Today, it has become difficult for a common man to follow his faith in Bengal. TMC threatens people when they chant the name of Shri Ram: PM Modi
We will make East India the growth engine of Viksit Bharat: PM Modi in Barrackpore
We will get bigger success in this Lok Sabha polls than in 2019 in Bengal, says PM Modi
TMC goons threatening women in Sandeshkhali to protect culprits, says PM Modi in Bengal
Parties like TMC don’t care about your faith; they only care about appeasing: PM Modi in Hooghly
Congress divided the land based on religion, yet they oppose granting citizenship to the Matua community through CAA: PM in Arambagh
Howrah used to be an industrial hub earlier. But first the Left, and then TMC, brought all the industries to a halt: PM Modi
TMC has made scams its full-time business, says PM Modi in Howrah

Today, in anticipation of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sparked enthusiasm and excitement among the audience with his speeches in Barrackpore, Hooghly, Arambagh and Howrah, West Bengal. Expressing gratitude to the numerous mothers and sisters in attendance, he remarked, "This scene indicates a forthcoming change in Bengal. The victory of 2019 is poised to be even greater for the BJP this time around."

Beginning his address, the Prime Minister emphasized, "West Bengal holds significant importance in Modi's vision for the development of Eastern India. For 5 to 6 decades post-independence, it was predominantly the Congress family in power. However, during their rule, Eastern India witnessed only poverty and migration. Both the Congress and the parties of the INDI Alliance contributed to Eastern India's backwardness. In 2014, you entrusted Modi with an opportunity... Modi has pledged to transform the eastern region into the driving force behind India's development."

Lambasting the TMC government for deteriorating the state's condition, PM Modi exclaimed, "There was a time when Bengal contributed significantly to strengthening the nation's economy. Today, TMC has turned it into a stronghold of corruption. There was a time when Bengal witnessed groundbreaking scientific discoveries. Now, under TMC's rule, bomb-making factories are springing up across the state. There was a time when Bengal revolted against infiltrators. But today, under the protection of TMC, infiltrators are thriving here."

Hitting out at the TMC-Congress-Left parties, PM Modi stated, "Today, following one's faith has become a crime in Bengal. In Bengal, the TMC government doesn't allow the mention of Lord Ram... In Bengal, the TMC government doesn't permit the celebration of Ram Navami. Even the supporters of the Congress-Left have opened a front against the Ram temple. Can the country be entrusted to the hands of the TMC-Congress and Left?"

PM Modi highlighted how the INDI Alliance of TMC-Congress has resorted to appeasement and vote bank politics, urging people to engage in vote jihad against him. He mentioned a TMC MLA's threat to drown Hindus in the Bhagirathi river, illustrating their audacity. This, he said, diminishes Hindus in Bengal to second-class citizens. Also, he pointed out that the INDI Alliance aims to revoke SC-ST-OBC reservations, proposing to allocate them entirely to Muslims. He cited examples like Karnataka, where Congress has already allocated OBC reservations to Muslims.

Talking about the ‘Vote Bank’ politics, the PM iterated that CAA has provided citizenship to the 'Matua' community of West Bengal. He added that CAA is the antidote to 'Vote-bank politics' and CAA will provide citizenship to all those who have suffered the aftermath of partition. Also, PM Modi gave five guarantees including no religion-based reservations, no reduction in reservations for SC-ST-OBCs, nobody can stop Pooja for Ram Navami, nobody can change the Ram Mandir verdict by SC and nobody can stall the implementation of the CAA.

In a scathing critique of the TMC government, PM Modi highlighted the perpetual neglect inflicted upon the Jute Industry in West Bengal by the state government. He emphasized that Barrackpore serves as the hub of the Jute Industry, underscoring the central government's efforts to rejuvenate it despite TMC's propagation of falsehoods.

Continuing his severe criticism of the TMC government, PM Modi said, “TMC is emblematic of corruption, exemplified by the Teacher Recruitment scam. The state government auctioned off rate cards for Teacher Recruitment, openly sold in markets. Positions were auctioned off, and to make matters worse, OMR sheets were burnt, fake interviews conducted, and even the court acknowledged government machinery's involvement in this scandal. This is the state of affairs TMC has brought upon Bengal.”

Asserting that no corrupt individual will go unpunished, PM Modi declared, "I will ensure that those responsible for the corruption in Bengal are held accountable. Those accumulating vast sums of money will not evade the law. I am pursuing legal avenues to ensure that the victims receive restitution for these ill-gotten gains."

Furthermore, PM Modi slammed the opposition for the atrocities happening in Sandeshkhali. He said, “The perpetrators of Sandeshkhali crimes, first shielded by TMC's police, now face a new challenge. TMC's goons are intimidating and threatening the women of Sandeshkhali solely because the perpetrator's name is Shahjahan Sheikh. Bombs and guns are being unleashed from his home. Yet, TMC is bent on whitewashing this criminal by securing his clean chit for the sake of vote-bank politics.”

During his second rally in Hooghly, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of legacy, stating, "Whoever is elder in our families wishes to leave something for the children. Who is Modi's heir? All of you. That's why I want to build a Viksit Bharat for your children. Contrastingly, TMC focuses solely on looting you, building mansions for their heirs. What is Modi doing? Building solid homes for the poor, implementing the Swachh Bharat Mission, providing free rations, and making life easier for his sisters and daughters. Today, millions of women have affordable LPG cylinders through Ujjwala Yojana."

PM Modi remarked that amid BJP's efforts for development, TMC remains engrossed in its own affairs. And what are its deeds? Chaos and deceit! Here, a mafia regime reigns. While contrasting the deeds of the BJP and the TMC, he said, “Modi advocates for ‘Har Ghar Jal’, while TMC advocates for ‘Har Ghar Bomb’. Just a few days ago, a bomb exploded, snatching away children's lives. Life has become difficult for mothers, sisters, and daughters here.”

In his third rally in Arambagh, PM Modi highlighted the crucial 2024 election for Bengal's development and the need to safeguard its culture. Despite TMC's claim of owning Bengali culture, the reality reveals a suppression of religious faith and freedom of expression. He said, “Historical figures like Gurudev Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Satyajit Ray, Swami Vivekananda and Subhas Chandra Bose are being ignored under TMC's rule, while women's conditions and healthcare services continue to deteriorate. The land that gave us a leader like Syama Prasad Mukherjee is now suffering due to vote bank politics. The essence of Bengal's culture is fading amidst TMC's pursuit of vote bank politics.”

Training his guns at the TMC, the PM reiterated, “The central government designs schemes for your benefit, but the TMC government blocks them. Modi leads a significant campaign - the Aspirational District Program. These districts have a large population of SC-ST communities, neglected by previous governments. But Modi ensured these districts lead in development, sending top officers, inspecting progress from Delhi. Now, they excel in education, health, road construction, and water supply. However, the TMC government hinder the development of SC communities, preventing their progress.”

Listing out the TMC's scams, PM Modi remarked, "The way TMC is plundering Bengal, it's a grave sin. Teacher Recruitment scam, Ponzi schemes, Coal scams, Chit fund scams, Ration scams, the list is extensive. TMC hasn't spared our food providers - our farmers either. TMC officials loot rice farmers in markets. They weigh farmers' rice less and pay them less. At least PM Modi sends the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, which provides some relief. Otherwise, there's been no shortage of efforts to ruin Bengal's farmers."

In the fourth public meeting of the day in Howrah, PM Modi said, “The corruption of Congress and the tyranny of the Left. Combine these two, and you get - TMC. Congress, Left, and TMC have destroyed Bengal, and our Howrah bears witness to it. Howrah used to be an industrial hub earlier. But first the Left, and then TMC, brought all the industries to a halt. The readymade garment sector here is especially in a struggling phase."

Talking about the infiltrators, PM Modi stated, “The priority of the TMC government is not you, not your welfare, but the welfare of infiltrators! They call the people of India 'Bohiragoto'. But they allow infiltrators from other countries to occupy Bengal. Are these infiltrators 'Bohiragoto' or not? Are they a danger to Bengal or not?”

In a fiery condemnation of Congress, PM Modi remarked, “There's a competition for appeasement between the TMC and Congress. The Congress Shehzada want to investigate everyone's property in the country. They will investigate your property, your earnings, your land, and distribute them among those who Vote Jihad for the INDI Alliance. These people are even talking about seizing half of your property even after you're gone. The Shehzada is saying they will impose inheritance tax. The Congress party is also talking about giving reservation to SC, ST, OBC to Muslims. Should they be given power or punished?”

Concluding his speech, PM Modi said, “These elections, including in West Bengal, will determine the future of the entire country. In this election, it is crucial that your precious vote is not wasted. TMC is not even contesting enough seats to form a government... Even voting for Congress or the Left will only waste your vote. Only your vote given to BJP can form a strong, stable government in the country.” PM Modi urged everyone to go door-to-door and say... Modi ji has said Jai Shri Ram to you.

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