “BJP draws inspiration from Kittur Rani Chennamma. Therefore, the NDA government has opened every frontier of the army for women. Even in Belagavi, Sangolli Rayanna Sainik School has been established. Now, our daughters can also study in Sainik schools. Thanks to the policies of the BJP government, the number of women in central police forces has more than doubled.”

Speaking at the second rally in Uttara Kannada, PM Modi said, “On one side there are those in hunger of vote bank disrespected the Ram temple. On the other side, there is an Ansari family, Iqbal Ansari whose entire family fought the case against Ram Temple for three generations but when the Supreme Court's verdict came, he accepted it. The trustees of Ram Temple when invited the Ansari, he attended the 'Pran Pratistha'."

Talking about how the BJP government uplifted lives of fishermen, PM Modi said, “The BJP government is also committed to the development of the fishing community in this region. It was our government that established a separate ministry for fishermen. For the first time, BJP provided the facility of a Kisan credit card for fishermen. Now, BJP has announced in its manifesto to establish production and processing clusters for fishermen. This will also greatly benefit the fishing community." He also said that it was the BJP that granted a GI tag to Sirsi Supari, thus providing recognition to Uttara Kannada.

Hitting out at the Congress for completely neglecting the tribal community, the PM stated, “Congress did not establish a separate ministry for the tribals. The BJP government not only established a Ministry of Tribal Affairs but also increased the budget by five times in 10 years. Thanks to the efforts of the BJP government, the tribal community of the country is now filled with new confidence."

Addressing his third rally of the day in Davanagere, PM Modi iterated, “Today, on one hand, the BJP government is propelling the country forward. On the other hand, the Congress is pushing Karnataka backward. While Modi's mantra is "24/7 For 2047," emphasizing continuous development for a developed India, the Congress's work culture is – ‘Break Karo, Break Lagao’.”

In a blistering attack on Congress, PM Modi said, “Karnataka has become a victim of the same governance model of the Congress that they ran the country with for six decades. There was a time when schemes for the rights of the poor, SCs, STs, and OBCs used to be the main source of corruption for the Congress. A former prime minister said if one rupee is sent from Delhi, only 15 paise reaches the village. That is, Congress used to consume eighty-five percent of the rights of the poor, SCs, STs, and women. Not only this, but Congress also made its fake beneficiaries in the name of the marginalized community.”

In Davanagere, PM Modi said that the only guarantee of development is Modi's guarantee! “Our government has selected Davanagere as Karnataka's smart city. In these 10 years, Karnataka has not only witnessed the speed of Modi's development but also seen the scale of it. Fulfilling the aspirations of the youth is BJP's priority. It was our government that also established the sub-center of the Software Technology Parks of India in Davanagere,” he said.

In his final rally in Ballari, the crowd appeared highly enthusiastic to hear from their favorite leader. PM Modi remarked, “Today, as India advances rapidly, there are certain countries and institutions that are displeased by it. A weakened India, a feeble government, suits their interests. In such circumstances, these entities used to manipulate situations to their advantage. Congress, too, thrived on rampant corruption, hence they were content. However, the resolute BJP government does not succumb to pressure, thus posing challenges to such forces. I want to convey to Congress and its allies, regardless of their efforts... India will continue to progress, and so will Karnataka.”

PM Modi regarded the BJP as responsible for the development of 'Kalyana Karnataka' and emphasized that connectivity and modern infrastructure have laid the foundation for the region's future. He also mentioned witnessing an investment of thousands of crores in Koppal's toy industry, which has created numerous new employment opportunities. The BJP's mantra of 'Vocal for Local' is fostering the creation of new markets for toys in the region.

PM Modi took a jibe at the crisis-hit neighbouring nation and said, “A neighbouring country of India, which was a supplier of terrorism, is now struggling for flour.” He asserted that there was a time when insecurity prevailed everywhere, and now is the time when India strikes those promoting terror in their hideouts.

Critiquing the Congress, PM Modi emphasized, "Fabricating falsehoods, spreading baseless rumors, and deceiving the public have been the hallmarks of the Congress. The Congress's legacy of 'Family First' has long echoed the mantra of ‘Garibi Hatao’. Even today, the scions of the Congress continue to chant the same slogan. Similarly, the Congress's shehzaada had pledged a swift package for the Bellary jeans industry within a month of assuming power. Yet again, he arrived, reiterated the same hollow promise, and departed."

In his concluding remarks, PM Modi urged people to step out of their homes and vote for BJP-JDS  candidates. “I request each of you to do one thing for me. Go to every home and extend greetings to them on my behalf,” he said.

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