Date: 12-02-2012

Place: Ambaji


All the TV channels are present here at this programme and they expressed their wish that it would be better if my speech is in Hindi. So with due apologies to the citizens here, I am giving the concluding speech of this ‘Sadbhavna Mission’ in Hindi. As such, WE GUJARATI PEOPLE NEVER FACE ANY DIFFICULTY IN UNDERSTANDING HINDI, BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP IN NATIONAL TREND.

Since the beginning of this Sadbhavna Mission, different people have tried to evaluate it, to assess it in different manners, some tried to find faults with it, some tried to use it for their vested interests, to attract media’s attention and even tried out something parallel to this. These whole series of such events continued in different manners. Ladies & Gentlemen, to sit for 36 days like this, meeting the people and getting their blessings, Ladies & Gentlemen, for me too, is a phenomenal experience. I had not imagined that lacs of people will join in this way. Absolutely serene programme, only fast, nothing against anyone, no expectations from anybody, still such at huge public gathering..! Those who criticize this mission, if they have slightest honesty left, whether they are from politics or not, I want to tell them all, can anyone imagine that more than one lac people from different places came by hiking to join this program, more than one lac people..! Some programs were of 25-30 KMs walk. In Mangarh, the tribal brothers trekked for five days. People from Pavagadh came walking for two days. Ladies & Gentlemen, we have heard that people go on foot for pilgrimage, but it’s wonder in itself that people from pilgrimage place come on foot to attend such programme. You can’t understand this through political glasses. Ladies & Gentlemen, in this Sadbhavna March, people came walking, came by cycle rally, by scooter rally..! In all the districts, wherever and whenever this program was held, the people there made a commitment to arrange a feast, Tithi Bhoj, for poor school going children. According to the information I’ve received so far, PEOPLE HAVE VOLUNTARILY ARRANGED SPECIAL FEAST FOR APPROXIMATELY 45 LACS CHILDREN DURING THIS SADBHAVNA MISSION. Now we realize the impact of Sadbhavna. Ladies & Gentlemen, some people decided to distribute food grains among poor. MORE THAN SIX LAC KGS OF FOOD GRAIN WAS DONATED AND DISTRIBUTED AMONG LACS OF FAMILIES. This donation worth crores of rupees was given for just one particular program. FROM ALL ACROSS GUJARAT, PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY GIVEN ME DONATIONS OF MORE THAN RS. 4 CRORES FOR ‘GIRL CHILD EDUCATION’, FOR ‘KANYA KELAVANI’. The citizens gave more than 4 crore rupees during this Sadbhavna Mission..! Ladies & Gentlemen, I am still gathering information, when I get the complete data, I don’t know where will it reach. Approx 17000 ‘Prabhat Feris’, the morning walks to spread the message of Sadbhavna in their own villages. About 17000 such walks were taken out and about 20 lac people participated in them. This is a live example of how a dream can become a mass movement.

Ladies & Gentlemen, today I’m sitting at the feet of Maa Amba. The day I began Sadbhavna Mission, I went to meet my mother and began my fast after bowing down to her & taking her blessings. And today I’ve come among you to carry forward this resolution by touching the feet of this universal mother. Fasts are on the verge of completion, but my resolution, to avowedly make the whole world aware about the power of Gujarati’s strength, has become stronger, mightier and I will surely introduce the power of Gujarat to the every individual in the world. Friends, I tend to face attacks. Maa Jagdamba has given me that strength. I CAN FACE ATTACKS VERY EASILY AND I NEITHER CARE, NOR WORRY ABOUT SUCH ATTACKS. IF I’M AT ALL WORRIED ABOUT ANYTHING, THAT IS ONLY THE PROBLEMS OF MY SIX CRORE GUJARATIS, NOTHING ELSE. I am completely involved & neck deep into it and have been devoting my life for this purpose. When I had decided to go to all districts, no one could imagine that a CM can complete a task with such determination. Today I have completed it, I’m deeply satisfied. I’m thankful to whole Gujarat, because according to my rough estimation, THERE MUST BE ABOUT 75% FAMILIES OF THIS STATE, WHOSE ONE OF THE REPRESENTATIVES HAS COME TO ‘SADBHAVNA MISSION’ AND BLESSED ME. Where else one can get such good fortune..!

Friends, just look at the power of Sadbhavna, look at the way Gujarat considers different aspects. Few days ago, the Prime Minister of our country, Dr. Manmohan Singhji was addressing on TV, about 15-20 days ago. And he was saying that malnutrition is the biggest embarrassment for our country. He said it is an embarrassment, we agree, but what next? Did you get any further news? Did you hear that anything was done, Gentlemen..? Nothing..! Just expressed his sorrow, finished. See, how this Gujarat is showing the way. In each and every village of Gujarat, a fight to get rid of malnutrition has begun and people are donating thousands of Kilos of Sukhadi & dry fruits, thousands of litres of milk to distribute among malnourished children. Just look at the power of the campaign, Brothers. I want to humbly ask my friends from Congress, that shouldn’t you feel sorry, being in the public life, if any citizen, any child of this country is malnourished? Irrespective of whether you are in the Government or not. The citizens, who are distributing thousands of kilos of Sukhadi, dry fruits, thousands of litres of milk, are not in the power, are they? The PM is from your party, he has expressed his feelings, so at least you could do a noble deed of colleting something and distributing among the poor and could have shown your commitment against malnutrition, at least for your Prime Minister..! They don’t do, they don’t worry about public, they only worry about themselves. Ladies & Gentlemen, WE HAVE APPLIED OUR STRENGTH FOR YOUR CHEER, THEY HAVE APPLIED THEIR STRENGTH FOR THEIR CHAIR. This is the difference. WE ARE AIMED AT THE CHEER OF PEOPLE, WHILE THEIR AIM IS THE CHAIR OF POWER. This is a very big difference and therefore public doesn’t accept such people. Ladies & Gentlemen, the success of this Sadbhavna Mission also depends on it. Well, you will see from tomorrow that those who have been criticizing Gujarat for the last ten years will come back again in the open with full force within next 24 hours. You take my words seriously. You can see it from tomorrow itself, within next 24 hours, these people, the whole breed, who have been deforming and putting dirty allegations on Gujarat will once again openly come out with aggression, because they can’t digest the success of this ‘Sadbhavna Mission’. It’s making them restless that how can this happen..? Gujarat is much different than what we had painted. We had also told this to Muslims, but here people are hugging each other. We also told about Christians, but here they too are joining. The strength of unity, peace and brotherhood of Gujarat which is seen through the medium of Sadbhavna Mission has startled this handful of people. And my every word is going to be true. They will not sit quietly during this whole February month, they will splash new issues, one sided falsehood. I want to tell all the brothers and sisters of Gujarat from this holy place of Ambaji, that there will be more powerful attacks than that of during last ten years. But I want to assure you that we will also defeat those attacks with the help of truth, will wipe them out using the power of truth. Ladies & Gentlemen, I’ve told every time that I AM READY TO BOW HUNDRED TIMES BEFORE THE TRUTH, BUT IT IS MY NATURE TO FIGHT AGAINST LIES. We are the people who fight against the lies, we are devoted to truth. How much you will lie? To what extent will you malign my wonderful state and how long? ‘KAHO NAKHUDA SE KI LANGAR UTHA DE, HUM TOOFAN KI JID DEKHNA CHAHTE HAIN’ (TELL THE STEERSMAN TO WEIGH THE ANCHOR, WE WANT TO SEE THE OBSTINACY OF THE STORM). Friends, we have realised and experienced the strength and co-operation of public support through Sadbhavna Mission. We have presented the truth before the world assertively & with determination.

Today Gujarat is known for its development. The whole country has accepted the superiority of Gujarat for new heights of development. But this development is not like what was once thought about in our country. If someone extends an existing road of 5 KMs to 7 KMs, it was considered as development..! We have not thought like that. My vision is for overall development. Friends, this our Banaskantha, our Patan District… In what condition we were? Except dust, nothing else was in our fate for 6 out of 12 months. Scorching sun, dust storm, dirt… Friends, what else was the fate of these two districts? Today the same area is going to illuminate its name in the whole world for worship of the sun, Solar Energy. THERE IS 120 MW OF SOLAR ENERGY IN ENTIRE INDIA, 120 IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY. IN YOUR CHARANKA ONLY, IT IS 200 MW. There is a solar park being constructed near your Dhanera. Friends, the sector which we have never thought about till yesterday, has been brought in the main stream of development. Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor – Every village of Patan and Banaskantha Districts are going to be benefited by the specialised railway line to be laid down under this project. This land of Banaskantha, if any one wanted to sell or mortgage their land for their daughter’s wedding, no one would give money. Though a farmer had lot of land, he would not get money for it in Banaskantha. The land had no value. There was no buyer. No one would give loan on land, because it was not fertile. Today, how land prices have increased many folds and how my farmer has become stronger..! Today he can confidently negotiate with bankers about the price of his land and demands for loan. And bankers stand in queue and are compelled to give him the loan..! There was a time, when it was not even possible to get his daughter married. Today if somebody comes to buy land, my farmer says, “Today I’m not in good mood, better come on Wednesday”. This situation is created, this is the change that has come in this District. Ladies & Gentlemen, the shortest route to reach the sea coast passes through Banaskantha and I can see that this District is going get the maximum benefit by it for its development, it is going to cross the acme of development. Ladies & Gentlemen, everybody is happy and satisfied with whatever has been done so far. But I am thinking much ahead than this progress. I am not the person to be satisfied with just this. I want to bring so much prosperity here, that the world would be surprised that a State can progress so much. I am working hard for this dream and I am pleased with the support of six crore citizens..!

Political instability has become a normal phenomenon in India. In Gujarat too, CMs would not stay for more than 2 to 2-½ years. Today, even in the eleventh year, I am bestowed with your love. This political stability, stable policies, pace of development, new marks of progress… these are the things that compel the world to accept the excellence of Gujarat in the whole world. We want to take it further. We have to cross newer heights of our aim. May Narmada water cross new horizons of progress, but the way my farmers of Banaskantha have accepted drip irrigation and sprinkler system, now I have one more expectation from my farmers, I want to lead them to ‘Net house’. There may be a small ‘Green House’ in the field and different crops may grow there. So that, even with only two Bighas of land… One of my Thakor brothers, who has very small land, a marginal farmer with an annual income of hardly 50-60 thousand rupees. I want to take him to ‘Green Houses Technology’, so that even if he has only two Bighas of land, he may earn 8-10 lac rupees in agriculture. I want to bring that technology in Banaskantha.

Friends, things can be changed, we are marching forward with these dreams. We are going ahead in the direction of fulfilling the dream of a new world, new development. People of this country and the world have begun to acknowledge this, they are accepting the power of development in Gujarat. But it is now difficult for them to accept the strength behind this. Because they have lied so much before that sometimes it becomes difficult to accept the truth. I’ve a request for those who have often lied, that you have lied enough, now please stop telling lies and accept the power of Gujarat which lies in unity, peace and brotherhood. Those were the days when curfew would be very often, stabbings were rampant, different communities and people of different religion would fight with one another. Now ten years have passed, everything is over. There is no sign of curfew. Otherwise previously, the new born child who could not speak name of his mother or father, but could speak the word ‘curfew’. Today, children of 8-10 years don’t know what is curfew, what police lathi charge is or what tear-gas is. Gujarat is marching ahead with unity, peace and brotherhood and we have to go still further. I want to tell the Anti-Gujarat people that you do your politics out of Gujarat, play your games there. Let us, the people of Gujarat, live with unity, peace & brotherhood. Enough is enough, stop adding insult to injury. We waited, waited for everything. Neither you are able to deflect the people of Gujarat, nor can you mislead them. And now even the whole India believes that injustice has been done to Gujarat, now everybody has come to know this. And therefore, I request such people with folded hands and love that forget whatever has happened in the last 10 years, but please accept the reality of Gujarat in the coming days, please accept our truth. We are the people to work for the nation. The crops that we grow, feeds the country. We grow cotton so my countrymen get clothes. We manufacture medicines that cure the people of our country. We work for the nation. We have been tortured like the citizens of enemy..! There is a limit to everything. And therefore, Ladies & Gentlemen, I already told you before that in the coming days, they are going to try to create major disturbances. I know that they won’t succeed. They can’t do anything, but they will not give up their habit. But this support from lacs & crores of people has proved that we are on the right path of truth.

Ladies & Gentlemen, as we are sitting at the feet of Maa Amba, let us make our villages and Talukas free from even slightest differences & disputes. Only development may be our aim. DEVELOPMENT IS THE SOLUTION TO ALL THE PROBLEMS, CURE FOR ALL DISEASE AND IT HAS ABILITY TO FACE ALL THE CRISES. Generations to come can only be thought about by the way of development. And DEVELOPMENT IS NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT UNITY, PEACE & BROTHERHOOD. If we want to progress, we will have to establish these as a strength in every village, we will have to move forward with this capability and this happens only through Sadbhavna. I firmly believe that the crores of citizens of my Gujarat will never let my 36 days fast and my penance, go waste. They will keep unity intact. I pray for this to Maa Jagdamba and six crore citizens too. Ladies & Gentlemen, I have done penance, for the future of Gujarat, for unity, peace and brotherhood. And this is the first incident in the history of India that such type of fast had continued for such a long duration.

I know the mentality of our Congress friends. They have lost everything. It has been a long time, they have not been able to win over the public, due to this it is natural to lose mental balance and to speak nonsense is also natural after losing mental balance. If a small child is playing with a toy, a watch and we take it away from him, thinking that it might break, doesn’t he get irritated..? It’s very obvious. Our friends get annoyed for why these Congress people speak like this so much..? I even request reporters to print every word they say. I also tell friends from TV, that don’t censor anything, show everything. The masses will automatically understand their language and their culture. We don’t need to do anything. This Gujarat is a group of very cultured people. But Ladies & Gentlemen, I don’t have any ill feeling for them. They have used every word from dictionary and every abuse for me. They have used some dirty words which are not even possible to write even in the dictionary. Sometimes one feels very relieved after releasing such anger. In a way, I’ve been of help in pacifying them, this is also my Sadbhavna towards them. Sometimes I feel, if I wasn’t there, where would they release their anger? They would harass their wives, it’s good that I’m there..! I wish that may Maa Amba give them strength so that they may abuse more, may allege more, may spread more lies, may speak more nonsense things and simultaneously Maa Amba may continue strengthening our power of Sadbhavna, so that there is no bitterness for anyone. May we move forward following the great Mantra of love & good faith.

Now when I’ve arrived to Banaskantha, works worth Rs. 1100 crores from the Government budget are undergoing currently. But today when I’ve come at the holy abode of Maa Amba, I AM OFFERING ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED CRORE RUPEES, RS. 1700 CRORE, AT THE FEET OF SOIL OF BANASKANTHA for the development projects in the coming year like farmer’s position, development such as widening of roads, canal works, availability of drinking water, gas pipeline, construction of rooms for schools, building of hospitals and many other such development projects. I’m offering this money so that in coming years, we may cross the new heights of development. Once again speak with me…


Bharat Mata Ki Jay..!

Thank you very much….!

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Your Excellency राष्ट्रपति विलियम रुटो,
दोनों देशों के delegates,
मीडिया के साथियों,

राष्ट्रपति रुटो और उनके डेलिगेशन का भारत में स्वागत करते हुए मुझे बहुत प्रसन्नता हो रही है।

मुझे ख़ुशी है कि अफ्रीकन यूनियन के G20 में शामिल होने के कुछ समय बाद ही उनकी यात्रा हो रही है।

भारत की विदेश नीति में अफ्रीका को हमेशा उच्च प्राथमिकता का स्थान दिया गया है।

पिछले लगभग एक दशक में हमने मिशन मोड में अफ्रीका के साथ अपना सहयोग बढ़ाया है।

मुझे विश्वास है कि राष्ट्रपति रुटो की यात्रा से हमारे द्विपक्षीय संबंधों के साथ-साथ पूरे अफ्रीका महाद्वीप के साथ हमारे engagement को नया बल मिलेगा।


इस वर्ष हम भारत और कीनिया के diplomatic relations की साठवीं वर्षगाँठ मना रहे हैं, किन्तु हमारे संबंधों का हज़ारों वर्ष पुराना इतिहास है।

मुंबई और मोम्बासा को आपस में जोड़ता हुआ विशाल हिंद महासागर हमारे प्राचीन संबंधों का साक्षी रहा है।

इस मज़बूत नींव पर हम सदियों से साथ मिलकर आगे बढ़ते रहे हैं। पिछली सदी में हमने मिलकर उपनिवेशवाद का विरोध किया।

भारत और कीनिया ऐसे देश हैं जिनका अतीत भी साझा है, और भविष्य भी।


एक प्रगतिशील भविष्य की नींव रखते हुए आज हमने सभी क्षेत्रों में अपना सहयोग सुदृढ़ करने पर विचार किया। और कई नए initiatives की पहचान भी की।

भारत और कीनिया के बीच आपसी व्यापार और निवेश में लगातार प्रगति हो रही है।

हमारे आर्थिक सहयोग के पूरे पोटेंशियल को realise करने के लिए हम नए अवसरों की तलाश जारी रखेंगे।

भारत कीनिया के लिए एक विश्वसनीय और प्रतिबद्ध development partner रहा है।

ITEC तथा ICCR scholarships के माध्यम से भारत ने कीनिया के लोगों की skill development और capacity building में महत्वपूर्ण योगदान दिया है।

दो कृषि प्रधान अर्थव्यवस्थाओं के रूप में हमने अपने अनुभव साझा करने पर सहमति जताई।

कीनिया के कृषि क्षेत्र का आधुनिकिकरण करने के लिए हमने ढाई सौ मिलियन डॉलर की Line of Credit प्रदान करने का भी निर्णय लिया है।

आधुनिक समय की ज़रूरतों के अनुसार हम टेक्नोलॉजी और इनोवेशन में अपना सहयोग बढ़ा रहे हैं।

Digital Public Infrastructure में भारत की उपलब्धियों को कीनिया के साथ साझा करने के लिए हम पूरी तरह से तैयार हैं।

इस महत्वपूर्ण विषय पर आज किए जा रहे समझौते से हमारे प्रयासों को बल मिलेगा।

Clean Energy दोनों ही देशों की मुख्य प्राथमिकता है।

कीनिया द्वारा लिया गया Africa Climate Summit का initiative एक बहुत ही सराहनीय कदम है।

यह राष्ट्रपति रुटो की सभी वैश्विक चुनौतियों का एकजुट होकर सामना करने की प्रतिबद्धता को भी दर्शाता है।

मुझे ख़ुशी है कि कीनिया ने Global Biofuels Alliance और International Solar Alliance से जुड़ने का निर्णय लिया है।

साथ ही कीनिया द्वारा लिए गए International Big Cat Alliance से जुड़ने के निर्णय से हम big cats के संरक्षण के लिए वैश्विक प्रयासों को सशक्त कर सकेंगे।

रक्षा के क्षेत्र में हमारा बढ़ता सहयोग हमारे गहरे आपसी विश्वास और समान हितों का प्रतीक है।

आज की चर्चा में हमने military exercises, capacity building के साथ साथ दोनों देशों के रक्षा उद्योगों को भी आपस में जोड़ने पर बल दिया।

हमने space technology को जन कल्याण के लिए इस्तेमाल करने पर भी विचार विमर्श किया।

इस महत्वपूर्ण क्षेत्र में हम भारत के सफल अनुभव को कीनिया के साथ साझा करने पर सहमत हुए।

इसी प्रतिबद्धता और मित्रता भाव से हम सभी क्षेत्रों में अपना सहयोग बढ़ाने के लिए अपने प्रयत्न जारी रखेंगे।


आज की बैठक में हमने कई वैश्विक एवं क्षेत्रीय मुद्दों पर चर्चा की।

हिन्द महासागर से जुड़े हुए देशों के रूप में maritime security, piracy और drug trafficking हमारी साझा प्राथमिकता के विषय हैं।

इस महत्वपूर्ण क्षेत्र में आपसी सहयोग को मज़बूत करने के लिए हम Maritime Cooperation पर Joint Vision Statement जारी कर रहे हैं ।

कीनिया और भारत का करीबी सहयोग इंडो-पेसिफिक में हमारे सभी प्रयासों को बल देगा।

भारत और कीनिया एकमत हैं कि आतंकवाद मानवता के लिए सबसे गंभीर चुनौती है।

इस संबंध में हमने counter-terrorism के क्षेत्र में आपसी सहयोग को बढ़ाने का निर्णय लिया है।


कीनिया को अपना दूसरा घर मानने वाले लगभग अस्सी हज़ार भारतीय मूल के लोग हमारे संबंधों की सबसे बड़ी ताक़त हैं।

उनकी देखरेख के लिए कीनिया से मिल रहे सहयोग के लिए मैं राष्ट्रपति रुटो का व्यक्तिगत रूप से आभार व्यक्त करता हूँ।

आज किए जा रहे cultural exchange agreement से हमारी आपसी नज़दीकियाँ और बढ़ेंगी।

कीनिया के long distance और मैराथन runners विश्व विख्यात हैं। उसी तरह क्रिकेट भी दोनों देशों में लोकप्रिय है।

दोनों देशों में खेलों के क्षेत्र में आपसी सहयोग को मजबूत करने के लिए एक महत्वपूर्ण समझौते पर सहमति बनी है।

बॉलीवुड के साथ साथ योग और आयुर्वेद की popularity भी कीनिया में बढ़ रही है।

हम दोनों देशों के बीच people-to-people ties और गहरे करने के प्रयास जारी रखेंगे।


एक बार फिर आपका और आपके डेलिगेशन का भारत में बहुत बहुत स्वागत है।

बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद।