PM Modi addresses BJP Karyakartas on the Party’s Sthapna Diwas

Published By : Admin | April 6, 2022 | 10:16 IST
Today, India's image is that of a country which stands firm for its interests, without any fear or pressure: PM Modi at #SthapnaDiwas
Every BJP karyakarta is a representative of the dreams of the country, a representative of the resolve of the country, says PM Modi
‘Parivarwadi’ parties have never allowed the youth of the country to progress: PM Modi at #SthapnaDiwas

On the occasion of the BJP's foundation day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Today is the fifth day of Navratri. Today we worship Maa Skandamata. We have seen that she sits on a Lotus throne and holds Lotus flowers in both her hands. I pray that her blessings continue to be bestowed upon every citizen and karyakartas of the BJP.”

“This year's foundation day has become very important due to 3 reasons. First, we are celebrating 75 years of independence; this is a major occasion for inspiration. Second, rapidly changing global situation; new opportunities are coming up for India continuously. Third, BJP's double engine govt came to power once again in 4 states recently,” he added. Lauding the party’s achievement he said, “After 3 decades a party has touched the mark of 100 members in Rajya Sabha.”

Addressing BJP karyakartas on party’s 42nd Sthapna Diwas via video conference, PM Modi said, “Look from the global point of view or from the national point of view, the responsibility of BJP, the responsibility of every BJP worker is increasing continuously. That's why every BJP karyakarta is a representative of the dreams of the country, a representative of the resolve of the country.”

“There was a time when people had accepted that be it a government of any party, nothing will be done for the country. Despair was spread throughout. Today, every citizen of the country is proudly saying that the nation is changing and going ahead swiftly," said PM Narendra Modi.

PM Modi iterated that India now stands as a steadfast and robust nation amidst multiple crises affecting the world order. He said, “When the whole world is divided into two opposing poles, then India is being seen as a country which can speak firmly of humanity.”

PM Modi dwelled on how India is progressing on all fronts such as $400 billion of exports, 180 crore plus vaccine doses and providing rations to 80 crore poor and underprivileged citizens. He said, “Over the years, the country is seeing our priority for making the lives of our citizens easier… It is through Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas that today we are getting Sabka Vishwas.”

Calling out the fallacies of the opposition, PM Modi said, “These parties play with the integrity of democracy and belittle our constitution and constitutional systems.” He recognised the role of BJP karyakartas in their struggle to strive for the re-establishment of democratic values in disturbed states and gave assurance that their struggle will go on defeating the anti-democratic forces.”

Attacking the opposition, the PM stated, “For us, Rajneeti and Rashtraniti go hand in hand. But it is also true that there are still two types of politics going on in the country. One is politics of family patriotism, and the other is patriotism. At the central level, in different states, we have some political parties which work only for the interests of their families. In last decades, the country has suffered a lot due to this. These ‘Parivarwadi’ parties have never allowed the youth of the country to progress, they have always been betrayed by them. But today we should be proud that BJP is the only party which has alerted the country against dynasty politics.”

PM Modi also urged BJP Karyakartas to look at Kamal Pushp section on NaMo App that highlights the contributions of inspiring Party Karyakartas from the Jana Sangh days to the present.

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PM Modi takes part in 14th BRICS Summit
June 24, 2022

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi led India’s participation at the 14th BRICS Summit, convened under the Chairship of President Xi Jinping of China on 23-24 June 2022, in a virtual format. President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, and President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa also participated in the Summit on 23 June. The High-level Dialogue on Global Development, non-BRICS engagement segment of the Summit, was held on 24 June.

On 23 June, the leaders held discussions including in fields of Counter-Terrorism, Trade, Health, Traditional Medicine, Environment, Science, Technology & Innovation, Agriculture, Technical and Vocational Education & Training, and also key issues in the global context, including the reform of the multilateral system, COVID-19 pandemic, global economic recovery, amongst others. Prime Minister called for strengthening of the BRICS Identity and proposed establishment of Online Database for BRICS documents, BRICS Railways Research Network, and strengthening cooperation between MSMEs. India will be organizing BRICS Startup event this year to strengthen connection between Startups in BRICS countries. Prime Minister also noted that as BRICS members we should understand security concerns of each other and provide mutual support in designation of terrorists and this sensitive issue should not be politicized. At the conclusion of the Summit, BRICS Leaders adopted the ‘Beijing Declaration’.

On 24 June, Prime Minister highlighted India’s development partnership with Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and from Pacific to Caribbean; India’s focus on a free, open, inclusive, and rules-based maritime space; respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations from the Indian Ocean Region to Pacific Ocean; and reform of multilateral system as large parts of Asia and all of Africa and Latin America have no voice in global decision-making. Prime Minister noted the importance of circular economy and invited citizens of participating countries to join Lifestyle for Environment (LIFE) campaign. The participating guest countries were Algeria, Argentina, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Senegal, Thailand and Uzbekistan.

Earlier, in the keynote speech delivered at the Opening Ceremony of BRICS Business Forum on 22 June, Prime Minister appreciated BRICS Business Council and BRICS Women Business Alliance which continued their work despite COVID-19 Pandemic. Prime Minister also suggested the BRICS business community to further cooperate in field of technology-based solutions for social and economic challenges, Startups, and MSMEs.